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  1. What is...? How did you...? Could it be...? I must have that emoticon... ...for, uh... ...educational purposes.
  2. Oh, so it's not just me. For the past day or so I've been having to manually type in the smilies. Problem is I don't know them all, so I've found myself having to look them up. I just want the button back.
  3. Yeah, I think that's the best possibility as of now, but that in and of itself is not hard evidence enough to warrant lynching. I see both you and Ape stating that lynching from the neighbor pool D1 is not the right play, and I agree.
  4. You mean the eloquent "Under da sea! Under da sea"? Yeah. Shakespearean. I get your point. This is my first ever interactions with Nolder on any level, let alone "Mod Nolder", so I have absolutely no idea if he'd tailor the roles to the guidelines or venture outside the box. So, that's the exact reason why I shouldn't assume that he'd do it this way or that way, because I have no personal point of reference regarding him or the role itself. That's why I think my best play here is to err on the side of the wiki. Of course I can listen to and consider what anyone here has to say ab
  5. So am I, but I refuse to let other people notice. They don't get that satisfaction.
  6. ^^Makes a good point, but seems abnormally irritated by it.
  7. From the wiki: Play Advice If you are one of three Neighbors, chances are reasonable that one of the other Neighbors is scum. If you are one of four Neighbors, chances are very good that at least one of the other Neighbors is scum. If there are multiple Neighborhoods in the same game, chances are very good that at least one of them has a scum Neighbor. If you are one of more than four Neighbors, it is nearly certain that at least one representative of every anti-town faction is in the Neighborhood. The bolded is what I'm basing my
  8. Anything I can do for my pal, Crusher!
  9. Crusher's gonna see "Krispy Kreme", click play, and promptly be disappointed. I feel his pain.
  10. Oh, well I certainly don't wanna emulate LK's logic, now do I? <3 you, LK. @Jet_Engine1 Here's what Ape says about "appeal to emotion". He's a vet.
  11. Pac seems to vote a rook on D1 every game. This game was you, last game was me. I'd only take notice of it if he keeps hinting his suspicion of you and if he's the only one. I believe that would be called AtE (Appeal to Emotion). It's usually looked at as a scum tell. I took notice of it, too. It's an acquired taste. Spend enough time with us and you'll get used to it--maybe even start to crave it. It's pretty much all 80 eats. Has to be bolded, like Brett (StraightCash) said, and if you want to vote someone else after you have to unvote (bol
  12. So, wait a minute; if there is no lynch in time for the deadline, a random person dies? I thought it'd just skip and automatically go into the night cycle.
  13. Still desperately trying to catch up. Haven't made a decision on who to lynch. Not comfortable enough yet with anyone.
  14. It's between "General Sherman" and "The Loch Ness Monster".
  15. You know that parasite that invades a place that it doesn't belong and then takes the job of a normal, hard-working, shark-fearing body part? He's obviously a tongue-eating louse.
  16. http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Commonly_Used_Abbreviations Here's a link to commonly used abbreviations. It should help. It's helped me a lot. As a matter of fact, I still have it bookmarked on my toolbar. You can also browse the wiki for anything else about the game. Good luck, fellow rook!
  17. Yeah, I've taken it into consideration that it just might be normal you, regardless of alignment. I'm not ready to jump to any conclusions yet.
  18. This is your first game, right? Last game--which was my first--Pac pointed me out pretty earlier and kept at it all game. He was scum and I was town. Also, if you didn't know, rookies aren't lynched on the first day, so you are safe for now.
  19. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I obviously don't have much point of reference for either neighbors or conversions, but reading the wiki I would have to agree that I don't think all three neighbors would be townie. What do you mean about there being no way a 3 man neighborhood could stay that way till end game? Can the neighborhood grow, or are you talking about them simply being converted? And, when they are converted, do the stay in the neighborhood? Do you mean that scum and conversions can't be in the same game? So, if this is a conversion game, then we start
  20. I noticed that, too, but I love the positive reassurances, so I dare not call him on it.
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