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  1. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I obviously don't have much point of reference for either neighbors or conversions, but reading the wiki I would have to agree that I don't think all three neighbors would be townie. What do you mean about there being no way a 3 man neighborhood could stay that way till end game? Can the neighborhood grow, or are you talking about them simply being converted? And, when they are converted, do the stay in the neighborhood? Do you mean that scum and conversions can't be in the same game? So, if this is a conversion game, then we start
  2. I noticed that, too, but I love the positive reassurances, so I dare not call him on it.
  3. Okay. @Pac I'm still curious as to why Pac thought there could be conversions.
  4. You're just jealous that she won't stick that pencil in your butt.
  5. Good point. I only mentioned it because it was mentioned and it was one of the few things that I had an opinion on or question about. I should've noted that the conversion theory apparently came from Pac via Ape, so there isn't any evidence on it. It's interesting, too, that Pac theorized that if there are conversions, than perhaps all three of them started town. I wonder if that was before or after Ape called him scum. Could be a convenient and clever cover for Pac to conceal himself as scum.
  6. Ape's reveal: As I've never heard of Neighbors before this game (I had to mafiawiki it) I really have no opinion on whether it's normal, or makes sense, or fits in this game, or what have you, so I'm pretty much taking it at face value. And yes, as Ape and Crusher, and JiF (I think) have all said "them being neighbors has no bearing on their alignment" so, I don't believe it's an attempt to attract attention away from themselves. Again, I don't know what the normal make-up of Neighbors would be, but the wikia (I mentioned this to CTM earlier) says that if they are three Neighbors, than there i
  7. Okay, been away for a lot longer than I had planned, but here are my impressions so far: CTM's reveal: I'm inclined to believe him. True, he could have been keeping that one in his back pocket, or even just quickly looked it up after he got his PM, but I've got no meta on him and I haven't personally seen any history to indicate that he'd make such a big, fake reveal on PAGE 1. And I completely buy his reasons for claiming this early in order to protect any town PRs. I'd probably be inclined to do exactly the same if I were given that role. So far, CTM is clean in my book. Br
  8. FYI, I have someplace to be in a little while. Will be gone for at least an hour.
  9. Here's JiF, enticing Ape to come out of his tree house:
  10. Do cultists get to have their own QT? If not, then say that one of (Pac, Crush, Ape) is the cult leader and then recruits the other two, do they get to keep their neighbor QT?
  11. From the wiki: Play Advice If you are one of three Neighbors, chances are reasonable that one of the other Neighbors is scum. If you are one of four Neighbors, chances are very good that at least one of the other Neighbors is scum. If there are multiple Neighborhoods in the same game, chances are very good that at least one of them has a scum Neighbor. If you are one of more than four Neighbors, it is nearly certain that at least one representative of every anti-town faction is in the Neighborhood.
  12. Congrats, man; that's nice! But now I'm sad... ...Thanks.
  13. It really does. It's probably in Japan.
  14. Okay, I get it, thanks. So, a better question would have been "Is there something else going on there?" or "Care to explain that?"
  15. As real as this is funny:
  16. I don't get what you mean, but I like the attention. Unrelated question: Is anyone else unable to click on the smiley button to post an emoticon? I click it and it does nothing. I can post one if I notice the--for lack of a better term--shortcut; i.e. ":)" But I don't know the one for the heart smiley. Bummer.
  17. Didn't you call CTM a distraction first? I mean, maybe it was in jest, and you didn't use that as your case for voting him, but you did say it first. Brett then quoted you and said it himself. I'm still unsure of exactly his reason for voting CTM, but if it is because "he's a distraction" it kinda seems like he got that idea from you. Was that just you "reaction testing"?
  18. He's feeling a bit scummy (or maybe just non-town) to me. The two things that I noticed were: Saying outing the cop is stupid, but then saying it might not be as bad as we think. What he was doing last game is not the same as wheat JiF is doing this game. Like I--and others--pointed out earlier.
  19. Just being a smartass. What, you haven't figured me out by now?
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