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  1. By my tally it's 109-64. Broken down by game, 2nd half scoring looks like this: Jets Opponents Wk1 17 0 (Browns) Wk2 10 7 (Colts) Wk3 10 0 (Eagles) Wk4 7 7 (Dolphins) Wk6 24 7 (Redskins) Wk7 13 17 (Patriots) Wk8 14 13 (Raiders) Wk9 14 13 (Jaguars) As you can see, there's a sharp contrast between the first 5 weeks and the last 3, but even then, only the Patriots have managed to outscore us in the 2nd half, and only by a small margin.
  2. Westy kinda strikes me as the guy who just deals with his sh*t on the job. A "do your job well, and trust everyone else does theirs" kinda thing. Besides, this is Rex we're talking about. When has Rex every listened to anyone? EDIT: Nvm, you already mention that.
  3. Holy sh*t. Just imagine if Devin could break out and be that deep threat that we've all been pining for. We could be the best. I am trembling. And my name is excite.
  4. To be fair, when Westy was here, his unit was typically the most reliable. Probably one of--if not the--best coach/coordinator on the team.
  5. Don't forget that we are also the #1 offense in red zone scoring efficiency by touchdowns!
  6. Wasn't our offense, at one point, outscoring opponents in the 2nd half by like, a butt-load, after coming out languid? Wouldn't that be an adjustment?
  7. Sooooo... Gregg Williams orchestrates a player bounty scandal in New Orleans and Sean Payton goes down for it, then Gregg goes to St. Louis where one of his players lays out a dirty hit on Bridgewater and Fischer takes flak for it. Okay, fair enough; they are the head coaches and ultimately are responsible for what anyone on the team does. But the question I ask, is: WHEN THE **** DOES BILL BELECHICK GET ANY BLAME FOR WHATEVER BACK-HANDED, ILLEGAL, OR MURDEROUS, MURDERY THING THAT ANY ONE OF THOSE DIRTY, DIRTY-DOERS, DOES? Sorry. This happens about once a month with
  8. With the way we've played in recent weeks--embarrassed by the Raiders and narrowly beating the Jags--I'd normally be worried about this game. But, with the way that Rex has been basically trash talking in the media, I feel he's just setting his team and fans up for one of his classic, pre-game, bluster-bravado-brigades, followed by a crushing loss. Ah, good 'ol Rex. Go Jets!
  9. Also, I miss the ability to drag-select partial quotes.
  10. Also, where is the quote that says this: I can't seem to find it in any of the links.
  11. But... but... numerous posters on here affirmed that it WASN'T a sucker punch????
  12. Exactly. But there is still hope that Bowles will improve in that department. We know that Rex will not.
  13. Well then, sir, I guess that makes you a hero. Hats off to you. I actually punched a Steelers fan once. Guy got a busted lip, split head, and a concussion. I narrowly avoided jail time, too. I hate the Steelers. Their fans are teh suck.
  14. Well, Dee is back, so maybe he can fill in on that role.
  15. Nah, that was simply a favor he did for Satan in order to get a Super Bowl. Namath just didn't call her back.
  16. Honestly, to me, it looks like they were trying to rob him. The twerking was just a distraction.
  17. I know, right? It's depressing when you compare that to all the players we've drafted in recent years.
  18. Not getting picked in the first round?
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