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  1. Wow, okay, so we make a good tackle for once, and we get PENALIZED for it?
  2. Marshall... I loved you, and THIS is what you do to me?
  3. Okay. I like Bowles, but he officially sucks at challenging.
  4. Easy. The Bowles and Macc combo. They go together like lamb and tuna fish.
  5. Half of me wants to curse you for bringing me down, and the other half wants to agree with you on staying grounded in reality. We've beaten two sh*tty teams; the Browns and Colts, and how funny would it be if the Browns end the year with the better record of the two?
  6. You just gave Villain a chubby.
  7. In the ongoing war of machine versus nature, machine ALWAYS triumphs. Go Jets. Let's make these birds extinct.
  8. Well, I guess I can unclench my a$$hole now.
  9. Personally, I'm pulling for a stadium wide outbreak of explosive diarrhea. Would really compliment Rex's chronic case of verbal diarrhea.
  10. Well, Luck didn't win the job due to injury. Fitz did. Geno is the backup because he got injured, otherwise he'd be the starter right now. It'll much MUCH easier for us to go from Fitz back to Geno, than for the Colts to go from Luck to anyone else.
  11. I like this. Bowles let's the players feel the emotional highs of victory, and yet keeps them focused on the immediate reality of the next game, and the fact that the season can bad turn just as quickly. Gone are the days of riding an emotional high straight through the week and directly into a brick wall. The short bus to Buffalo Wild Wings has left the premises and is NEVER coming back. Rejoice!
  12. Oh God, don't tell me he shot himself in the leg.
  13. It's a good thing preseason is over and Rex no longer has the opportunity to put Tyrod in behind the 3rd O-line.
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