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  1. Totes. Only scum has the ability to see facts. Derptown is too derpy to notice.
  2. To be fair, I don't recall JiF using the word "consolidation". He just said that you and 80 are his best choices for scum right now.
  3. The bolded is what jumped out to me the most. "Hey guys, it's probably dumb idea... ...but what's the worst that could happen?"
  4. This works if you imagine yourself as the deer: Not my best work.
  5. Me in five years eating in the Crusher household:
  6. Okay, but I must insist on a little foreplay first:
  7. That is a good point. That's major WIFOM, right? Kinda like the saying, "it's so crazy/stupid it might actually work".
  8. Oh, and... ...fos AVM's tight little butthole.
  9. It does seem like it would be a very ballsy move for scum to fake reveal something like that on the first page, but it's plausible. By my estimations (comparing the time when I received my PM and the time when CTM revealed) he had around 3 hours--maybe more, maybe less--to scour the wiki for a random role to fake reveal as scum. We also just finished a game where a revealed a--at first--highly scrutinized role that turned out to be true, so maybe he figured it would help his benefit of the doubt. It could also present an opportunity for his scum mates to distance themselves from him, if he wer
  10. Ohhhhhh... I get it now. Thanks!
  11. Dammit! I should have dressed my penis up in a little sombrero and poncho, and hung a tiny sign around the neck that reads: "I'm sorry". Missed opportunity.
  12. Yeah, thanks. Despite him getting all Mexican-soap-opera about it, I get what he was talking about. I sent him a PM apology to clear it up. Boy... ...I hope he doesn't want to marry me now for his green card.
  13. So... Manish's BS article is having credence lent to it because of this guy:
  14. Please, my game was all about random interruptions and eating whatever filth Ape dropped. Plus, I may have inadvertently caused Pac to prematurely hammer himself. I mean lol, but still... You were a joy and I hope you're in the game next time.
  15. lol Thanks. My only intention was to make fun of Pac. I had another one in the chamber I should have done first, but the timing is too off now. Maybe next time.
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