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  1. Bullock!!!! Yay! I don't have to post a slanderous picture!
  2. He goes down like an oiled Chippendale on Ecstasy.
  3. The Pats will take the points, but FGs won't do against Brandon Marshall. They need TDs.
  4. Marshall with a career high TDs this season, ergo: Fitz > Cutler.
  5. So am I, but I'm also happy that it was inconsequential. We scored anyway, so **** them.
  6. Marshall just said: "Even the refs can't save the Pats, now."
  7. If we miss the playoffs by losing to Rex next week, I'll blame you.
  8. I know you love mocking Rex and all--it's great fun--but Revis just picked off Brady and we have a chance to be up 17-3. Hows about we just pay attention to this game? We can make fun of Rex after the game and all of next week when we play him.
  9. Whenever Crusher says he feels sexy, I think of this:
  10. Baltimore up 13-3. Today is going prettyyyyyy... prettyyyyyy... prettyyyy... prettyyyyy good so far.
  11. Maybe Bowles jammed their headsets and they couldn't get a play off?
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