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  1. Wake me when we're the biggest movers AND shakers.
  2. Is that why? I just thought that he'd try extra hard not to fumble because "The Patriot Way".
  3. Decker AND Owusu. Ouch. Good thing the Iggles suck. I hope Devin is ready to have an impact.
  4. So, the Bills just traded away their only veteran QB presence. I hope they got something good in return... ...No, wait, no I don't.
  5. I agree. 2-0 will NOT last. Anyone who thinks so is MAJORLY delusional. Because next week we'll be 3-0.
  6. Wow. That news must have been like a punch to the face for Geno.
  7. I think he looks more like Bunny Colvin.
  8. Instead he used his Bubba Blue voice: "You can wear sweats on a plane, sweats in a car, sweats on a train, sweats in bed..."
  9. Agreed. Could, and should, have been a blowout. The Patriots won't let us by that easily, and we all know that if Gore was a Patriot, he wouldn't have fumbled. Hopefully the offense will continue to gel, with a nice boost with Devin on the field, and Chan refines his play calling throughout the season. This D looks scary good. I, at first, wanted Bowles to discipline Sheldon further for that "episode", but now I'm REALLY REALLY giddy to see what this D can do with him on the field.
  10. I'm waayyyyy to optimistic early on, and that can all crash down with a single butt-fumble... and then skyrocket back up with a Marshall "I'm-going-to-drag-these-defenders-to-their-death" touchdown. I swear I'm bipolar or some sh*t.
  11. Unless you're speaking in generalities, I never said this game would be a loss. Not once. But I admit I am greedy. I'm soooo hungry for more. I want us to eat other teams like Crusher eats donuts.
  12. True. Those bombs to Owusu could've been TDs with Devin.
  13. Wrong. I want us to beat up Brady like IK beats up shady men under sheets that want to **** him.
  14. They were angry. They were just like me when I'm angry and break my own sh*t.
  15. Stronger offensive showing. As dominant as the defense can obviously be, I'm scared that they'll eventually tire out and break down. I don't want to win games solely on the back of the defense anymore. But, you're right. I should ease up a bit. Those turnovers are NASTY good!
  16. Very true, you got me there. But, I was hoping for a stronger offensive showing. Those D turnovers have me pretty ecstatic, though.
  17. Well, it's not the dominant win that I had hoped, but it's a win nonetheless. I'll take it.
  18. It'll worse if Sanchez plays because he has a habit of making the Jets lose when he's on the field.
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