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  1. That's more like it. His forehead looks bigger here than it does in the 1975 picture that Carl posted.
  2. Holy fvcking sh*t. Is that a photoshop job?
  3. lol It's so true! Wait... ...no it's not. I fvcking hate them.
  4. lol I just came to say that he looked like either he didn't know what was going on, or he didn't give a sh*t. The whole "keep glancing at the camera" thing was kinda weird.
  5. How is that game related? It's called a meme. Being a little sensitive?
  6. Didn't this use to be a Mafia thread??
  7. Really? Kinda hard to do now, isn't it?
  8. Women dressed in bacon is certainly arousing, huh? Oh, sorry Pac. I've got one for you, too:
  9. That's wasn't my point, but okay, fine.
  10. Let's draft him only if his arm is good enough for us to be able to nickname him Dak "Dakka Dakka" Prescott.
  11. Whenever I hear the phrase "He went to Jared" now, this is all I can think of:
  12. I tried really hard to find an outfit made out of bacon. All the ones for men were those fake costumes, and I wanted one with real food. I almost used a pic of a woman wearing a dress out of raw bacon, but there's women in here man. That'd send the wrong message about me. Ladies, ignore the fact that I had to google the term "men wearing food". I did it strictly for comedy's sake.
  13. Anyone who supports this while also ripping Fitzpatrick for his "weak arm" should be shot in the ******* face.
  14. Good 'ol MacDaddy adding another chess piece for Bowles: Next season. Our 2nd game against the Pats. We won the first contest, and winning this game will give us a commanding lead in the division. It's 24-20 Jets. We've taken out their rooks, knights, and most of their pawns. But, the game is now in the hands of their most powerful piece. 4th Quarter. 45 seconds remaining. 15 yard line. Jets territory. 4th down. It's the Patriot's final chance to score. To win the game and keep their division hopes alive. Having held Gronk to 43 ya
  15. It's obviously all a guise to cover up the secret FBI-NFL joint undercover operation to send JJ "SWAT" to take out El Chapo, once and for all.
  16. Not really, once you consider that I was wearing this when you found me:
  17. I'm afraid I'm a wild stallion that can't be tamed. But you're welcome to try.
  18. I know in my heart, somehow, that this is JiF's fault.
  19. Raiders GM: "In exchange for Muhammed, we'll give you our first this year, and our 2nd next year, how about that?" MaccDaddy: "Mo! Mo! Mo!"
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