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  1. Even at 2-6, I think the Jags have a legit shot with the way Bortles can play and the dual threat of Robinson and Hurns.
  2. Laughing at him because he's funny, and laughing at him because he's a joke are two different things. The latter keeps me alive.
  3. I'm disappointed that it took this long for this joke appear. Bollocks, I tell you. Pure, unadulterated bollocks.
  4. IK would get a message from Maryann to meet her in her hut at night, but it'd probably just end up being Thurston under a blanket. RIP Thurston.
  5. Ever have someone try and give you a high five and you fist bump their open palm? Yeah. It happened.
  6. I'm at least happy to say that Pryor has actually earned the right to talk. Been a pleasant surprise this season.
  7. Oh my god, I forgot that Jace even existed. Thank you for that reminder.
  8. "Just sit right back And you'll hear a tale A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship." I swear, Gilligan wouldn't have lasted a day on that island with IK.
  9. LOL! Trolling reporter. Geno handled that well.
  10. Well, it's not like they were going anywhere this season anyway.
  11. Remember when he was handing out $100 bills? What if he only did it because he thought they were $1s?
  12. Well, that is one GIF that I hope does NOT exist.
  13. Okay there, Nawrocki, slow your roll. On second thought, he is colossal douche-moron:
  14. Nah. Fitz, Sheldon, and Mo are the only captains we need. It calmly and quietly says enough to Rex and the Bills, while also making a hell of a lot of sense. While Rex sending IK out there is bombastic and silly, like this: Sending out Fitz, Sheldon, and Mo would be more cold, calculated, and dignified, like this:
  15. WTF? LOL Kinda reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njcNQ-u5gFE
  16. Joewilly beat you to it. How does that feel?
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