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  1. ahahahahahahahahahaha No 2 minute score for YOU, Brady!
  2. Ridley getting some action. Fitz. Stop blocking. We need you.
  3. "There is no foul for illegal block on the play, because nothing the Patriots do is illegal."
  4. He has to get used to the steroid injections. Don't worry, he'll acclimate in time for the playoffs.
  5. I think I remember Powell's first rush attempt for us being a fumble. Man, has he come a long way.
  6. Mauldin is a little too eager there to smash Brady.
  7. Oy. I'll take the points, but FGs won't do against the Pats.
  8. Ivory! Holy sh*t! Ivory and Powell are on HELL of a one-two punch.
  9. Thompkins! I really hope he scores a TD or two against the Pats.
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