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  1. I think it's "dree". But what do I know? I'm white.
  2. I see a problem. On the bar at the top of the comment section, right above where I'm typing, there are at least two icons that are wrong. I click on the smiley to bring up the emoticons and it brings up a "code" box. The button to the right of it that looks--to me--like a chain link is the actual emoticon button.
  3. To be honest, I was just looking for an opportunity to make an Archer joke. You provided the best one.
  4. I guess he just can't handle... ...the Danger Zone.
  5. I saw that Bart Scott had an opinion on the Jets and I was immediately going to read it, but then I thought... ...I can wait.
  6. That's gonna make it real awkward when Kap moves in with Brandon.
  7. Sage advice. Will work on that.
  8. Always. You can't get rid of me now. Bwahahahahahahaha
  9. P.S. I want JiF to write my RL obituary. Simply beautiful. <3
  10. lol You morons just lynched the sexiest townie. What JiF failed to mention is that I'm a TOTAL slut. I woulda banged every one of you (well, except for Pac, I DO have standards after all). Mourn my sexiness, because you will never know the feel of my body. Side note: Jif, can you keep my corpse away from CTM, please? Thanks. See you bitches in Hell!
  11. I'm more disappointed that I didn't think to do that in time, then I am at actually being lynched.
  12. Hey, he just hammered scum, right? He can say whatever he wants.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry. It's the sound of your enormous scum-hunting balls dragging on the ground. They never miss a shot, do they?
  14. Yeah, the scum just quiver at the sound of your footsteps, don't they?
  15. Pour one out for me, will ya buddy? And by that I mean pour some gravy onto some potatoes and eat it.
  17. Now we wait for my death scene. I've never been more excited for a death scene!
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