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  1. Good. If we don't laugh, we'll cry.
  2. I'm up for this. If only because I'm a sucker for more disappointment.
  3. And bruised vaginas all around.
  4. I disagree with the premise, but at this moment the image of setting someone in a green and white jersey on fire seems... ...right.
  5. Stupid me. Just like Geno, I can never seem to learn. Sadness always prevails.
  6. Everyone at Florham Park has been eating paint chips. Copious amounts of paint chips.
  7. My expectation is not to be sad once in a while. Jokes on me, I guess.
  8. No, it lasts only as long as the honeymoon sex does. Bowles is done pleasing us. Now he's just masturbating and coming on our face.
  9. Why are they even trying now? Someone important is gonna get hurt.
  10. Just wildcat with Kerley for the rest of the year, because why the fvck not?
  11. I hate Geno again. There is no hope. All is lost. There is no God.
  12. Well, nice effort, Geno. Nice effort. Fvck you, defense. Fvck you all to Hell.
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