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  1. That's a fumble. ****. Any slim chance we had at a comeback is gone.
  2. Dammit, Mauldin! Didn't your parents ever teach you not to block in the... ...Oh.
  3. Geno is certainly playing with a chip on his shoulder. That's one thing I always liked about him.
  4. Goddamn, Geno got drilled. Nice run, though. Love how he bounces right up.
  5. Tompkins proving he deserves to stay on the active roster.
  6. I have to say it. This loss will certainly NOT be on Geno. Defense is putrid. Hell, I blame Fitz more than Geno. Not sliding like a stupid prick.
  7. Time management needs to be better. Gotta think about going out of bounds. Not exactly a close game.
  8. Just saw the 28-yard pass to Marshall. It was purdy. Nice job, Geno.
  9. Lol. If he said "one of the running backs" I guess he REALLY hates Kerley.
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