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  1. See, all I'm trying to do here is make a simple joke. And here you are ruining it with facts. Nice job. As someone with "lol" in their name, you're not being very lol-friendly. What, next are you gonna quote my Samuel Jackson gif in the "Board Upgrade" thread, and mention how typically smooth these upgrades go, and that there is "no need for butt-holding"? Way to pull the rug out from beneath my entire shtick, bucko. Words hurt, man. Words hurt.
  2. I'm thinking of two option for how our QB depth chart looks going into next season: 1) Fitz--Geno--Petty 2)Fitz--Petty--Draft Pick I think it would all depend on who they draft or what round they draft a QB in. If they they could stash him on the PS, then we're looking at one, in which Kap COULD beat out Geno for the back-up position. If it's a higher round QB that they can't stash, do they dump either Petty or draft QB just for Kap?
  3. Yeah, I thought there could be circumstances surrounding the team and talent that caused the drop off in his play, but I don't really pay attention to the 49ers that much, so I couldn't say. I'd take him to for the right price, but I'm just not that optimistic about his future. No doubt he has a great physical skill set, but so does Geno. It could be a good risk to take, but I wouldn't bank on him suddenly dominating again. Although, that IS a nice thought.
  4. My favorite part about this is all the Colts players lined up at the bottom, just watching the imminent snap like:
  5. Have you guys ever done a "X-Files" themed Mafia? Just a suggestion. There are a sh*t ton of characters to use.
  6. Save yourself, Crusher! Save yourself! You're worth it, buddy. *Sniffs* *Wipes away a tear* You're worth it.
  7. I'll take "Vanilla Townie" for 1000, Alex.
  8. If Kap returned to his early form, I'd say that might not be a terrible option, but I still wouldn't want to hang our season's hopes on just him. Like I said, he was woeful last season. Was it a down year? Injuries? Personnel? Scheme? Just not a right fit? I don't know, but I think it's way too optimistic to think he would be as successful as he was. I didn't watch a whole lot of his play, but my theory on his regression had, at least in part, to do with his style of play. That is, run-option QB. I, for one, would prefer a QB who thinks to throw first, instead of panics and takes off running
  9. VT So scum can successfully NK me. I doubt a doc would be protecting me anyway. To be honest, they'd be stupid to.
  10. Yeah, that's the big wrinkle in that scenario. We already had one failed NK, and it seems like we're unsure of exactly why. Hit doc, or hit vest.
  11. Okay, that's what I thought. Then that means that scenario one is a sure win for scum, as long as they hit on their NKs. Ape did say numerous times that AVM or me would be the smartest lynch. He easily could have set up two mislynches in a row.
  12. So, you are unhappy with CTM voting me, who you've been trying to rally people against?
  13. Ape is quite happy with my game. You, on the other hand... He gave me a message to relay to you: Edited for derp spelling.
  14. Claim what? I'm being totally honest here. I don't know what you mean.
  15. If it is scenarios one, wouldn't it theoretically work like this: 10 players left (assumed 7 town and 3 scum); town mislynches AVM (6 town and 3 scum); NK (5 town and 3 scum); town thinks it must be me then and mislynches me (4 town and 3 scum); NK (3 town and 3 scum). Does scum when at 50/50, or would they have to kill one more townie?
  16. He might be a better back-up than Geno. But, I'm not giving up picks to get him, nor am I taking on that contract. If he's cut, sign him for a low price (vet minimum, perhaps) and have him compete for the backup role. Do not hand him the starting job. But, if the Jets end up drafting another QB, and they think highly of both Petty and new guy, and they can't stash said QB on the PS, and they don't want to carry 4 QBs on the roster, then I don't see them keeping Kap over either Fitz, Petty, or new QB. Geno and Kap would be the odd men out in that scenario, and I don't even think Kap beating Ge
  17. Was just about to say... Back on track, I'm still up for a Pac or LK lynch.
  18. I find you distinctly tolerable. In fact, I see the start a beautiful rivalry between the two of us. One that I hope can rival the Ape V CTM rivalry one day. Who do you wanna be? Creepo or Stinky?
  19. You had me at "spoots words have been magnific[e]nt".
  20. Gonna be gone for maybe a few hours. I've got damsel things to do--gonna hang with some other babes I met in the woods. Hopefully I'm not lynched before I get back. If so, shame on you. Shame on you all.
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