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  1. Clutch catch and conversion right there.
  2. That's cuz white people are so offensive. Amirite?
  3. The Packers love them some white wide receivers, just like the Pats.
  4. Go Cards. The Pack have been on top for far too long.
  5. Of course. No flag for dragging the QB down out of bounds. That's because ALL the world is "in bounds" for the Pats.
  6. Edelman begging for a flag like a ponce.
  7. I bet it also made Welker's fecal matter go flying.
  8. That Deadpool trailer. Ugh. Ryan Reynolds already proved that he shouldn't be a super hero with the Green Lantern. To be frank, Ryan Reynolds shouldn't be anything.
  9. Welcome, Elaine! Beware the Shane.
  10. Call me when he hires Plaxico Burress as the assistant WRs coach.
  11. At halftime, instead of a pep-talk, they'll reenact the movie Twins with Rex as Arnold and Rob and Danny.
  12. After the news of Rex hiring his brother in Buffalo, Bill just had to one up him. "Chandler, take these pills!" "Gronk, punch me in the face!"
  13. Gronk is the exact type of player that Rex would love. Belichick only makes out with family.
  14. My hope is just for taking over for Winters at RG.
  15. Gronk handed out party pills for everyone, but Belichick refused them, so Chandler volunteered to take his too and OD'd. Gronk than punched Bill for being a pussy.
  16. It was probably that synthetic drug that Scarlett Johansson ingested in Lucy that gave her god powers. JF80 did ask how the Pats will cheat this weekend.
  17. Kid is certainly fast. Hope he proves worthy of a roster spot come September.
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