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  1. Certainly. When have I ever looked good? I've looked scummy in every game I've been so far, and I've never been scum.
  2. Don't get me wrong. I saw that as soon as I read it. I just didn't vote you then. Now I am. To be honest, I should've just voted you as soon as I got caught up, but I normally wait until there's momentum first.
  3. Basically. Though it's not my fault that everyone is seeing the same reasons.
  4. *hugs* I've got your back, sister. I've always been an ally of the broads.
  5. Okay, I love the enthusiasm. I really do. But I don't really agree with the objectification of Leelou and Nyn. Random sluts on the internet, that I don't give a sh*t about, in their sexy and revealing clothes? Sure. Our own resident ladies on Jetnation? No. A little jab here and there is fine, and I feel you've really taken to the spirit of the early game (the same spirit that I carry with me throughout the whole game), but your trolling has sort of gone of the rails. Spread it around a bit. Don't rail on just one or two. Objectify JiF, he's a beautiful, young woman. Verb, too (we think; perha
  6. It was suspicious how you were eager to jump onto Brett, and then quickly jumped off when the attention shifted away from him and onto you. Then your claim that you were essentially reaction testing was kinda... meh. There's not much else to go off, though. It's been slow.
  7. Poor puppy. Scratch him behind the ear for me!
  8. Not yet. Probably sometime next week. Take your time, I know it's a lot to absorb your first game.
  9. Patience, young Padawan. Why are you so eager to get to Night?
  10. I'm glad everything's fine. Take it easy, man.
  11. I think this is just his way of trying to fit in. He found one poor victim (Leelou) and made a couple jokes. Because he got some funny responses, he dug in, hoping to be accepted. I honestly don't yet think that it has anything to do with alignment. He's just ******* around.
  12. In a nutshell, I think there's more to learn from pressuring you rather than Lily, at this point. Admittedly, not eloquently stated. But, yeah. I so need coffee, but I'm trying to quit.
  13. lol My understanding is that once it's hinted at that someone is a PR, than they are automatically in the crosshairs of scum. Might as well let the town know if we can lynch them or not. And, for the record, I don't necessarily think that she is. I just noted that it's been hinted at--by one person. And PR doesn't explicitly mean townie, too.
  14. vote Leelou Both her and Lilly are a bit suspect, but we might as well pressure her to reveal. If she if a PR, it's no secret now, except for which role.
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