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  1. I feel you. I can't, in good conscience, even defend myself for looking those up.
  2. Lol. Translation: "I realize I suck at this and need to stop, but I'm gonna save face and pretend like I don't want to do it anymore." Lol, again. He is the discipline system. We need a new him.
  3. What the fvck is wrong with me?? Damn you, @RutgersJetFan!
  4. And it'll be even easier if I dip myself in chocolate and swim in a bowl of whipped cream. @JiF will be there, wrapped in bacon and snuggled between two, giant hamburger patties.
  5. True that. Although, Kate is nowhere near the most voluptuous. There's a vast range of beauty between stick-skinny and obese. I'll take anywhere in between.
  6. lol A refrigerator with t!ts. That sounds like @The Crusher's dream girl.
  7. I liked what little Kenbrell showed. I think he's earned a shot to compete for a roster spot, and barring us drafting another WR or signing one, I think he'll earn one. How great would it be if we turned a Pats cast-off into a productive player?
  8. That'd be nice, but I read in one of the articles posted here about him that he said he'd only play left tackle. He doesn't want to play on the right side.
  9. Cobbler Off topic: I played Telestrations the other day with some peeps, and my word was "Knob Goblin". Not many people knew what that meant.
  10. Only if it's all-natural, organic, farm-raised compost.
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