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  1. ... trying to teach Jeff Cumberland how to block. Spoiler Alert: It didn't go well.
  2. If Flynn doesn't win, is that a sin?
  3. No worries. If they did, he'd be available again right after he's cut to make room for Da Terminator and that human dunce-cap Matthew Mulligan.
  4. LOL For some reason I can't stop imagining him screaming "**** YEAH!" everytime he punches someone in the face. That'd be some funny sh*t to see.
  5. It's like prison. You need to establish dominance early.
  6. If they do short-term IR Geno, he doesn't count against the roster, right? Perhaps they carry three (Fitz, Flynn, Petty) and if/when Geno comes back they cut Flynn?
  7. It'd be nice to have a TE that could block reasonably well, because all our TEs are garbage at blocking. And that's the reason that I believe Bohannon still deserves a roster spot; he is probably our best--and perhaps only--capable blocker outside of our O-line. Howsare, I think, looked okay at blocking, but I wouldn't count on him.
  8. Flynn is in, but can he win?
  9. LMAO That's hilarious. Well, if we're talking about photoshops...
  10. Midnight you say? I'm sure they were just conjuring up 'ol Beelzebub to strike a deal for another Jets Super Bowl. Bowles knows how to win.
  11. Agreed. I see your "Giddy Brady On A Slide" and raise you a "Topless Brady Cradling A Football".
  12. There's just too many embarrassing pictures of him online. It's hard to choose the best one.
  13. Like it's already been said, Geno isn't just Marshall's teamate, but his roomate--and possibly closest friend on the team. While I would love for Geno to be completely innocent in this and show that he's matured, I have to trust in Bowles reaction in that Geno was at least partially responsible. Is Marshall simply sticking up for Geno because they're close? Or, perhaps, Geno HAS been more mature and a better leader since Marshall has been here. So maybe Marshall sees one small incident on Geno's record and is giving him extra slack, while the rest of the team sees one additional incident piled
  14. LOL How are we gonna respond if Cro punches Marshall?
  15. I like how at the end, Cro just stares at Decker in disbelief like, "Whuuuuuuuut?"
  16. That's a good point, and even more so when you factor in Evans and Enunwa both having a hard time in shaking the dropsies. I REALLY want Hakim to shine on offense. I think if he could just catch one long bomb--just one--then that would put him ahead of ALL the fringe recievers.
  17. Yeah, right? That was a bit hard to swallow.
  18. He was our leading reciever against the Lions (by a whopping 1 yard over Marshall) and he made some very nice returns. He was the only one to return kicks for us, as the Lions wouldn't even let Hakim return one. Other than the nearly costly mistake of fielding that kick with the 5 yard line, he looked pretty good. Surprised me. I wasn't expecting much from him. He certainly has a chance to earn a roster spot on special teams alone, but if he continues to make catches on offense, I think he's a lock--barring someone else flashing on kick returns.
  19. That would be AMAZING! My father's a Philly fan and I already got to laugh at him twice for Sanchez and Tebow.
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