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  1. Good 'ol Namath. They don't make 'em like that anymore.
  2. Exactly. And that's especially true of someone--like me--who chose the Jets as their team simply because: they were young, their older brother was sick of them liking everything he did, and the Jets sounded like they'd be great because Jet planes are big, fast, and all-around awesome. Yeah, that was my logic. But in the end, I dodged a bullet. I was that close to being a Jags fan.
  3. Yeah, some people are better at staying well-balanced than others. Me? It depends on my mood.
  4. Well, if that tells us anything, it's that David Nelson's opinion should not be trusted.
  5. I think Jet fans collectively have been hurt so much that it's like some have PTSD, jumping at every little sound. But I do believe than Marshall is trying hard to be a good teammate to Geno and a good soldier for the team. I am legit excited that he's with us. And don't worry, I'll be at that age soon, too. And I'm only in my 20s!
  6. I know. I'm really trying. I'm optimistic about the team. Just not the media...
  7. Well, to be fair, neither Jet Nut or I found any fault with Marshall. We just drew different conclusions from his response.
  8. Perhaps. I just tend to expect the worst. And that's not limited to my fandom.
  9. Amen to that. But even if any QB does well for us--no matter how well they do, or how long they sustain it--a small part of me will refuse to believe unless we actually win a Super Bowl.
  10. Hell, Geno playing well for one game against the Browns won't be enough to convince me (as much as I would want it to). Remember when he looked improved vs the Raiders game 1 last season? He even looked like the real deal through almost two quarters against the Packers. Week 2 in Indy will be a good test for him. Then I'll start to feel that it's safe to believe. And oh, do I want to believe.
  11. Yes, in a perfect world, Marshall could have passed on the question, and that wouldn't have been a problem. But with our beat writers? NY Daily News Headline: "Disgruntled Marshall avoided praising Geno; wants to be back in Chicago!" Perhaps Marshall figured that was the safest answer he could give.
  12. Well, Marshall would have to be a douche himself if he said Cutler. He's not gonna diss Geno like that.
  13. Thanks for the updates today!
  14. Good. I can put the gun down.
  15. Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.
  16. Wait... first everyone said that he wasn't limping? FFS
  17. Our luck is just like war. It never changes.
  18. They should start selling business suits with Maccagnan's name slapped on the back.
  19. Uh-oh. What's up with Mo?
  20. Wow. He can do that? Awesome.
  21. "Decker is not a compliment to Marshall, he's a number two to Marshall. And they will compliment each other well." Dafuq?
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