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  1. Exactly. It was self-inflicted. Doesn't mean I didn't cringe when I first read about it, because I did, and it doesn't mean that I don't have some sympathy for the guy, because I do. But the accident was the result of his actions--actions that a lot of people think are foolish and dangerous, and would not attempt themselves. Hopefully he comes out of this with the full use of his hand and can laugh about this later.
  2. I wanna laugh. Is it okay if I laugh? Is chortling exceptable? How about a sh*t-eating grin?
  3. This is William's time to shine. Coples stepping up would be nice, too, but I think Williams will be the one.
  4. Don't worry, halfway through the season they'll also set a new record for alcohol sold during the game.
  5. Maybe Bowles is planning to line up 10 linemen and snapping the ball to Ivory?
  6. Ah, maybe Devin wanted to be known as the "Cinnamon Badger"?
  7. Ummm... what the Hell does this mean? ****, I hope he's not injured. EDIT: I see he just deleted the tweet. Wth?
  8. They are just afraid that the Pats are gonna suck and they'll have to find another team to root for during Brady's suspension.
  9. Hi, Mrs. Mehta, nice to meet you!
  10. I see Mehta is already pushing the narrative for a QB controversy.
  11. Yeah, I agree that's likely. Even if Marshall doesn't necessarily believe that Geno is "the guy", it's great to see him try and help the kid along. It'd be nice to hear of the Geno --> Marshall connection in a positive light on espn. Or... or--and I'm just throwing this out there--maybe Marshall is just racist and doesn't want to hang out with the bearded white guy. Someone should contact Stephen A Smith with this bombshell.
  12. Super-duper is the adjective you use when talking to handicapped kids to boost their self-esteem. It's not what I want to hear in reference to my team's QB.
  13. Playoffs. The scenario that Brady misses the whole season, and yet we STILL can't take the division is too depressing.
  14. It's ok, Brady is used to being suspended.
  15. Jacksonville fans after reading this: "Well, guess I'm back to doing meth this season."
  16. Wow. Any suspension at all would be a pleasant surprise. And just in time to come back rusty and face our revamped, monster D? There's a saying among this forum that could be applied to this situation. Something regarding swine and evisceration.
  17. I like that. Hopefully it bodes well for their on-field chemistry (if Geno wins the starting job). In that small glimpse, Marshall certainly does NOT seem like a bad dude; just misunderstood. All seriousness aside, though, that is only the 2nd most embarrassing camera incident for Geno.
  18. Annnnnd any excitement I had is now dead. Thanks, Quincy.
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