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  1. Yeah, that's kind of what did it for me. All the other stuff is not egregious on their own, but all of it piled on top of having a minor in the car? That's incredibly immature and stupid. That's not being a good role model. That's not being a good leader. And it's not even a month after he was suspended for drug use. And, what, a day after he's in an interview saying he learned his lesson? Was this the lesson he was refering to? And apparently he didn't even tell the Jets FO. It's just too much with this guy.
  2. I kind of hope he does. With Bowles standing in the background with arms crossed, head shaking, and glaring at Sheldon with a look that says: "You ****ed up, son". Would send a good message to the other players, AND to the rest of the league that this new regime won't tolerate sh*t like this.
  3. Yeah. That's a good point. Never thought of it like that, but that makes a lot of sense right now.
  4. Nevermind what the NFL does to Sheldon, I wonder what Bowles is going to do. His first disciplinarian test and it's only the 2nd day of camp.
  5. I agree. Mo has never done anything this stupid (his on the field antics in that one game aside). It seems that in today's NFL, it may be worth to overpay someone if they're good, AND have a good head on their shoulders.
  6. It was an incredible pick--even more so in hindsight. Best thing about it is Williams, apparently, is supposed to be of high character and hopefully won't do dumb sh*t like this.
  7. Wow. He just can't stop getting in trouble, can he? Smoking pot is one thing and, if I stretch my morals enough, I can except drag racing. But trying to run/hide from the cops with a loaded handgun under the seat, and a MINOR in the car, AND to top it off, doing all of that while smelling of the thing that he JUST got suspended for using! Wow. My opinion of him is finally changed. The guy is a putz.
  8. His pompousness and indignation is what takes this mess to a whole new level of assery.
  9. Well, it's like they say: "If you don't laugh, you'll cry".
  10. Well, Rex finally got his man that will "knock your face in".
  11. Exactly. It was self-inflicted. Doesn't mean I didn't cringe when I first read about it, because I did, and it doesn't mean that I don't have some sympathy for the guy, because I do. But the accident was the result of his actions--actions that a lot of people think are foolish and dangerous, and would not attempt themselves. Hopefully he comes out of this with the full use of his hand and can laugh about this later.
  12. I wanna laugh. Is it okay if I laugh? Is chortling exceptable? How about a sh*t-eating grin?
  13. This is William's time to shine. Coples stepping up would be nice, too, but I think Williams will be the one.
  14. Don't worry, halfway through the season they'll also set a new record for alcohol sold during the game.
  15. Maybe Bowles is planning to line up 10 linemen and snapping the ball to Ivory?
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