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  1. Thanks for the info, and welcome to JN!
  2. Holy, tearful, balls; I want to have his jersey now, god-dammit!
  3. Yeah, oof! That's one Mac move that I don't agree with.
  4. Kinda sounds like a shiny, new David Harris.
  5. Wait, does that mean he's signing with us, or just visiting?
  6. Oh, then I guess Nawrocki is just a moron. lol
  7. He was projected as a 4th-5th round pick and we got him in the 7th? Nice!
  8. Exactly. Their decline will be very entertaining for us fans.
  9. I sure hope Rex hasn't taken notice. He's a rival now.
  10. Mcags is sooooooo much better at this GMing thing than Idzik was. At least that's what it seems so far.
  11. Hopefully. Bowles feels NT are very important, so I trust him that the kid is worth giving a shot--albeit a late one.
  12. And our enemies will feel every bit of ours!
  13. You could also add Marshall and Fitz to that list. Pretty good haul.
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