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  1. Yeah, I'm guessing it's gotta be OL, and perhaps now they will make a risky pick and take La'el.
  2. No problem! Call me Captain Obvious! Yeah, I realize that sounded a bit condescending. Not my intention. Sorry. Just wanted to contribute something.
  3. And don't we have about a dozen or so O-linemen on our roster now? Perhaps the CS isn't quite as worried about that position as we are, or at least are more worried about the most important one--QB.
  4. It's Mehta, so I don't know if I buy it, but perhaps that's why we haven't targeted a RB yet.
  5. It'll be fun to watch Petty in the pre-season, knowing that it's okay if he doesn't light it up because he won't have to start this year anyway.
  6. Yeah, there's no way he'll be starting this year. AT BEST, he'll beat out Geno for the backup spot, but even that I doubt. He'll end up our #3.
  7. The more I hear from the kid, the more I like the pick. I really hope he becomes a great player.
  8. Yeah, I prefer to have a player that vastly OVER-performs to his abilities than UNDER-performs.
  9. I'll post here what I posted in another thread about what I think of the kid:
  10. Oh, I can COMPLETELY get why some people don't get it at all.
  11. Hearing about how bad Maudlin wants it, how hard he works, and how much effort he puts in on the field, I'm remined of Curtis Martin's Hall of Fame speech. Martin was saying that he wasn't always the strongest or the fastest player on the field, but he simply wanted it more. He built his HoF career on sheer deterination and grit. I believe this kid will do the same. EDIT: I don't mean to say I think Maudlin is HoF bound, just that he will build his career with the same hard work and determination as Martin.
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