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  1. Well, I guess the plan is to have THE most dominant D-Line, like, ever.
  2. I'm unsure what I'd like to happen more. We switch to a 4-3 and can get all four of Mo, Sheldon, Williams, and Snacks on the field at the same time. Or, we trade Mo or Snacks and get something back in this round. I really and truly don't know what to think.
  3. I trust everyone when they say that Williams is the best player in the draft. I also trust that Mac and Bowles know what they are doing. I've just gotta believe.
  4. They've gotta be trading Mo. We've gotta be recouping another pick in this round. We can't go another draft with one defensive first round pick.
  5. That sounds like some unglamorous, yet reliable sex right there. Your thinking man's ménage à trois, if you will. I like your style, sir.
  6. Kyle Wilson couldn't shadow Revis's shadow on the shadiest day of his life.
  7. Yeah, I agree. Hopefully he can make Geno look like a halfway decent QB.
  8. Yeah, probably. I just had a brief moment of hope. Sorry, I'll cut it out.
  9. I agree that we are in the process of rebuilding, but if the free agency period has taught us anything it's that Mac aims to be competitive. I assume that Harrison will be here, at least for the year, unless we find a suitable player to replace him (either signed, drafted, or already on the team), and I find that unlikely. Just my opinion.
  10. That was thrown by Geno? Nice. Maybe it shows that him and Marshall have built up some rapport. Revis just isn't used to practicing against a good WR with the Jets. He should get used to it.
  11. That is so conflicting. On the one hand, that tweet gives me a football boner, but on the other hand, I see it's from Mehta and that boner instantly becomes angry and dismissive.
  12. As for a surprise, I think Goodell will be caught throwing gang signs in pictures with the players, in order to appear "hip".
  13. Don't worry, he'll still be booed. And if he doesn't want to look like an idiot, he should stop with those awkwardly long hugs with the rookies; albeit it's more creepy than idiotic.
  14. That makes me feel so giddy inside. That is great to hear.
  15. Do you mean to imply that another player will become available to us to replace Harrison? My thinking was that if Bowles values what Harrison does so well--stuffing the run as a NT--then he is not so expendable as to be offered as trade. Unless you think that TJ Barnes is ready to take his place? Or perhaps Sheldon will play predominantly NT with Coples re-joining the line? Even if it is for one more year, I think Harrison has too much value to be traded. Unless we get a really good return.
  16. Didn't Bowles say that one of the most important positions in his defense was run-stuffing NT? Snacks will not be traded.
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