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  1. I think there are a few good candidates for a breakout season that have already been mentioned. IK Owusu Dex Amaro Pre-season should be fun to watch.
  2. Sheldon. He'll break out of jail.
  3. Nah, all Revis needs is his oil changed and routine software updates, and he's good. Machines don't need practice.
  4. The offense won practice? Are they allowed to do that?
  5. I'm trying not to get too excited, but I'm loving this sh*t!
  6. Yeah, I'd love to get Devin on the field as quickly as possible, but it seems that we do have some players that can step up in his absence. We may have the luxury to be cautious with Devin.
  7. We are pretty stacked at DB, but it sounds like JJ really wants to make the team--although he should refrain from injuring our star offensive players. It's good to hear that Devin's injury may be less severe than expected. Thanks for the updates, flgreen!
  8. It's always something with us, ain't it? Jeez. Hope he gets better soon.
  9. Awesome job! I particularly like hearing about how the coaches operate. The "mirror" qb drills are brilliant! I hope Geno continues to look solid and carries it into the season. Great notes and thank you!
  10. "OH MY GOD WHERE ARE MY FINGERS? Oh, they're right there. They look weird."
  11. So, Giant fans are Giant assholes. Nice.
  12. LOL They set up the probability of the Jets wanting to go after the Pats by saying: ..and yet: If they're gonna prouduce a human link from the Deflategate investiagtion to the Jets organization, they should start with someone who WASN'T fired EIGHT. *******. YEARS. AGO.
  13. Yeah, and he has thrown a few passes for us. They were quite good, too.
  14. Hmmmm... I wonder if they are thinking "trick play".
  15. Ouch. My parents calmly saying "I'm very dissapointed" always hurt more than anything yelled in anger.
  16. lol. That just shows how abysmal our QB play has been when the fans applaude a safe throwaway.
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