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  1. Does PPG stand for "Players Punching Geno"? In all seriousness, if Fitz limits the TOs, I think we can manage around 20 pts a game. I hope.
  2. Wow. Our 4th string, practice squad level QB wasn't impressing the coaches enough, so Mac cuts him and brings someone else in. That's competition for ya!
  3. I meant that this could have come out months ago while he was still a Jet, but instead it didn't come out until we cut him and Rex picked him up. Rex has the worst luck.
  4. I had a random idea the other day. I don't know if it's been done, but someone should make a new model for the werewolves in Skyrim, so that when you go into Beast Mode you turn into Marshawn Lynch. Just a thought. Figured this was the appropriate thread to share it in.
  5. Just like in The Simpsons, he'll find that "The Island of Sirens" is not like how he thought it would be.
  6. My generation is ******* stupid. They all deserve "whatever" happens. I'm too young to be this old. Dagnabbit.
  7. Well, it is different. At a bar you can at least physically see who they are. On the internet, there are no guarantees.
  8. I agree. I think he was justified in punching the guy, although he probably shouldn't have put himself in that situation to begin with. Regardless, it's still some funny sh*t.
  9. Incognito is going to have a field day with this one... ...and then promptly get punched in the face. God, I hope that happens.
  10. Geno: "Hey IK, instead of 600 dollars, how about I give you 600 orgasms with my mouth?"
  11. Well, I think this proves that whatever Geno said to make IK punch him, he probably said from underneath a blanket.
  12. LOL I love how this sh*t didn't come up until he was on Rex's team. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  13. Well, there's his problem. Instead of concentrating on the football, he's stroking the shaft and cupping the balls.
  14. Marshall, Decker, Kerley, Smith and the last two spots are probably between Enunwa, Owusu, and Powell Hakim and Posey are two wildcards dependent on if they continue to show up in the last two pre-season games.
  15. Vick speaking with numerous teams (one of the being the Jets) is hardly the Jets "reaching out to him". Methinks contentious thread title be a clever ruse to drive up post count. Well played, Max. Well played.
  16. I'm sure Calvin will be fine once the season starts. I don't really think he's a player that needs many reps, anyway. Shame that Mauldin is injured at the same time, but this is a great opportunity for Reilly to step up. We probably won't see Calvin again until week 1, so in the mean time, I imagine he'll just go slow, take it easy, and...you know, pace himself.
  17. No, I completely agree. All I'm saying is that I'm very excited to see if he can do for our offense what he did for the Bears... ...and if he does, I'll luv him long time.
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