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  1. So, if i have this straight, it is okay for you to spread your negavite thoughts over damn near evey thread on the board, but if I disagree with you and question your position on a move, then I need to save my judgement.  There is plenty wrong with this team, but a depth signing on a guy who will be given a chance to make the roster is not one of them.  

    My negative thoughts? What’s positive right now? Are you content with how Zach Wilson played? Are you content with our complete lack of weapons on offense? I openly said I think Zach isn’t good but here I am the only one on this forum pounding the table to give the kid some help and I’m negative because I don’t want Sauce Gardner? Give me a break. I have no problem with Solomon Thomas. I’m saying it’s about time we start trying the experiment of taking other team’s failed 1st round picks on defense instead of offense for a change.

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  2. “We’ve got players who want to be here. They’re not here because they’re overpaid, they’re here because they want to be here.”

    Jeff Smith wants to be here everybody! Who cares about players like Tyreek Hill, Braxton Berrios wants to be here! And when we draft Sauce Gardner the whole league will wanna be here!! Wooo!

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  3. This seems unlikely  

    You know what dude, **** off. You want this place to be all roses and happiness over the sh*t we’ve been fed for decades go ahead and have it. As a moderator singling me out for being unhappy with a team that has given nothing to be happy about for years and I’m supposed to post exciting things about drafting Sauce Gardner while my QB is passing the Braxton ******* Berrios. Seriously, **** off.

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  4. We have 4 picks in the top 40.  2/3 could fix our defense while we add a WR with one of them.  Not that hard to help the WR room while also building the TEAM.
    And not to allow this conversation to fall into actual football strategy, but do you think Zach's development could at all be influenced by not having to play from behind 90% of the time?  Do you think its easier to take check downs and manage the game when your defense can make a stop once in a while?
    The thesis that you should play fantasy football isnt how the game actually works. Give him a team that can get a stop or create a turnover and see how he does then

    We just went through a season where winning was not the goal. We’re going into another season where we’re clearly not going to contend. So your answer is tp draft to stack our D, and when Zach has another terrible year because he has no weapons we’ll be drafting a new QB to play on a team with a stacked D and no ******* offensive weapons. How many times through this cycle before this fan base and team wakes up?

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  5. Embarrassing post.  Clearly the OP has played Madden is whole life and has zero clue how to build a team.  GET ME WRs, RBs and TEs!!!! Holy crap.  I would assume the OP wonders why the QB doesnt run backwards 25 yards before they pass (ala, Madden).  Delete this post. Horrible.

    Yes let’s keep drafting D, Sauce at 4 and Hamilton at 10 for the win! It’s hilarious how we draft QB’s top 3 overall and then expect them to come in a become studs with the likes of Quincy Enunwa and Corey ******* Davis. I wondered why we suck so badly over the past 4 decades and it’s because fans like you deserve Defense.

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  6. Is there a single poster on this entire forum that has hyped either Smith as being any part of this team?
    Berrios ... maybe one or two  - but no-one thinks we are OK running it back with Smith and Smith.

    OurWR unit as it stands is one injury away from the return of the Smiths. Davis missed 8 games last year, Moore missed 7. With both of them out our WR unit is Berrios at 1, the Smiths behind him.

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  7. What do you see as being the positions of the first 2 picks - WR is one, what is the other? Other than a double dip at WR I'm not seeing an option for two picks on offense, if OT is ruled out (which we both seem to think it should be).

    Honestly I’d draft WR at both, London and Williams. Everyone on this forum has conceded this coming year we will not be competitive, so why not spend this year boosting the ever loving sh*t out of our QB. Give him one of the most dangerous offensive units in the league by having 4 legitimate WR option. Corey Davis will likely be gone next season anyway. With the return of players like Lawson on D plus the signings we made our D will be better than last year. Nothing we add to D in the draft makes us a contender this year, just as adding it on O doesn’t either. But stacking our offense gives our very vulnerable QB a fighting chance, why in the world would we not be doing that?

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  8. Sure, why not. If we perpetually suck every year, we're bound to hit one eventually. I think Wilson will rise to next level and be our generational talent. Cut this dude some slack

    We need defense, we need S and CB. We need a pass rusher and a stud DT. This year we should draft Sauce and Hamilton, or Sauce and Jordan Davis maybe. Zach has built up a lot of chemistry with Vyncent and Jeff Smith, I don’t think we should mess with that. Plus with Berrios cementing his spot I think our offense will be unstoppable.

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  9. Don't get me wrong - I'm dead set that we need a WR with one of our first two picks. I also want us to draft another RB, TE and WR later in the draft to build a continuous pipeline as these are guys that we can rotate in and develop behind our (presumably) shorter term FA signings.
    But to say that we are fine on D with what we have is an overstatement. I'm seeing in almost every post about our top 2 picks that we have to draft an OT because Becton missed last year - and yet our D will be elevated by Lawson who also missed all of last year and no-one knows what he will be like after is injury. JFM is also likely to split time at DE and DT (DE on early downs and DT on 3rd down / obvious passing situations) so we do need other DEs to boost the pass rush. I couldn't actually name any backup DE on the team without going to look at Sarge's latest roster updates. This still leaves us highly susceptible to injury and having to sign the Shaq Lawson type to fill a starter role.
    I'm not looking for a super unit on D. Top 20 would be fine for this year. But to get to that Top 20 mark - based on scoring defenses in 2021 - we'd need to cut our points against down by 106. (Pittsburgh were #20 on defense with 398, we were 32nd with 504). That's pretty much 1 fewer TD every game just to get to a degree of decent. To get to top 15 would mean 132 fewer points against. Lawson coming back (and losing Foley) isn't going to move the needle that much.
    I'm pleased we've made moves at CB and S in FA to improve those units as it makes us less reliant on drafting these positions - I'll be happy with Day 2 / 3 picks here but not premium picks. My ideal 1st round is Edge and WR. Round 2 is a lot less clear but another offensive piece (OL or "weapon") coupled with a LB would make sense.
    Drafts don't need to be all one side of the ball or the other - what we need this year is balanced impact on both sides of the ball.

    Again, if you read my post I clearly said we have to roll with Becton. JD should not have the luxury of throwing 1st round picks at mistakes he made barely 2 years ago. He signed Lawson to be our pass rusher. He extended Franklin Meyers to man the other side. He drafted Becton in the first round 2 years ago. For better or worse we roll with those guys. Our first 2 rounds need to go full offense. We have not had a consistent top 10 offense since the 1960’s, why did we waste a #2 overall pick on QB?

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  10. No. Not unless we are giving him 3 years and 37 mil. Every team has 90 players on the roster in the offseason. Most of those guys are not starting caliber. Thomas will have.a chance to make the roster as a depth piece. That is all this signing is.

    You remind me of my mother in law. Not happy unless you have something to complain about.

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    Tell you what, save your judgment until the team actually has nothing to complain about. We give up more than 20 points and we’re likely gonna lose and you don’t complain, I’d say the tolerance of fans like you that don’t seem to give a sh*t about actually rooting for a good team are the issue.

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  11. Our defense gave up 504 points last year. 
    Only two offenses in the league scored more than 504 points last year. (TB and Dallas).
    But people will still post that defense is irrelevant and we just have to outscore all our opponents by having an amazing unstoppable offense. Like the highest scoring offense last year maybe? (Dallas, 530 points). Worked so well for them!  
    EDIT to add - TB and Dallas gave up 353 and 358 points last year to go with their top scoring offenses. That gives point differentials of +158 and +172. For us to even have half that margin, with how many points we shipped last year, we'd need to score 583 points (just under 35 points every game).
    Last year we scored 310, so we're looking at an extra 273 points on offense, or 16 more points per game. And if we really want to be elite we'd need twice that!    

    We don’t need a top D, we need a top 15 D. Top 20 even. We have that simply from the return of injured players and a couple decent signings in FA. We signed Carl Lawson to a big contract and gave Franklin Meyers a big extension and now we’re already drafting a replacement? We haven’t had a homegrown top 10 offensive player since the 1960’s. How is this tolerable to you people? How do you stand drafting a QB top 3 twice now, and the best receiver we gave either QB is Corey ******* Davis. How can you stomach that? Yes, let’s draft defende again, I hope it’s a Safety and DT with 4 and 10, you idiots deserve that.

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  12. Ummm
    the last 2 draft’s started 
    LT, WR, QB, OG, WR

    One of those WR’s couldn’t get on the field over Jeff and Vyncent Smith, the other missed almost half a season for a pulled hamstring. We need weapons, we have none at the moment. Mims was so bad that if he wasn’t a 2nd round pick he’d have been cut. We need to keep drafting weapons until some of them actually start proving out. To go into yet another season where one injury completely decimated our offense is criminal, and the worst of it is posters like you who pounded the table for CB’s and S’s in this draft will be the first in line to give Zach a pass for sucking again because we have no weapons. How is this ******* team enjoyable to you? Jesus Christ if an opponent scores 24 points we’re going to lose, I don’t care that we give up 40 a game right now. Throw all these picks into D so we can give up less points to lose 24-6 instead of 40-6.

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  13. I think we're gonna come away with  wr(2?), te, rb and depth OL.
    Really think it's edge at 4.
    WR at 10.
    Another WR and TE in the second.
    RB in the 3rd. To me it was telling they got 2 pro bowl talent guards. Sounds to me they want a running game to take some pressure off the kid along with bringing in 2 reasonable talent TEs.
    Developmental OL in the 5th.
    I don't think they Go after London. He's basically another safety blanket like a TE and we added 2 of those plus I think they look to draft the replacement for one of them this year.. I think they seek out a scheme fit WR.

    Last year we were jumping for joy to see Lawson lined up with Quinnen, going on about how dominant our DL would be. We signed Franklin-Meyers to a pricey extension. What, because we lose Fotukasi it all went to sh*t? Please. Our LB corp is poor, but I don’t want top 10 picks thrown there. Safety and CB can be bolstered via camp cuts. I don’t expect a top 5 D, but it’s certainly middle of the pack capable.

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  14. Go edge at 4, OL at 10, then trade 35 and 38 for DK Metcalf and call it a day!

    They’ll never give Metcalf for that. They’ll want the 10 back. Stop and think, can you imagine an offense with London and Williams with Moore and Corey Davis as a 4th option. A TE like McBride? We’d be a juggernaut. The risk is Becton, I think JD should have to ride with his decision. He doesn’t get to buy insurance 2 years later with another top pick. The other risk is Zach, and again if Zach can’t succeed with all those weapons you have your answer. Top tier QB’s seem to be jumping ship every year and we’ll literally have a Ferrari of an offense for whoever that may be to step right in. On Defense we have some players returning and signed a couple decent players. Enough to be decent, which is the best the defense needs to be.

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