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    Mariota is a mid round talent in a god awful crop of QBs. Any team that drafts him as any kind of answer for this season is making a huge mistake. And if he's not a potential help to this season he is NOT worth a top 10 pick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No one has heard what Mo's people have been looking for, and the jets have no real reason to force the issue right now. Mo is a very good DL player. But he's not elite. If he's looking for Suh/Watt type money then the Jets are better off trading him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I believe she's married to Marko Cavka. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Tannenbaum can be a good GM with the right personnel people in place. The whole cap relief magical move that Idzik got credit for was set up in place by Tanny. He set contracts up to expire at that point to purge if Sanchez didn't pan out so they could restart. Tannys problem is he relies on his coach too much for the draft, hence why just about every player drafted during Rex's tenure is gone. Pre Rex his drafts were solid, but that was when Mangini was in his ear. If MIA has the right people making the draft decisions Tanny can build and sign a solid team and keep them under the cap. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Titans would be idiots if they take Mariota. TEN has nobody to keep Mariota on the bench. The best scenario for Mariota is to sit on a bench behind a solid vet for 3 years. Even then I don't think he'll ever be that great. The kid is a typical 2nd/3rd round grade that happens to be in a horrid class this year. Mariota isn't better just because his competition sucks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Brady ran a pro offense in MI. Not even close to a good comparison. He has never called a play in a huddle. He has never taken a snap from under center. He has never gone past his primary or dump off receiver. How bad is the QB situation in the NFL that this kid is being thought of as anything more that a 2nd day project? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. You don't want to retype what you think he should have done, yet you've re typed the same drivel 5+ times in this thread alone? Bull spit. You're just a coward that wants to cast blame without putting out your own ideas for fear of criticism. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Manziel sucks. His shtick was never gonna fly in the NFL, and I'm just talking on the field. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. If it weren't for Rex Idzik wouldn't have had the GM job in the first place. Woody forcing Rex took out all the good candidates and gave a boob like Idzik a chance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. You clearly didn't read what I wrote. I didn't say people thought Harris would be drafted ahead of Willis or had him ranked ahead of Willis in the draft. What I said is after their respective rookie seasons many people were saying Harris might be as good as Willis and was the steal of the draft. As for the rest of your post sorry man tl;dr. Got something about you love Rex blah blah... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Nor as bad as you are. There are no upgrades out on the market, and there is no guarantee a draft pick can step in from day one without being an even bigger liability. $7.5m a year for 2 years is a reasonable price in today's market. You have to consider the coach's view on his role and how he intends to compensate for his deficiencies. Rex never gave a damn about his players or what fit them, he ran his scheme and forced the players to conform to it. And for the record after their rookie years there were quite a few people making claims that Harris may have been the best LB in the draft, and by far could have been the steal of the draft. He was roundly considered a stud by every Jet fan until Rex came around and had him chasing receivers.
  12. Of course, sometimes you have to deal with the poison of having a guy like Harris cover man to man once in a while to disguise things. You don't do it every damn play. Harris' role under Rex was read run, and if pass cover receiver man to man. He should be asked to do that once or twice a game, just like every other ILB in the league. The other 90% of pass plays he should be in zone or blitzing.
  13. We have played a disgusting amount of man to man football under Rex Ryan. When you're fielding Revis and Cro in their primes you can get away with this. The fact is our defense has been one of the lowest in the league in terms of turnovers during this time. Why? Because when a D plays man to man a QB can go through his progressions and see right off the bat is man covered or not. There's no surprise to it. When progression 1 and 2 are almost always blanketed and the pass rush is decent the QB never makes it to option 4 or 5, where David Harris would be covering. Once the pass rush is not good enough and the QB has time to scan the field he will pick on that matchup every single time. Rex's pass rushes, even the overload blitzes, rarely got to the QB and it exposed Harris 1x1 often. Or Smith, Or Coples. How many times did that matchup get exploited, yet Rex kept calling it? Again, what you're going to see this year is a coach who exhibits alot more flexibility and variety on defense. You're going to see 2 things as a result-more yards allowed, and far more turnovers and sacks. David Harris is going to flourish not having to worry about covering receivers man to man, playing more of a zone read and react style. Don't forget this guy was considered on the level with Patrick Willis, and some considered him even better after their first seasons. Harris wasn't fast then either. He just wasn't being asked to do something stupid like regularly covering receivers man to man. This year instead of chasing receivers he's going to be standing there waiting to crush one of them when they come in his zone, like he did pre-Rex when everyone considered him to be one of the best up and coming LB's in the league. Trust me, he didn't go to BUF after Rex because he knows his best chance to exhibit all of his skill and ability is right here under Bowles. Consequentially I expect a big jump in productivity from Coples as well.
  14. You're basing all this from his days under a guy who had Coples, Eric Smith, and David Harris regularly dropping back and covering guys man to man instead of adjusting to a zone to fit the players. If David Harris is asked to follow a RB for 20 yards in coverage the problem isn't David Harris it's the a$$hole who's asking him to do that regularly.
  15. David Harris probably didn't go signing up in BUF with Rex because he realizes the insane stupidity of asking a MLB of his size and stature to cover TE's RB's and WR's 1x1 all the time. A MLB's job shouldn't be to cover guys 1x1, it's to play zone and punish the **** out of any receiver that comes into his zone, not go trailing the guy for 20 yards across the field.
  16. Is the problem the player that can't cover well 1x1 or the coach that could never scheme a defense that didn't call for guys like Harris covering 1x1? David Harris is a very good ILB. David Harris, like most ILB's, should not be asked to cover receivers 1x1 on a regular basis. Not claiming they're on the same level, but I don't recall praising Mike Singletary for his way awesome coverage skills. It's time to start realizing that Rex 's "genius" of playing everyone man to man all the time even when it meant guys like Eric Smith and David Harris are left covering 1x1 repeatedly may not have been so genius at all. Bowles may not have the defensive family pedigree to go writing books about his own greatness and self proclaiming himself as the greatest, but he is one hell of a defensive minded guy who understands the big picture. He's a hell of alot more well rounded. 2 things I can almost assuredly guarantee is David Harris won't be asked to be running around like a fool covering TE's and RB's in 1x1 covg, and overall this defense will create far more turnovers than at any point under Rex's tenure.
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