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  1. We could have had Joe Benigno make every pick from Mel Kiper's Best Available list over the past decade and the Jets would be a vastly better team. I know how absurd that sounds and I will still die on that hill because if you look at 2010 to now... it's true.
  2. Fair point -- Kalil didn't have a camp so I'm assuming they figured he needed time to get up to speed. One can only hope that he surprises in the weeks to come. RE: the others, is it a scheme difference? Beachum and Shell have been solid, but not great, in the past... but Winters has frankly always been a disappointment.
  3. Also, Frank Pollack is a well-respected OL coach, it's not like we have a first-year newb coaching them -- sadly we've seen worse case scenario with the OL as KO and Kalil are essentially done, and Beachum, Winters, Shell are who we thought they were. The worst part to me is Shell because I really thought we had a solid contributor in him. It's been said many times but the negligence with drafting OL has been criminal. Would love nothing more than a Brick-Mangold type investment in the next draft. Nothing else matters.
  4. Seriously... Douglas trades a 1 for either and people lose their minds. I want to see what he does with a full year and a full draft.
  5. Monty doesn't make the postseason roster, Boone has essentially said there's no set plan for his innings right now so it's all about 2020 for him. Tanaka Paxton Severino- Cessa - Bullpen Green - CC/Happ - Bullpen
  6. Looking back that first round had some total busts. I realllly wanted Fowler, Mariota, or Cooper. Leo is... fine -- speaking for myself I just expected more, not even sacks, just a consistent tough presence on the line. It's a perceived lack of pressure coupled with no sacks that gets people upset.
  7. Fair point-- what I'm essentially saying is I trust the Colts talent evaluators/process on Hairston more than I do the Macc-era guys who whiffed on all those late round injury prone DBs.
  8. After watching "With the Next Pick" about the Colts draft process and knowing Hogan was a big part of it... I'm totally fine with this move. The Colts CB depth chart has so many guys I wish the Jets would have taken a flyer on (Quincy Wilson, Jalen Collins, Desir, Langley, Tell). Instead they went with late round lottery tickets that were injured or had limited experience (McDougle, Clark, Jones, Nickerson, Austin). The one guy I thought would pan out was Juston Burris -- who now seems to be stepping up for Cleveland.
  9. Guy just went on a Twitter gif binge -- check it out -- absolutely hysterical. https://twitter.com/ryankalil
  10. Stupid... Brady's legacy can't be confirmed but Matt Ryan counts for the Falcons? Weak. Also, say what you want about Pennington but "worst failures" is ridiculous. Daniel Jones as a worst failure is absurd as well... maybe not a #6 pick but the kid hasn't even thrown a pass yet. On that note, thanks for sharing... still fun to read through haha
  11. Just want to say thank you for that Julie Newmar/Catwoman signature.
  12. Hopefully it's a situation where they were too deep on the OL and since Toth was hurt they had to let him go.

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