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  1. Hopefully it's a situation where they were too deep on the OL and since Toth was hurt they had to let him go.
  2. J. Dougie goes all in on OL next draft -- Center, Tackle, developmental G.
  3. I'll take "Comeback Wins and playmaking capability from your 21 year old Rookie QB against Divisional Opponents" for $1,000 Alex!
  4. Ha -- also there's nothing in the story about GM backstabbing. CJ wanted to interview Kingsbury and included Macc -- so therefore he backstabbed the GM? So weak.
  5. The writer makes the argument that the Christian Hackenberg pick exemplifies Macc's tenure -- repeatedly throwing assets at a deficiency and constantly failing to address it... while letting other weaknesses fester.
  6. We got Blake Cashman we don't need Darron Lee anymore! But seriously, someone said it earlier -- you don't make this move you lose him for nothing next tear so I'd rather the extra pick. With any luck they use it and reestablish some actual depth.
  7. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/5/15/18627166/mike-maccagnan-fired-new-york-jets-christian-hackenberg This.
  8. Trading Leo without having a new GM on board would be a bad news -- you don't move an asset like that before you hire the guy taking the personnel reins. Unless of course they get a 1st rounder next year haha
  9. Oh man! I completely missed that they fired him! I've been following this Darron Lee news too closely haha
  10. Nice a 6th... can't wait until Macc uses it to trade back for an extra 7th and takes an DL from a small school and a CB recovering from a Lisfranc injury.
  11. This. I think that CJ decided to give Maccagnan a shot to see if he could work with Gase and develop a strategy for building around Sam, a QB that he finally drafted and (right or wrong) got credit for. Macc had his shot -- What was his strategy? How did he build the roster? Pure BPA in Rd 1 for better or worse Solid at identifying UDFAs and undervalued assets on other teams (Henry and Robby Anderson) Taller late-round CBs that were often injured or very raw (Robinson, Clark, Jones, Nickerson, Roberts, Austin) Multiple swings and misses at TE, WR, and RB - Forcing FA acquisitions Criminal neglect of the OL and Edge Rusher positions Serious resources tied up in DL and LB. Forces the questions about his wise allocation of cap space. Past that his strength, scouting, was mixed at best... his high profile misses really sealed the deal IMO.
  12. I think this confirms it... he was in the interviews but Macc didn't make the decision, CJ did.
  13. I read this comment from CJ and immediately think that Gase told him something like: "Look at what you guys have been doing for 20+ years, defense, defense, defense, ground and pound, wildcat, burning money on FA offensive pieces.... You have a QB now, you brought me on board... What's Maccagnan's strategy? What's his vision for this roster and how will it be any different now that you have an offensive coach running things for the first time in 23 years?" Maccagnan had a shot to show a strategy, to show he could collaborate, to show he had a vision... clearly the same old wasn't going to cut it with CJ this time and they decided to go all in with Gase's mentality and if that means invest in the offense then count me in.
  14. I see this argument made all the time -- I'm no expert in sports economics but in a sport with a salary cap and in a market big enough for two franchises what is the economic incentive for them to lose? We can argue that they are stupid and that they exhibit too much control on Football Ops but there is a lot more money to be made by being good and growing the fanbase-- you take market share aware from the Giants, the Pats, the Dolphins and the Bills (both have a lot of fan in NY/NJ). When you're good you receive more national appeal and coverage.
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