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  1. bigalbarracuda

    Practice Updates

    3rd and 5... let's call a 3-yard button hook to the receiver with the least amount of lateral mobility! Hope those days are long behind us.
  2. bigalbarracuda

    Mark Sanchez first game highlights 2009

    Dustin Keller was a really nice piece... shame he got hurt. Also, what would I give to have a young D'Brick/Mangold OL core right now.
  3. Counterpoint: - Excellent 1st year, gave up nothing to get him - Excellent 1st, year, gave up nothing to get him - Clear best defensive player on the team at the time, homegrown, contract ext. didn't hurt long term cap - Clear need at CB at the time, contract didn't hurt long term cap - UDFA find, makes nothing Isn't a player becoming a malcontent more on the lack of locker room leaderhip/coaching? Every single one of the above deals made clear sense at the time.
  4. bigalbarracuda

    O-Line - Not just us

    Next year we separate the wheat from the chaff. Hopefully Beachum, Shell, Winters, Long show enough to stay on the team as longer term pieces and we can look to upgrade guys like Dozier, Qvale, Harrison, Ijalana, and Swanson. Perfect world you find a way to add a 2nd rounder next year and Rd 1 and 2 you come away with an OL and a playmaker for Sam.
  5. bigalbarracuda

    O-Line - Not just us

    Next years OL class is supposed to be much better than this years (http://walterfootball.com/draft2019OT.php). Early comments are that OL, DL and Clemson players are the strength. I can see Macc doubling down on OL and adding some weapons next year... hopefully Bowles shows he can keep the D moving in the right direction.
  6. bigalbarracuda

    Another draft review & grade - Rotoworld

    You're not wrong but the same can be said about taking two DLs... how much better will Shepard and Fatukasi be then Pennel and Deon Simon? O. Brown wasn't a great fit but there were 6 OL taken in the 3rd round after Shepard... you come away with Rankin, Cappa or Noteboom in the 3rd and you have another tackle that can compete and possibly emerge.
  7. bigalbarracuda

    Another draft review & grade - Rotoworld

    I personally like this year's draft but all the b1tching and moaning is coming from a place where year after year they seem to neglect OL and pass rusher. It's been a glaring need and they've drafted Mauldlin, Shell, and Donohue the last 3 years. Of those 3 only Shell has shown anything and not been arrested. To me this underscores the OVERWHELMING failure that was the 2014 Idzik 12.... of which we only have Enunwa and Dozier left and the others essentially provided zero value. If you look at the past few drafts we went heavy on DB/WR/LB in order to make up for the gaping holes Idzik left there.
  8. Agreed, Brown would have been a nice pick at that point. Just seems like the Jets have had good luck bringing in UDFA DL and developing them while the OL gets neglected year after year. Next year I would love an offensive skill player in the 1st followed by 2 OL. At this point, Luke Joeckel, Brian Schwenke, and Byron Bell are all still available... wouldn't hate bringing any of them on.
  9. Those three guys were all 1st round picks... to me it's more about grabbing a guy in the mid-rounds that can be depth and then step in as a starter in year 2-3... kind of like they did with Shell. Good question thought as to whether O. Brown/Geron Christian will be better than Nathan Shepard. That pick has grown on me... but wish they made a habit of developing a pipeline of players at OL in a similar way to the DL.
  10. Sony Michel might be a first round fantasy football pick now... great pick but still happy they didn't take Lamar Jackson.
  11. Fallacy of the predetermined outcome. Jets stay at 6 and maybe the Colts make another deal, maybe the Browns deal #4, maybe the Giants move out, maybe Denver picks a different guy and the board falls in a totally different manner. This is not a serious argument. Too many variables.
  12. bigalbarracuda

    what player personifies the jets to you?

    Chad Pennington -- guy made me a Jet fan (I honestly see a little of him in Baker Mayfield, same kind of fire, teammate admiration). Also because, like the Jets in my lifetime, he flashed greatness but bad luck, injuries, etc. derailed a lot of promise.
  13. Ha I usually defend Mac but I think you're right on this... could have just taken Cook in Rd 2 and Elflein (or Feeney) in Rd 3 but they wound up with Maye, Stewart, Donohue, and McGuire after trading down twice.
  14. bigalbarracuda

    Breer: Plan was to tank?

    I would've been happy if we beat the Fins, Bills, and Browns... the two wins against the Chiefs/Jags took us out of the #2 or #3 pick.
  15. You're not wrong but there's context here that's missing. These teams did not have a young QB with serious expectations/promise... both Petty and Hack were universally considered projects and Geno (after showing some flashes) was essentially kept around because of his contract. I think he's doubling down on Veteran depth and will do whatever he can to move up for the QB they want... we just have to hope it's the right guy.

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