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  1. Sign me up -- their #1 next year would be top 5 if they deal us all those assets.
  2. Haha thank you -- thought the same when folks said of Arthur Smith "Well his offense requires physical WRs, a good OL/running game" -- well cross him off then!
  3. IIRC we simply received back our own 6th Rd pick that we traded them for Demaryius Thomas.
  4. Yeh great point-- I was all for the double-dipping but the balanced draft was the way to go.
  5. Agreed - also, nice touch with John Prine.
  6. Brutal -- missing out on all 4 OTs and not 1-trading back or 2-grabbing Lamb/Jeudy would be a huge whiff.
  7. Yeh, I think you nailed it -- the WR depth is excellent, you get a legitimate playmaker in the 3rd or 4th so OT in Rd1 really makes the most sense as much as I love Lamb and Jeudy.
  8. Hindsight but imagine the roster if this were the draft -- instead we got stuck with Chuma Edoga when Evans/Jordan/ Edwards were all available! 1- Josh Allen (OLB, Pro Bowl) 3a- Devin Singletary or David Montgomery (RBs) 3b- Bobby Evans (OT) or Julian Love (CB) 4- Michael Jordan (OG) 5- David Edwards (OT) 6- Bless Austin -- I'll throw Macc this one
  9. Couldn't help but share this mock-- Getting a vertical threat in Reagor and two excellent WR prospects in Davis-Pittman would be amazing.
  10. Thanks for the breakdown, -- any thoughts on Niang vs. Wanogho? Also, do you think both Wills and Wirfs could step in at LT right away? My initial thought is that Wirfs can but not Wills. Essentially, if we miss out on Thomas and Wirfs then to immediately upgrade the line we're looking at RT, G, and C starters in the 2nd-3rd.
  11. The main question I have is can the following guys (likely available in Rd 2-3) be solid Day 1 starters. The answer to that dictates how important grabbing Wills or Wirfs is. Josh Jones Cushenberry Austin Jackson Niang Wanogho Trey Adams Muti Biadasz Kindley Bredeson
  12. You're right, but in his defense he said he didn't like the picks, just didn't kill Macc over them. For me I didn't know enough about Polite to really hate it... just felt Macc had zero credibility and lost the benefit of the doubt.
  13. This is a good point -- as much as I'd be disappointed with going D in the first (Prefer OL and WR) the draft must be judged by what Douglas does with the top 4 picks. If he takes Epenesa (and he's good!) and then the next three picks are RB/WR and two OL in no particular order most will be quite happy. It's really about talent evaluation -- is Epenesa a Cam Jordan type? Can he get a starting WR or RB in the 2nd or 3rd? Can the scouts identify at least one starting OL in the 2nd or 3rd and one guy who profiles as a starter? If it's a DE and then we go CB, LB, OL then I will also lo
  14. Can Wills step in and play LT right away? I'd probably lean Wills regardless but I still think you need another piece or two added to the line.
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