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  1. 4 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I may be one of the few who wouldn't have a problem waiting on OT until Round 2 if the Jets use the #11 on an elite WR like Jerry Jeudy.  BUT, I get the feeling the Jets may have to maneuver up in Round 2 to get the OT they'd want.  I'm not sure I want to give up a pick, even a late pick, to go from #48 to the 30's or something but it might be necessary to grab a higher quality OT with less bust risk.

    And let me contradict myself a bit here. :P  I see the quality of OTs and WRs being similar in Round 1.  I don't know if that's the case for Round 2.  I think there will higher quality WRs than OTs in that 2nd round.  Guys like Justin Jefferson, Reagor, Brandon Ayuik, etc. seem better than Austin Jackson, Prince Wanogho, Matthew Peart, etc.  So an approach of OT in Rd. 1 and WR in Rd. 2 might make more sense but we'd have to be able to stomach taking the 3rd or 4th best OT at #11 when all of the WRs could be on the Board staring us in the face.  Just my take.

    Yeh, I think you nailed it -- the WR depth is excellent, you get a legitimate playmaker in the 3rd or 4th so OT in Rd1 really makes the most sense as much as I love Lamb and Jeudy. 

  2. 2 hours ago, PepPep said:

    Well, you have OTs , Gs and Cs here. And you have guys that are going to inevitably end up being RTs and guys that going to end up being LTs. It makes a difference. Just b/c some guys may not be day one starters or day one starters at the positions you draft them for doesn't mean the value isn't there to take them. I think a lot of these OTs will eventually play LT but will start off at RT. I think some of these Gs and C's can step right in and compete for a starting spot.    

    Jones: IMO Doubtful he is a day one starter at either LT or RT. He is a a bit of a project. But the upside is really high. He could be a starting LT at some point. 

    Cushenberry: Could be a day one OG. Doubtful he is a day one C.

    A.Jackson: Doubtful he is a day one LT but could be a day one RT.  

    Niang: Doubtful he is a day one LT but could be a day one RT.     

    Wanogho: Doubtful he is a day one LT but could be a day one RT.   

    Adams: Doubtful he is a day one LT but could be a day one RT.   

    Muti: Could be a day one C if in the right system. 

    Biadasz: Def. see him vying for a day one C spot. 

    Kindley: Def. see him vying for a day one OG spot.

    Bredeson: Def. see him vying for a day one OG spot.

    Thanks for the breakdown, -- any thoughts on Niang vs. Wanogho? Also, do you think both Wills and Wirfs could step in at LT right away? My initial thought is that Wirfs can but not Wills. 

    Essentially, if we miss out on Thomas and Wirfs then to immediately upgrade the line we're looking at RT, G, and C starters in the 2nd-3rd.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    The problem is we need at least 4 new starting OL, and lot's of other teams need OL as well.  Finding starters in the middle rounds has never been more difficult. 

    He needs to go to the OL well early and often in this draft.  

    The main question I have is can the following guys (likely available in Rd 2-3) be solid Day 1 starters. The answer to that dictates how important grabbing Wills or Wirfs is.

    • Josh Jones
    • Cushenberry
    • Austin Jackson
    • Niang
    • Wanogho
    • Trey Adams
    • Muti
    • Biadasz
    • Kindley
    • Bredeson
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  4. 3 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


    You had me agreeing until Hackenberg/Polite.  Hackenberg was a 5th round prospect at best.  Polite didn't just have character concerns, he lacked the # 1 thing you need out of a pass rusher:  Athleticism.  That lack of understanding about the EDGE position also led him to take Lorenzo Mauldin in his first draft.

    The Idzik selection of Geno Smith was miles better than Hackenberg.  Even though they were both second round QB's and we needed QB's at the time, Geno at least had had a dominant final season at WVU.  Hackenberg couldn't even complete 60 % of his throws against Indiana.  

    You're right, but in his defense he said he didn't like the picks, just didn't kill Macc over them. 

    For me I didn't know enough about Polite to really hate it... just felt Macc had zero credibility and lost the benefit of the doubt. 

  5. 59 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    just about any position can be taken at 11 without serious concerns about value.  imo they should go offense but since edge is also a team need it wouldn't bother me that much.  and, as others have said, it depends on where they went with free agency.  if they don't re-sign robbie then a wr may be the best choice.  they don't have to lose anyone on the oline to make an olineman the best choice.

    This is a good point -- as much as I'd be disappointed with going D in the first (Prefer OL and WR) the draft must be judged by what Douglas does with the top 4 picks

    If he takes Epenesa (and he's good!) and then the next three picks are RB/WR and two OL in no particular order most will be quite happy. 

    It's really about talent evaluation -- is Epenesa a Cam Jordan type? Can he get a starting WR or RB in the 2nd or 3rd? Can the scouts identify at least one starting OL in the 2nd or 3rd and one guy who profiles as a starter? If it's a DE and then we go CB, LB, OL then I will also lose my sh!t.

     Ultimately what we're all looking for is 3 starters no? 


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  6. image.png.589d1e1566bafed3d40c53c7cdcbdf3a.png

    I'd like more certainty from the OLs but like these two. Johnson/Claypool/Mims would be tripling down on big-bodied WR targets for Sam. Looooved  Edwards-Helaire this season. 

    What's the consensus on Niang vs. Tega Wanogho? They seem to be ranked very closely in most spots. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    second half easier schedule?  they played both the raiders and the steelers when both teams had good reasons to win and beat them.  they played a resurgent doltfin team and won.  and even though the bills rested many players the game was away, in bad conditions and won.  if the second half schedule was easier it wasn't by much.  also teams usually hit their stride by game 4 or so.  except for the early loss to the patsies any of those games could've gone either way.

    totally agree on needing some good oline players.  there was way too much shifting players around.  the oline finally got settled in game 9.

    I love the "easy 2nd half schedule" line... as if losing all of those games for a higher pick would have somehow made us all feel better about the current status of the team and talent level. 

    You play to win the game! If anything it's about having more picks and hitting on them than higher picks... but I digress. 

    What bothers me about this year was the Dolphins loss (26-18 was a total embarrassment), the 2nd Pats loss (33-0 "ghosts" game), and the Bengals loss-- those 3 will make me sick all winter. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Untouchable said:

    That’s goofy

    If someone like Alex Leatherwood or Austin Jackson is the best available OT when we go on the clock and Douglas has a late 1st/early 2nd grade on them, you don’t take one of them at #11 just because.

    Especially when a 5’9 180 lb Jamison Crowder is currently your best wideout and you could potentially be staring someone like Lamb or Jeudy right in the face.

    Agreed -- OL is deep. You go best offensive player, WR or OL, in the first and then with the next three picks take at least 1 more OL. 

    If the draft went: 1-Jeudy, 2-Jedrick Wills, 3a-Wanagho, 3b-Jaylon Johnson (CB) -- we'd all be thrilled.

  9. Jordan Jenkins is fine and I hope they bring him back -- the Maye pick (not player) was and remains awful.

    Fun fact, in the 3rd round that year we traded #70 for #79 & #160 (passed on OLs Elflein and Feeney) to take ArDarius Stewart at #79. In taking him we passed on Chris Godwin and Kenny Golladay to name two. 

    This was particularly infuriating to me as I wanted an OL but then we took a WR who wasn't big or fast or could play ST. Also, this: https://nypost.com/2019/04/12/former-jets-receiver-ardarius-stewart-arrested-in-gun-bust/

    They packaged #160 in another trade and used the picks on Dylan Donohue and Elijah McGuire. So not only did he whiff on the trade down, he totally whiffed on the picks we got to trade down.

    This is Macc's legacy. Let's all pray that JD is better than this. 

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  10. The first Douglas draft will be fascinating -- I hope we can all agree that even if it's not the first pick we should see at least a couple of OL brought on in the draft. I'd prefer doubling up with high picks, 2 out of 4 in the first three rounds, and maybe a developmental guy in the late rounds. 

    Also, it would send a nice message to the fanbase to not draft an interior DL given the current depth and our ability to find UDFA gems like Phillips. Draft should consist of entirely DE/OLB, CB, and offensive pieces.  

  11. 21 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

    When you start hearing how Street free agents are not only not getting dominated by Williams but actually handling him, that’s always a terrible sign. I remember the same scenario playing out with early reports on Gholston.

    Most likely ANOTHER Draft pick that would have been in much better hands if JN Posters were making the pick....just sad.

    And don’t forget that Maccagnan is not only responsible for close to 5 totally busted drafts but he’s ALSO responsible for Gase being named HC.  He was scared about the authority McCarthy was demanding.

    I've said it before -- we would've been better off with Joe Beningo making picks from Mel Kiper's best available list over the past 10 years. 

    It's absurd and it's also true. 

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  12. 1 minute ago, jetstream23 said:

    Is Compton under contract for only this year?  I'd see him and Harrison as other depth pieces.

    If I'm the Jets I'm going LT in Round 1, WR in Round 2, C/OG in Round 3 this year as well as signing an OLineman in FA.

    Yeh - 1-year deal for Compton (totally fine with him and Harrison as depth guys)

    Agreed with LT in the Rd1 next year if we're in position, if we're picking top 6 the only question is where Jeudy and Andrew Thomas fall. 

    Protection and Weapons next year -- Ok with a CB in the 3rd but no higher! haha

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  13. 5 minutes ago, C Mart said:

    you could probably add Bless Austin to that.....

    how many scouts are out there 7-8 a team?  so 250+?  I'd like to see each scout's opinion on each draft eligible player and let's see what the % is of hits..look at the % of UDFA that make it to NFL rosters..I think it's around 20%

    We could have had Joe Benigno make every pick from Mel Kiper's Best Available list over the past decade and the Jets would be a vastly better team.

    I know how absurd that sounds and I will still die on that hill because if you look at 2010 to now... it's true. 

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  14. 23 minutes ago, LIJetsFan said:

    Gotta disagree.....IMHO Beachum, Winters, Shell have regressed.  Also if Kalil is "done" then the HC is at fault for starting him.  It's beyond me why people are going out of their way to defend Gase.   

    Fair point -- Kalil didn't have a camp so I'm assuming they figured he needed time to get up to speed. One can only hope that he surprises in the weeks to come. 

    RE: the others, is it a scheme difference? Beachum and Shell have been solid, but not great, in the past... but Winters has frankly always been a disappointment. 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, SR24 said:

    Yes we should fire Gase because he didn’t rebuild the Oline in one offseason with 2 different GMs and a draft he apparently didn’t have much say in (dude literally left the war room) Our offense has been terrible and I agree Gase hasn’t looked great but I’m saving my judgement for when he gets Sam back if he doesn’t improve after this then I’ll entertain a conversation about making our 2nd year qb learn his 3rd new offense in his 3rd year 

    Also, Frank Pollack is a well-respected OL coach, it's not like we have a first-year newb coaching them -- sadly we've seen worse case scenario with the OL as KO and Kalil are essentially done, and Beachum, Winters, Shell are who we thought they were. The worst part to me is Shell because I really thought we had a solid contributor in him.  

    It's been said many times but the negligence with drafting OL has been criminal. Would love nothing more than a Brick-Mangold type investment in the next draft. Nothing else matters. 

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  16. On 9/21/2019 at 2:25 PM, Philc1 said:

    I’m hearing he’s done for the year


    Yanks don’t want the PR nightmare 



    So I guess postseason rotation:



    Severino (pitches 3-4 innings then Montgomery pitches 2 innings)

    Green (CC pitches 4-5 innings)

    Monty doesn't make the postseason roster, Boone has essentially said there's no set plan for his innings right now so it's all about 2020 for him. 

    • Tanaka
    • Paxton
    • Severino- Cessa - Bullpen
    • Green - CC/Happ - Bullpen

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