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  1. Seems like every year there are stud DLs coming out, also depth with FAs -- just want them to go for the BPA on offense for once.
  2. Walker Little, Tre Smith, Andrew Thomas, Trey Adams -- this time last year who were the potential 1st round OL? Jonah Williams and Greg Little? Things can definitely change but at least there are four high ceiling 1st round tackles going into next season, we can poke holes in all of them but the potential is there... also don't know who will break out.
  3. I know this will elicit some laughter/pity... but I reallllllly believe next year we go heavy on offense. The WR and OL talent is rich in 2020 and whatever Sam does this year they will want to surround him with more weapons. No way they go DL/LB/S so unless some generational CB is sitting there then it's OL/WR next year.
  4. Give me Walker Little! https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/40287/walker-little In his early 2020 mock draft, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller pegged Stanford junior T Walker Little as the No. 2 overall selection. Miller refers to the 6-foot-7, 313-pound Little as a "plug-and-play blindside protector." In his early mock, he has the Stanford standout heading to the Jets. While it's more/less impossible to predict the actual team order of the draft with the fall season still months away, Miller believes Little would be a perfect fit for the Jets, who failed to address their offensive line need\s this offseason. Georgia's Andrew Thomas and Tennessee's Trey Smith are two other candidates to land as the first offensive linemen selected next spring. SOURCE: Bleacher Report Apr 30, 2019, 11:15 AM ET
  5. What's the deal with Kelvin Harmon? Thought he'd be a really nice piece and would be way gone by now.
  6. Michael Jordan, Kelvin Harmon, and Kris Boyd too.... but man I would love Butler.
  7. Too bad we still need a CB after drafting Parry Nickerson, Derrick Jones, Jeremy Clark, and Juston Burris. Shame not one of those guys could have been developed by the coaching staff over the past 4 years. Hoping Gregg W. can do something on that front. If you look back on a draft class and say "Wow we got two starters" a la Revis-Harris, Brick-Mangold, Vilma-Cotch, Sam-Herndon then it's a solid draft... but the constant whiffing on the late round guys and positions of need is painful to watch.
  8. Can't really disagree... still excited to watch Sam and a competent offense/defense but this was a disappointment. Quinnen seems like a nice guy, I'm sure he'll be somewhere in the "good to great" spectrum but to me it's about the use of resources and the fact that: Solid DTs are around every year. We just drafted two DTs last year -- let alone being extremely DT heavy over the past decade. We didn't support Sam and the offense in any way which is the most important thing. For all those wanting to trade Leo now... the only way the Quinnen picks makes ANY sense is if you keep Leo and the two of them create a great interior pass rush.
  9. I would absolutely trade down to #15. I know others feel differently but I just don't believe there is thaaat much that separates Bosa, QW and Allen over Ferrell, Sweat, Burns, Bush, Oliver, and Gary. I'm praying someone like the Bucs falls in love with QW and gives us a haul. Having a second #1 in 2020 would be amazing. Tua, Herbert, and Fromm are very likely to go high and that could push a top OT (Walker Little is my guy) or WR (Jeudy) down. Obviously a lot can change but I like how that draft is shaping up for the Jets needs and I would love to see some long range planning to that effect.
  10. Don't necessarily disagree but the picture quality is horrible... it's very possible that with a normal image it will look much better. Hope so anyway.
  11. Yeh I tend to agree with you... though the "We haven't had a pass rush since Abe!" voice is still in the back of most of our heads. If you told me we trade down and wind up with a Montez Sweat and a top OL who wouldn't be happy with that?
  12. I think a lot of it has to do with the name recognition and the solid (yet limited) production he had at OSU. There's also a bit of mystery with him with that limited tape and the whole "NFL bloodline" positive that almost assures people he won't be a total bust. He won't be Gholston but will he be a Michael Bennett? A Ryan Kerrigan? We're not talking a prime JJ Watt here.
  13. Yeh, I'd agree with that. Though the Devil's Advocate point would be that we have 8 games next year versus Brady, FitzMagic, Dalton, Eli, Big Ben and Foles... interior pressure is damn important. Until we consistently beat up on the teams in the division we're not going anywhere. Counterpoint to my own point, we'll also be playing mobile QBs like Josh Allen, Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, Dak, and Wentz.... also Watson and Luck are in the AFC as well. Long term, limiting the QB running ability is key.
  14. If we stay put at #3 there's a strong possibility is something like the below being available... Round 1 Pick 3: Bosa/Allen Round 3 Pick 4: Erik McCoy OG/C, Texas AM OR a WR that falls -- Parris Campbell would be amazing here but not happening after his combine. Round 3 Pick 29: Dieter/Jordan/Piersbacher/McGovern -- all Centers that can play OG I'd be OK with some permutation of that but still think a trade down to 6-12 range netting a 2nd rounder-plus would be the ideal situation. Would love to grab Montez Sweat plus some additional 2nd and 3rd rounders. Then again I play this same game every year and Macc goes totally off my script and takes a second safety or a DT and totally ruins my hopes of increasing our offensive talent haha
  15. Didn't highlight them because even though they've all had flashes they were not RBs to be feared or schemed around. I mean Martin had a great rookie year and then one additional solid year in his 7 years... not a great argument for drafting a 1st round RB.
  16. How many 1000-yard rushers for RBs taken in rounds 1-2 from 2012-2016 2012 - Doug Martin and David Wilson -- Isaiah Pead, Lamichael James 2013 - No Rd1 -- Giovani Bernard, Le'Veon Bell, Eddie Lacy, Christine Michael 2014 - No Rd1 - Bishop Sankey, Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, 2015 - Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon -- TJ Yeldon, Ameer Abdullah 2016 - Zeke Elliot -- Derrick Henry The argument is you don't have to spend a top pick, if solid value falls to you in Round 2 then go for it... 2017 for example: Kamara, Hunt, Conner were all 3rd rounders.

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