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  1. Considering he was battling TJ Watt most of the game , he looked like he did pretty well.
  2. That catch was the culmination of an amazing and brilliant play. Sauer ran the route where he sprinted down field 10-15 yards, stopped on a dime, faked left and/or right and literally pirouetted whilst jumping straight up in the air to catch the pass that only HE could catch. In that day, NOBODY was doing plays like that.
  3. One thing does not get talked about enough is Sam's ability to throw guys open. Most QBs have just enough talent to throw when a guy gets open. Sam has the vision and timing/coordination to throw guys open. This aspect of his game is huge. As long as our WRs can break the press man coverage and get off the line, they will see he ball. Plus, if the line can block for more than the paltry half seconds from last year, the routes might have time to open the field. With all of the speed and size that we have accumulated, coupled with both Herndon and Griffin, this team will cause matchup problems.
  4. https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/c-j-mosley-quinnen-williams-jets-injuries-1.36116238 Exactly! The guy sprained his ankle in the first game of the season and was in a walking boot. Kinda hard to show your speed and to anchor in the trenches with a high ankle sprain. If now fully healed and after a full year in an NFL strength program, we should finally see the beast that we drafted.
  5. Cincinnati drafted Willis, who does seem to be the the kind of freak the OP spoke of, ranking 13th of all 649 players drafted at that position over the last 20 years. That begs the question, why hasnt it translated to the field? By comparison, the Jets drafted a bunch of slugs. However, Adams talent has shown through...
  6. https://www.thehuddlereport.com/blog/?p=1046 I had never heard anything about this guy before reading this article, but if what he says comes true, Douglas has hit the ball out of the park! I originally voted Berrios, Smith and Doctson but changed my mind, switching Cager for Doctson (assuming that Cager is healthy).. Lawrence Cager WR Georgia by Drew Boylhart • April 6, 2020 STRENGTHS Lawrence is a tall, strong, fluid athlete. He has those long strides that make it very difficult for defensive backs to keep up with him despite the fact they may be faster. He h
  7. Apparently, no other collegiate WR caught more contested passes than Mims from 2017-2019.
  8. Thanks! How did you do that? Can you pls send me a sidenote. Much appreciated!
  9. Also, there is this vid of his route running: https://youtu.be/IXL8KiiXkHE
  10. https://youtu.be/n3uoh4Q331k LOL! I hope so too! Thx for the feedback...How do I embed the vid with the picture from youtube?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3uoh4Q331k&feature=emb_rel_end This is an extremely detailed film assessment of Mim's game from Matt Waldman, a noted fantasy football analyst. If you have any doubts about Mims, watch this to allay your fears. I think he and Sam will make a great team!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke4Ke_eFBwQ&feature=emb_rel_end Wow! The shortest punt in this clip was 46 yds... longest 71. Consistently in the mid 50s with timed kicks averaging 5+ seconds!
  13. Also 191 & 211 in the 6th round
  14. Agreed. Neither might be the most polished route runners but they are two of the fastest guys in the league.
  15. Also note that Perriman not only fits the speed and athleticism profile, but has very similar measurables to Mims. This alone should make the JETS much more difficult to defend.
  16. Saw the headline and immediately thought... SIGN THIS BEAST!!! And was gobsmack shocked to learned WE ACTUALLY DID!!!! Holy F'N shyte!!! Just wow..........
  17. This. Same running play over and over or the same horizontal pass play. Did we even throw downfield once? Disgusted with Bates
  18. What might have Hernandez done to have pissed him that much? You dont slug someone for no reason..,
  19. Our SOJF are selling our WR core short. In the thread about Pryor in late March. I posted the following four numbered assessments below. First, the Jets had two top 30 WRs in 2017. Stop stating that Anderson and Kearse are JAGs. It aint true. They both ran a large amount of the route tree and are not one trick ponies. Contrary to popular belief, we dont need a true WR1 yet. Secondly, for the first time in a long while, the Jets have a solid and diverse WR core, who have all demonstrated success on the field. They may not be stars, but they are effective. The Jets will become a mismatch nightm
  20. http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=1001689&draftyear=2018&genpos=ILB Wint is not fast but is a tackling machine. We will see if he can stick....
  21. very good, detailed pre-draft scouting report on Sam Darnold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmhRU5X7RIg
  22. Although the stats say say Fotukasi is supposed to be bigger than Shepherd, those stats lie. Shepherd is massive and has tree trunks for legs. Given those anchors, no wonder he was tossing the new Giants rookie OL around.
  23. Dude....you really had to go there. Hopefully YOU arent the jinx! Ya might think it... but you dont print it...
  24. Wholeheartedly agree! I have read these same type of descriptions about all of the Jets new players. If this becomes the new culture for the whole team to play relentlessly to the whistle on every play, they will make great strides in 2018. All of these guys seem like athletic, physically strong, and very fast over- achievers. I hope that Bowles will take a clue from the Eagles and have waves of fresh interchangeable players to throw at opponents. The two new DTs in combination with the existing guys could epitomize this...I hope our dreams become reality
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