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  1. xboxjets

    LET’S SAY WE ARE 6-9....

    In 7 games against the Pats, we have only won once with Bowles and that game went into overtime. Rather loose the battle to win the war as the saying goes. I would root for Bowles to be fired so we no longer have the worst coach in the nfl looking like an idiot standing on the sideline all day waiting for the league to bring back ground and pound lol
  2. Fire him as I become a billionaire owner...in Madden
  3. Down 22points in 4th qtr in red zone hey its a good idea to kick a fg..smh
  4. xboxjets

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    Same here, I would like to get in as well if there ends up being a 3rd league.
  5. xboxjets

    Todd Bowles Appreciation Thread

    While it is generally a bad idea of keeping a revolving door at coach and gm. The coach needs to go. The fact that he has no control over the lockerroom and cant get effort out of his guys is crazy. Don't understand why he just doesn't bench the overpaid underperformers. Now its turned into cancer lockerroom. You will probably get the same results, but you know the young kids will be hungry and giving 100%. Its 3rd and 2 and revis is playing 10 yards off in his own island. Maybe he is practicing playing safety for next year...
  6. Why not hire rex as our new defensive coordinator after hes fired? I think that would make us the first team in history to fire a head coach, have him get fired at his second job as a head coach and then hire him as a defensive coordinator. We would be better off having the madden champion call the defense in all seriousness.
  7. xboxjets

    67.5 million dollars!

    Screenshot of 2017 Contract according to overthecap. See alot of savings over 4.5 million here. Revis, Clady, Skrine, Gilchrist, Harris. Maybe Mangold & Giacomini asked to take pay cut. Richardson pending trade?
  8. Have you seen Revis tackle? All arm tackles so would not be a good idea to move a safety who doesn't want contact.
  9. You can't really use the what if statements and only apply it to the Jets. The other team could point to one play or one side of the ball and say if only.. Realistically we are not making the playoffs. It would be wise to see what the young guys have, especially QB. My personal preference would be to go 5-11 and play the young guys vs 7-9, 8-8 with the vets and missing the playoffs. Atleast you get a better draft pick and the younger guys have in game experience. Unfortunately the way the structure is set up where both the HC(Short term goal trying to save job) and GM(Long term vision) report to Woody, they are most likely not on the same page.
  10. I think Clady gets restructured since the contract is not guaranteed along with Revis - moving to safety?, since he has fallen off a cliff for whatever reason. Skrine needs to be talked about a paycut since he is not worth 8 million next year. Think they definitely need to get rid of Gilchrist, Harris and Giacomini as for various reasons they are underperforming, overpaid or a combination of both. I think there is no way you get rid of Folk. He has been pretty reliable. It will be interesting to see if sheldon richardson will be used as trade bait for draft picks since 2017 is the last year of his contract.
  11. xboxjets

    The History of Todd Bowles' Gaffes

    Bowles coaches like a coward afraid to loose. Reminds me of Herm Edwards and the playoff game with the steelers in early 2000s. If I recall the kicker missing 1st 50 plus field goal late in the game. NY jets offense gets ball back..hey lets run right up the middle three straight times and have the kicker try another 50 plus yard field goal. Next coach should have this interview question asked. Do you coach scared.
  12. xboxjets

    Jets lost, Colts lost but.......

    Also on the very optimistic side, we lost to an nfc opponent so there's that atleast..
  13. xboxjets

    Jets secondary

    I wonder what the percentage of plays we playou man to man vs zone. I would think with playing zones you can create more turnovers. Wish I see more attempts at strip sacks or going for the ball especially when going after the qb
  14. xboxjets

    Its Not Just The Players

    That is true. Throw in the QB with the best arm strength for the last play of the half.

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