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  1. To be on the same page you can't have shotgun marriages where the coach is trying to save his job with wins in a lost season while the gm is thinking longer term.
  2. Lost me on taking defense. We need to double, triple, quadruple dip on offense so it isnt so offensive.
  3. Everytime I think jets have hit rock bottom, they continue digging. Atleast there is consistency 😂
  4. Thats true but he also ended up firing Mac (Worst GM of all time) who was hired by Woody. Hopefully after we secure the 1st overall pick, we move on from Gase and Douglas hires his own coach. That or we hire Cowher as president/head of football ops and get a decent organization setup going.
  5. Definetly Woody. Feel like he has meddled alot over the years either with Tebow, Wanting Mevis back for a big payday, how its always an arranged marriage with the GM or Coaches/Even Coordinators just off the top of my head.
  6. Its very interesting how the Eagles have three different directors in there name title and and Jets have zero. Also two of the interns are seasonal part time which is even worse.
  7. Haha same here. In a perfect world, my preferance If I was a GM would be - have a solid offensive line and a few weapons before adding a franchise type qb. This is more sustainable cap wise where you have a few years with the rookie qb contract to get and make some noise in the playoffs consistently before you have to pay the qb 30 - 40 million plus each year.
  8. It will be interesting to see how Bell does in Kansas City. I personally like Bell as he was one of the few players that always played hard and fought for every yard. There were plays especially last year, where he was consistently hit 3 yards behind the line and still managed to gain 2 or 3 yards consistently.
  9. It will be interesting to see how Bell looks playing on the chiefs. I am sure he will targeted in the passing game more than once a game and not 100% sure, but I believe the chiefs run a zone blocking scheme. Def. think he will be way more productive there.
  10. Don't follow college sports so not sure about Lawrence but only players that wouldn't be wrecked by this team would be Peyton Manning and maybe Rodgers, in there prime. That is how bad this team talent wise is right now along with horrible horrible game day coaching.
  11. Wish Bell the best. He always said all the right things and seemed to always give 100% effort finishing runs. But he lost atleast 1 or 2 steps and his skills were not being used by Gase at all. It will be interesting to see how he does with a better coach that will scheme to his strengths. Not to mention his patient running style was a horrible fit with the swiss offensive line we have here with a stubborn coach.
  12. Chiefs def. run zone blocking from what I was watching last night
  13. Haha same here. But i imagine since he is a free agent he will go into atleast a decent situation. Already got two trade orders I declined. 🤣

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