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  1. xboxjets

    LET’S SAY WE ARE 6-9....

    In 7 games against the Pats, we have only won once with Bowles and that game went into overtime. Rather loose the battle to win the war as the saying goes. I would root for Bowles to be fired so we no longer have the worst coach in the nfl looking like an idiot standing on the sideline all day waiting for the league to bring back ground and pound lol
  2. Fire him as I become a billionaire owner...in Madden
  3. Down 22points in 4th qtr in red zone hey its a good idea to kick a fg..smh
  4. xboxjets

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    Same here, I would like to get in as well if there ends up being a 3rd league.

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