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  1. Chiefs def. run zone blocking from what I was watching last night
  2. Haha same here. But i imagine since he is a free agent he will go into atleast a decent situation. Already got two trade orders I declined. 🤣
  3. I don't know if I would call that his blindside just yet. It doesn't make sense to bring in big ticket Free agents especially with all the uncertainity this year and a potential cap reduction next year. I think next step would be to see if any wrs get cut in the next few days. Plus with having only one true offseason under his belt, I think Douglas has done a tremendous job addressing weak areas in the team. Literally almost every position lol.
  4. Jamal Adams might of been 5% reason Bell came here. I would say 90% of it had to do with Jets offering the most money and no one else coming close.
  5. Sorry maybe I should of better worded it. Manish is the first journalist to get his credentials pulled in the nfl, is what I meant to say.
  6. If thats how Gase rolls, this wouldn't be the first time a "journalist" got there credentials pulled. It would of happened in Miami too.. Just saying.
  7. I wonder what the guarantees of that 175 million for 5 years were, that he turned down.
  8. It will be interesting to see if New England still gets favorable scheduling with match ups where they have normal/extended time off for a prime time game but there opponent are on a short week. Wonder if it switches to tampa bay now.
  9. I agree but if the top 4 OT are rated as lets say high 70's 1st tier and the same is the case for the wide recievers, I would imagine you would choose the best propect between the two if there were no other factors. I would hope Joe Douglas takes into account that apparently the WR class is deep. For example, if your 2nd tier OT players are rated low 70's but 2nd tier of WR's are rated Mid 70', it would make sense to take the 1st tier OT and 2nd tier WR in 2nd round, since there is not much of a drop off in talent. Technically you would be getting the most value for your draft picks if this simplified scenario was true.
  10. Voted to sign him. We should either extend him early this year before the salary cap explodes next year due to the new cba agreement or get back alot more than a middle of the round 1st and 3rd from the cowboys. They would have to throw in there 1st round pick the following year or one of there young starting Oline as well in order to get a young all pro. Just my 2 cents
  11. Jets investigating their unprecedented injury crisis By Brian Costello January 1, 2020 | 7:18pm The Jets injury problem was so bad in 2019 that the trainer’s room barely had enough space for all of the rehabbing players, who had to schedule their times with trainers to avoid a logjam. Now, the Jets are trying to figure out if there was a reason for all of those injuries or if it was just bad luck. Jets coach Adam Gase said they began looking at what was causing all the injuries about two months ago. “I wish it was cut and dry and say, ‘Hey we had 15 hamstrings,’ ” Gase said. “But we’re having season-ending-type injuries. We’ve had discussions with the training room, strength and conditioning; [general manager] Joe [Douglas] and I have had conversations; we’ve talked to other people. We’re going to continue to take deeper dives and all that when we meet with the staff as far as was it practice schedule, training camp, offseason. Is it something we’re doing during the season? We’re combing through everything because we can’t have this happen again.” Joe Douglas and Adam GaseBill Kostroun The Jets had a staggering amount of injuries. Here are some eye-popping numbers: They used a franchise-record 73 players. Only the Dolphins and Redskins used more this season. They had 20 players wind up on injured reserve. They used 11 starting offensive linemen. They had nine starting combinations on the line. They had three starters each at left guard and right guard. They used four quarterbacks and three starting quarterbacks. It was the first time since 2005 they had four quarterbacks take a snap. Four players viewed as key starters in the preseason ended up playing two games or less — ILB C.J. Mosley (2 games), TE Chris Herndon (1 game), WR Quincy Enunwa (1 game) and ILB Avery Williamson (0 games). The Jets used six starting cornerbacks on the outside (not counting nickel corner Brian Poole). They used five starting inside linebackers. All of this contributed to the Jets’ 7-9 season. They failed to overcome many of these injuries in the first half of the season but handled them much better in the second half. see also Jets' Joe Douglas is on the clock The Jets need to consider whether changes need to be made to their medical or strength and conditioning staffs, although Gase indicated that is highly unlikely. Practice rules in the NFL are highly regulated by the collective bargaining agreement. There are limits on offseason practices and how often you can wear pads in practice. That makes it unlikely Gase is running practice any differently than other teams when it comes to contact and the length of practices. “Without having all of the facts, my initial thought is that this year is a bit of anomaly as far as the amount of injuries that we sustained as an organization, as a team,” Douglas said. “We are in the midst of that research; we are doing a deep dive to as far to what we can do to prevent this from happening again and what we need to implement to make sure that this amount of injuries doesn’t happen.” The Jets have plenty of priorities this offseason. Figuring out a solution to their injury issue, if there is one, should be near the top of the list.

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