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  1. Very interested to see 2nd half adjustments made by the coaching staff. Maybe bench Fant?
  2. You have more flexibility when you just drafted a rookie qb who comes with a rookie contract.
  3. Curious to see what Denver - falcons trade up cost now
  4. Hoping for offense.. OL or WR.
  5. Pick is in guess no trade outs
  6. What did we give up to move up to the 14th pick?
  7. Chicago trading up...thinking qb leaning towards Fields
  8. Wonder if Panthers hedge there bets and go with QB or double down with Darnold. Thinking they will support Darnold.
  9. I wonder if Miami will trade out, now that there is no Chase
  10. guessing Sewell or Chase for Bengals, since there was no trade out
  11. And suprise at top of draft with rodgers being traded for 1st overall pick and other picks lol
  12. To be on the same page you can't have shotgun marriages where the coach is trying to save his job with wins in a lost season while the gm is thinking longer term.
  13. Lost me on taking defense. We need to double, triple, quadruple dip on offense so it isnt so offensive.
  14. Everytime I think jets have hit rock bottom, they continue digging. Atleast there is consistency
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