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  1. Suprised he wasn't already shut down yet for the year.
  2. JD can't fire Gase because Gase doesn't report to him but both JD and Gase report to the owners.
  3. This offensive line is horrible in zone blocking and communication. Literally all of next week practice, the defense should keep blitzing up the middle until they figure out how to block simple blitzes. Get them motivated by only giving them salads to eat or something 😂. Even if went with 7 OL there would still be a free runner to the qb right up the middle with a simple blitz. Someone needs to be accountable. Change the scheme, fire the OL coach, for the love of god bench Kalil. He is not helping sam with the line calls at all. We need to be sellers before the trading market. Make everyone available minus Darnold, Bell, Herndon. On defense, I would be open to everyone being available for trade for the right price.
  4. If we are having issues with 5 offensive lineman, shouldn't we go with 6 offensive lineman so we might actually have more than 1.5 seconds to throw or make sure bell is not stuffed behind the line, due too all the pressure??🙄

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