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  1. Watching this godforsaken team try to get it together is the most fun I have watching sports. As a fan of the Yankees, the lakers, and Chelsea it’s a unique experience of haplessness and apathy. My favorite part is looking back and getting mad at sh*t no one else remembers, because it’s all we have. Sanchez’s arm was going foward in the 2010 championship game and it wasn’t a fumble, don’t try to tell me otherwise. I hate Antonio Brown more than any player in football, and the only reason I hate Antonio Brown is because of 3rd and 2 that same day. He wasnt even a household name until like two y
  2. If you want a real answer Devante Adams is probably the next top receiver that MIGHT become available, but he nor any other receiver in that tier has any reason to come here anyways.
  3. Quincy is Quinnens older brother, wonder if they have any more we never heard of
  4. Yeah the go route on the sideline really vacated those linebackers the play call tried to attack. Guys please watch any nfl team and lmk how many times they run either three digs within 10 yards of each other the same distance from the los, or a dig stop IN FRONT OF ANOTHER DIG. (Pick #1 vs pats) As someone who gets play calling watching this season is ridiculous, I’m glad people can watch this and think this is what it should look like.
  5. If that looks like nfl play calling to anyone here then idk what to tell you. Just tryna explain why Zach wouldn’t throw that ball, I mean seriously no one should need this explained, yes there’s a window, no a window that small and bunched isn’t what our rookie qb should be throwing to, and HELL NO THAT IS NOT CREATING SPACE.
  6. True but then that’s basically the same throw as the first interception from the pats game. Not saying he shouldn’t throw it, just that obviously he’s not gonna if he’s playing in fear of making mistakes, and trying not to make the same one twice. That being said can lafleur stop calling the double/triple dig to the same level if anyone wants to evaluate Zach or anything about this offense this year. The San Francisco offense is about playing guys into space, not a system necessarily, while our offense seems to do the complete opposite. Bypassing space to flood parts of the field… for no real
  7. I mean we all know what happened. Mims got food poisoning from the Jets own facility, then got hurt AGAIN in the summer. He got no practice reps until the season just about started, after no camp last year and being coached by gases staff. Like if ever there was a guy that was just behind the curve, but the coaching staff does truly believe in him, it’s probably mims. That being said, mims is probably inactive Sunday, and so for the foreseeable future… the drama continues.
  8. All I know Zach Wilson is still the jets career leader in passing ypg after today, he was after week one, and he will be for the rest of eternity. Or maybe it’s the apathy talking.
  9. JL Skinner, safety from Boise state, is a legit lb prospect for us. He literally kills a player on the opposing team every single game. At 6’4” 220 he’d be absolutely perfect for what saleh wants at lb, whether he comes out this year or next.
  10. AVT can’t block 1 on 1 apparently, the tight ends can’t block even with o line help, Fant is absolutely god awful. The backs can’t pass protect except maybe ty Johnson kinda if you ask him to just chip and get open in the flat. Coleman and Carter actively DO NOT BLOCK and shy away from contact at all. Moses looked better than Fant somehow, god knows why he wasn’t starting. And seriously, teams aren’t gonna stunt on every play, but it’s automatic pressure when they do. The communication is straight up bad, especially AVT and Becton, so hopefully experience sorts some things out. It’s on Dougla
  11. The back could’ve chipped the free rusher yet squeezed past him instead, shying away from any contact at all. I think it was Coleman, ty Johnson surprisingly provided solid pass protection later on.
  12. The new regime has my support as long as Zachs not getting ******* slaughtered in the pocket play after play. Unfortunately that’s what we got week one, once Zach gets better protection maybe fans won’t be so mad. I guarantee Zachs dad feels exactly the same as any of the “Sojf’s” complaining atm. Most of which are happier with zachs performance than those with expectations through the roof anyways.
  13. Mike Robinson! I really hope he lands the gig, his old YouTube show from the Seahawks locker room was gold.
  14. I could run a more realistic simulation with a dart board if ESPN would just pay me.
  15. Trey Smith is way too risky for us even as a starter, as long as we’re developing our own late round picks we shouldn’t be worrying about other teams yet. He’s not really a scheme fit either.
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