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  1. Teven Jenkins and a trade up for Creed Humphrey wouldve been great. Either way AVT is a great fit inside, just wish I wouldn’t have to see Fant protecting Wilson to start the year. We’ll see who falls to 34.
  2. I prayed last year in February for two players, Denzel Mims and Mekhi Becton. These are my two for this year, both superstars in my book.
  3. Not saying we should, but even if we trade Maye now and roll with Davis at fs and McDougald at ss, wouldnt we better in coverage now at the safety spot than last season? They probably wouldn’t be as good vs the run but not sure that’s gonna matter as much in an open nfl with no fans in the seats.
  4. Start with Kevin White, make him more explosive and give him DeAndre Hopkins physical route running and ability to make plays in traffic on the outside, especially late in games. You have Denzel Mims.
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