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  1. Breece Hall was always going to be my RB2 this season behind Jonathan Taylor since I first put on his tape. I really can’t believe he’s a jet still.
  2. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/jermaine-johnson-can-t-wait-to-give-everything-i-have-for-the-jets-organization It really is a good watch
  3. Jermaine taught himself his pass rush arsenal last offseason using YouTube videos. No seriously he said so in his post draft interview.
  4. It’s extremely hard to tell which farm separates Delaware and Maryland imo
  5. First running back with 75+ yards and a td in all 12 games of a season since ladainian Tomlinson in 2000.
  6. I mean yeah considering Beltran hit a double down the line in the 6th inning of Johans no hitter. But it was called foul. It’s the first no hitter in Mets history celebrate it!
  7. I mean Connor Hughes seems like he knows what jds gonna do whether it’s true or not
  8. Been thinking the Jets should just go with Olave a lot lately. Kinda reminds me of Justin Jefferson the way he’s been overlooked for not having any splashy traits.
  9. Been thinking the Jets should just go with Olave a lot lately. Kinda reminds me of Justin Jefferson the way he’s been overlooked for not having any splashy traits.
  10. Facts I like Jameson a little more especially in the offense we’re running, just crazy that people watch London and say the things they do. I actually suggested drafting both of them in the draft board a few months back when it looked like they could be had in the late 1st due to injury. I think those two plus Elijah Moore is such a complementary group.
  11. Shockingly height doesn’t prevent separation, just because a guy is 6’5” doesn’t mean he can’t separate. Just because he can outmuscle players DOES NOT MEAN HE CANT SEPARATE. Announcing that Drake London can’t separate or run routes is just announcing that you either haven’t watched him or didn’t understand what you were seeing. Guys who can’t get open don’t catch 80 balls in 6 games, period.
  12. Pretty much all teams that win with a top 10 offense, and a not top 10 defense, still have star players on the defensive side, and right now the Jets really don’t. We shouldn’t necessarily be trying to build the best defense in the league, but one high draft pick or two on that side really shouldn’t destroy any hope for the offense and Zach. Especially when you consider our offensive system isn’t built to play coming from behind every game, it certainly makes sense to use premium assets on impact defenders even if the ultimate goal is to build a top tier offense and not defense. The key is hitting on these picks, which the Jets just have not done since the mid 2000s at best.
  13. You’re honestly the worst troll in the history of this site. I miss raiderholic or whatever his name was.
  14. I guess they really wanna see avt next to Becton again like everyone wanted to last summer.
  15. Imagine thinking Elijah Moore is going to be good (he is) and not liking amari cooper???? They essentially have the same skill set! Except cooper is a better fit outside! And coopers contract is up the same year Moore is due for an extension. The only problem is we’re paying Corey Davis that money already smh. Hopefully Douglas can find a way to do better than the layup he just missed.
  16. Not a lot he’s a good player and was good value where he was drafted, the problem is the dozens of other guys picked by joes teams over the last 5 years. Derek Barnett, Sidney Jones, and Bryce hall are essentially the best players his teams drafted until last year. Maybe Andre Dillard and mekhi can be thrown in that mix. I want to believe and there is some positive but the evidence is damning.
  17. So either joe Douglas sucks at drafting or has been sitting around collecting paychecks doing absolutely nothing for his entire career. Got it.
  18. Joe was Adam gases personal gm choice. Stop forgetting that, take off the green goggles, and let’s play a game called grade the eagles drafts while joe Douglas was there running the show for them. Hint: they ******* suck, best player is literally Derek Barnett. Who’s available right now as a ufa and not a single one of us really want on this team. Sure let’s keep waiting and seeing, joes draft last year was probably better than his last 5 combined I’ll give him that… but I think it’s clear the overall picture for this team isn’t there. Too many good moves left on the table. Almost all his inherited cap space tied up in fant, McGovern, Lawson, and Davis so real upside moves can’t be made. All I can say is I hope and pray I’m wrong.
  19. Signing Corey Davis for 3 years 45 million and turning down cooper for 3 years 60 million. The writing is on the wall, JD either fixes the offense this year his way (whatever the **** that even is anymore) or he’s gone. A mediocre line and mediocre weapons that can’t stay healthy is not gonna cut it. Thanks for doing slightly better than the last guy joe, but IMO you ain’t it.
  20. I’d say there’s a difference between a “number one wr” and a “superstar wr.” Yet most times the terms come up people are referring to superstar players. Rare hall of fame guys, of which only a handful come around each generation. It IMO is essentially the same as the fabled “qb who makes everyone around him better.” People seem to want splash plays because these superstar players do make them but they aren’t truly necessary. You need a guy who can threaten all three levels on first and second down, and can move the chains when you need him to. That’s it. Anything more is gravy but if he can convert on third when it matters through route running? Or just yac even? Well I’d say they’re a number one because any qb can win and be better with them, even if they’re not a hall of fame caliber player. Also yes there’s the third definition, a guy who’s number one on the depth chart is a number one wr. Which is what the definition should be I guess lol, but clearly it’s evolved past that. Tldr: In 2022, intermediate route running wins championships.
  21. Woody you already sucked the extremely limited joy out of my favorite football team once, stay the **** away from the blues for the love of god. From the very very bottom of my heart start looking into selling the team you own instead of looking to buy more.
  22. Exactly, if these guys didn’t make good throws or have good games they wouldn’t be in the league to begin with. Also don’t wanna hear anymore “This qb just has to put it together mentally.” You could say that about literally any failed qb in history.
  23. Unfortunately iirc Shonka hated Wilson even more than he did darnold. Not that I particularly care about his opinion lol, just sharing it.
  24. Amazing how people are still using the flashes argument with Sam. Kid fumbled 20 times and threw 22 interceptions in 27 college games. Has 4 years of nfl tape with him missing time, missing receivers deep, turning the ball over anytime his receivers aren’t wide open, getting crushed by any amount of pressure or pre snap confusion from the defense. But people still hit us with “hey look at this throw or look at this game where he didn’t throw a td pass in year 4.” He’s not even polarizing if you just look at the body of work over six years and not that one throw he looked good rolling out left.
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