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  1. Exactly, if these guys didn’t make good throws or have good games they wouldn’t be in the league to begin with. Also don’t wanna hear anymore “This qb just has to put it together mentally.” You could say that about literally any failed qb in history.
  2. Unfortunately iirc Shonka hated Wilson even more than he did darnold. Not that I particularly care about his opinion lol, just sharing it.
  3. Amazing how people are still using the flashes argument with Sam. Kid fumbled 20 times and threw 22 interceptions in 27 college games. Has 4 years of nfl tape with him missing time, missing receivers deep, turning the ball over anytime his receivers aren’t wide open, getting crushed by any amount of pressure or pre snap confusion from the defense. But people still hit us with “hey look at this throw or look at this game where he didn’t throw a td pass in year 4.” He’s not even polarizing if you just look at the body of work over six years and not that one throw he looked good rolling out left.
  4. I think Jahan Dotson is better than people realize, not necessarily flashy but a smart receiver who will consistently get open at all three levels at the next level. Knows where to be and how to use his body while having great hands. Still not sure he’ll make it to our second round picks and I wouldn’t select him at 10, but im gonna hope he’s wearing the green and white and sometimes all black next year.
  5. Play starts at 3:06, yeah I think we can all agree the third string o line didn’t block well but Zach just slow walks backwards until it’s too late to do anything. Not gonna get anything done like that regardless of how good he ends up being.
  6. And Zach still isn’t ready to throw with multiple options right in front of him
  7. Not trusting would be towards the o line, Zach did a good job keeping his feet set vs Tampa and looked like Bambi out there vs the bills. I chose that picture because obviously he had many options to throw to, yet looks absolutely lost with his feet. I think your on my side here lol.
  8. The fact that this play ended as a sack and a loss of almost 15 yards is amazing. Hopefully it’s just a case of not trusting anyone that was out there, we’ll see next year. Correction this play actually ended up as a scramble and throw away, still has to give one of these guys a chance here.
  9. With 4 picks in the top 40 we can maneuver up and down however we like to target players that can change our team. I don’t love any edge prospects after Hutchison and Kayvon enough to take them top 5 or even 10, so I’d look to keep building the offense through the draft and fix the defense and o line in UFA. Start with Jessie Bates, an absolute must get for this team. Then maybe someone like Emmanuel Ogbah who won’t be too expensive, and can fill in at multiple d line positions like a cheap Michael Bennett. Plus Connor Williams who also won’t be expensive and is an easy starter on our o line. Now come draft time we can target skill positions and linebackers. Id look to add Jameson Williams and his game breaking speed with our 1st. Trade back Seattle’s pick to the late teens and acquire 2023 capital. Then select Devin Lloyd who I see going in that area come draft time. With the early 2s take a te, I prefer Wydermyer, plus a big body WR. I like Drake London provided he drops to the 2nd due to injury. So what 3 2nds and a top 5 pick on wrs in a three year span is too much, a receiving core featuring Elijah Moore, Jameson Williams, Drake London, Jalen Wydermyer, and Michael Carter is very balanced and fits Zach Wilson’s game very well. Regardless of how we acquire them.
  10. Haha I wish Zach hit his receiver in the hands there instead of throwing it directly into the arms of the safety, I just found it funny how similar the pick was to the one burned into my soul. That being said Brett favre was the king of this pass, and had quite a few that look exactly the same. So I wouldn’t be shocked if Zach ends up good, I just love hyperbole.
  11. There’s this one mark Sanchez throw I consider when evaluating any qb. It came against the giants on Xmas eve 2011, and it’s a healthy barometer for sh*t you just cannot do and ever hope to develop into a good quarterback. Now I’ve never actually seen anyone look so hopelessly lost throwing the football on one play since that fateful day ten years ago, until about threw hours ago. IMG_6324.MP4 IMG_6031.MP4 It’s over, wrap it up, Zach is not the guy.
  12. Chris Godwin, Jessie Bates and Terron Armstead for a combined 50 million a year please
  13. Well first of all Jamal is ass and has always been ass, so yes shockingly we have if you base it on actual talent and not name recognition/ a few undeserved all pros. Avt is a better guard than Jamal a safety, I’ll take Mike Carter at rb over Jamal at safety, Becton when healthy is a better LT than Jamal a safety, and they both only show up for a game or two a year anyways regardless of how healthy Jamal is. Now should we actually compare Macc and Jds first two drafts cuz Jamal wasn’t selected until maccs third anyways. I’m 99.9% sure about JD being trash at this point, but come on we gave macc enough time to throw sh*t at the wall so people can make stupid threads like this, if we fire jd now after giving him a “6 year” deal, no one will ever in the history of this godforsaken planet risk taking this job ever again. The only way this team can possibly be fixed in a short span would be signing multiple young free agents that outperform their contracts, sprinkled with a few hard nosed vets to show the kids how it’s done. Actually make a good enough foundation that we can at least develop our draft picks, which isn’t hard and shouldn’t take very long. Instead of just throwing rookies into the fire and saying “this is gonna become a core one day.”
  14. The fact that we can have an actual debate whether our shiny new head coach is actually worse than our previous, worst of all time level “coach.” Also being clearly the worst team in football while simultaneously having no real shot at having the worst record.
  15. So $4 million is high for a backup? Will you be taking further questions while your here Mr. Douglas?
  16. Fun fact, Joachi Polite did also get one nfl sack, in 2019 after replacing JFM as the Rams backup edge.
  17. Gonna show my kids the first half of the afc championship vs Pittsburgh and tell them “THIS is a real playoff quarterback right here boys.”
  18. We had an opportunity to bring in pretty much every player and coach they brought in besides Murray. And if we didn’t let kingsbury walk for Adam gase, and the cards passed on him and kept Rosen, we might’ve gotten Murray ourselves. Rodney Hudson was available, Hopkins probably would’ve been more available if the Jets had Murray and kingsbury instead of Arizona, Watt probably would’ve followed Hopkins still. 2/5ths of the cardinals o line are literally kelvin beachum and Brian winters. It’s a lot of ifs and probables obviously, but the Jets had every opportunity to be this team. So thanks again Maccagnan.
  19. Watching this godforsaken team try to get it together is the most fun I have watching sports. As a fan of the Yankees, the lakers, and Chelsea it’s a unique experience of haplessness and apathy. My favorite part is looking back and getting mad at sh*t no one else remembers, because it’s all we have. Sanchez’s arm was going foward in the 2010 championship game and it wasn’t a fumble, don’t try to tell me otherwise. I hate Antonio Brown more than any player in football, and the only reason I hate Antonio Brown is because of 3rd and 2 that same day. He wasnt even a household name until like two years later at best. **** you Doug Brien, **** you John Elway, **** the Manning family. Also a big big **** you to Victor Cruz, the man who started this all. Sidenote my barometer for a good quarterback is also, “ Don’t make a throw that resembles that Mark Sanchez pick from Xmas Eve 2011.” Zach Wilson is already shot by this measure, but I’ll watch anyways because nothing else in sports brings this much hate out of me and it’s kinda fun.
  20. If you want a real answer Devante Adams is probably the next top receiver that MIGHT become available, but he nor any other receiver in that tier has any reason to come here anyways.
  21. Quincy is Quinnens older brother, wonder if they have any more we never heard of
  22. Yeah the go route on the sideline really vacated those linebackers the play call tried to attack. Guys please watch any nfl team and lmk how many times they run either three digs within 10 yards of each other the same distance from the los, or a dig stop IN FRONT OF ANOTHER DIG. (Pick #1 vs pats) As someone who gets play calling watching this season is ridiculous, I’m glad people can watch this and think this is what it should look like.
  23. If that looks like nfl play calling to anyone here then idk what to tell you. Just tryna explain why Zach wouldn’t throw that ball, I mean seriously no one should need this explained, yes there’s a window, no a window that small and bunched isn’t what our rookie qb should be throwing to, and HELL NO THAT IS NOT CREATING SPACE.
  24. True but then that’s basically the same throw as the first interception from the pats game. Not saying he shouldn’t throw it, just that obviously he’s not gonna if he’s playing in fear of making mistakes, and trying not to make the same one twice. That being said can lafleur stop calling the double/triple dig to the same level if anyone wants to evaluate Zach or anything about this offense this year. The San Francisco offense is about playing guys into space, not a system necessarily, while our offense seems to do the complete opposite. Bypassing space to flood parts of the field… for no real reason.
  25. I mean we all know what happened. Mims got food poisoning from the Jets own facility, then got hurt AGAIN in the summer. He got no practice reps until the season just about started, after no camp last year and being coached by gases staff. Like if ever there was a guy that was just behind the curve, but the coaching staff does truly believe in him, it’s probably mims. That being said, mims is probably inactive Sunday, and so for the foreseeable future… the drama continues.
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