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  1. All I know Zach Wilson is still the jets career leader in passing ypg after today, he was after week one, and he will be for the rest of eternity. Or maybe it’s the apathy talking.
  2. JL Skinner, safety from Boise state, is a legit lb prospect for us. He literally kills a player on the opposing team every single game. At 6’4” 220 he’d be absolutely perfect for what saleh wants at lb, whether he comes out this year or next.
  3. AVT can’t block 1 on 1 apparently, the tight ends can’t block even with o line help, Fant is absolutely god awful. The backs can’t pass protect except maybe ty Johnson kinda if you ask him to just chip and get open in the flat. Coleman and Carter actively DO NOT BLOCK and shy away from contact at all. Moses looked better than Fant somehow, god knows why he wasn’t starting. And seriously, teams aren’t gonna stunt on every play, but it’s automatic pressure when they do. The communication is straight up bad, especially AVT and Becton, so hopefully experience sorts some things out. It’s on Douglas when it’s his hand picked qb getting killed, all these names were brought in under him including the coaches. You can’t have your most talented blockers be the ones learning while the experienced guys are just jags getting beaten like a drum season after season, and expect your rookie qb to survive early on.
  4. The back could’ve chipped the free rusher yet squeezed past him instead, shying away from any contact at all. I think it was Coleman, ty Johnson surprisingly provided solid pass protection later on.
  5. The new regime has my support as long as Zachs not getting ******* slaughtered in the pocket play after play. Unfortunately that’s what we got week one, once Zach gets better protection maybe fans won’t be so mad. I guarantee Zachs dad feels exactly the same as any of the “Sojf’s” complaining atm. Most of which are happier with zachs performance than those with expectations through the roof anyways.
  6. Mike Robinson! I really hope he lands the gig, his old YouTube show from the Seahawks locker room was gold.
  7. I could run a more realistic simulation with a dart board if ESPN would just pay me.
  8. Trey Smith is way too risky for us even as a starter, as long as we’re developing our own late round picks we shouldn’t be worrying about other teams yet. He’s not really a scheme fit either.
  9. No really I’m all aboard with bathe whole mandate, quick question though, if we don’t win 8 games this year do we move to London? Or is it more of an apocalypse scenario, aliens show up to put us out of our collective misery cuz we finish 4th in the division instead of 3rd, or something we create like idk starting WWIII with the storming of Florham Park? I mean I guess we should just fire Douglas but I don’t see how New York Jets football can continue if we don’t win 8 games this year dammit.
  10. Yup, and as a avid boise state fan we should just stay away from this one. Even in 2019 the eye test screamed good not great in college. Unfortunately I’m not surprised he’s not working out in the league.
  11. Dear god can we please go edge in the first next year.
  12. Why haven’t we been starting threads everytime someone disrespects the jets for years, I feel like we missed a few.
  13. I think he means that one time Sammy looked good in Green Bay for 2 quarters
  14. If Wilson played anything like Benkert did last night I’d be crying in a corner holding a Pennington jersey tightly.
  15. 100% right, i didn’t actually do that lol, ea can’t have my money for anything but fifa. Madden franchise should be good and yet it hasn’t changed since about 2012. But if Wilson’s performance last night wasn’t enough for a preseason game that’s the type of statline people must want from him. Yeah it’s just preseason, though I’d expect him to look like this in preseason if he’s gonna be ready week 1.
  16. I did go 30/30 for 650 yards and 11 tds with Zach in madden last night, it was a playoff game too! Wake me up when Zach puts up those kinda numbers in real life am I right?!
  17. Jet qbs aren’t exactly known for letting their receivers even do the simple things. It’s been kinda a problem for us, if you didn’t know.
  18. Zachs got the Mahomes effect, the ball comes out so effortlessly, and with so much zip, it seems like the video is fast forwarding while the ball is in the air. Like the windup and follow through just don’t match up with how hard the ball comes out on some throws. Can’t wait til he really lets it fly this season.
  19. No way they would’ve payed more than Carolina did regardless of how close they are, they just payed that amount for wentz like 4 months ago. They’ll go for a cheaper option.
  20. Side note for those who can’t see the whole article, Benton was listed as high as number two on at least one ballot. The future is exciting for tangible reasons, for once in Jet history, good to see even our relatively unproven guys get love around the league.
  21. Yessir, hopefully Yeboah can be the same type of player. Not necessarily a number one te or an all around kinda guy, just someone you can really on to get separation against linebackers and safeties and make plays for about 500 yards and a few scores each season. The more guys Zach has that can actually get open the better.
  22. I love Elijah Moore more everyday, Yeboah reminds me of that tight end Peyton had in Denver. I can’t remember his name, he was a former ncaa basketball player who couldn’t block but was a real receiving weapon in Denver. Ended up signing with jax for way too much money, never to be heard from again. Kinda excited about Kenny.
  23. The league needs more personalities like Marshawn, all time classic video here.
  24. Lmfao I said hes the most talented receiver we had in decades. I just threw a name out at the position that couldn’t get on the field, in response to someone saying denzel had to get on the field. Devin smith was trash if he never missed a game imo, completely different players.
  25. True, I’d like to hope his career won’t take the devin smith route. Either way the talent is there.
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