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  1. Honestly feel bad for the kid. Was way way way overdrafted hopefully he pans out in Oakland. Seemed like a good kid to have in the locker room but it's Darnold time
  2. Should be shopping Lee and Powell as well imo
  3. I love Darnold but I'll be honest when I watched him take the phone call I thought wow he really reminds me of Dexter LOL
  4. SR24

    Good morning Mogglez

    This is fantastic
  5. Max deal for Khalil Mack if he actually hits free agency
  6. SR24

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Ahhhhh im an idiot had Mayfield and Rosens ages mixed up
  7. SR24

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Rosen is 3 years older, was widely rated as a worse prospect and has some serious injury concerns. Throwing shoulder injury and a few concussions is risky. Darnold was widely regarded as the best qb prospect in the draft and has no injury concerns and he's 3 years younger. I like both but Darnold was the better pick
  8. SR24

    Sportsbook odds for #1 Pick

    Wouldn't mind choosing between Rosen and Darnold lol
  9. If he can help us win then go get him. That's all I care about
  10. I'd take a 1year $2mil flyer on Terell Pryor. 6'5 why not
  11. SR24

    League Respect ...

    This was more confusing than when my dad went to get me a puppy and never came back. It's been 14 years wonder if he ever got it
  12. We just gotta pray Barkley goes 1 or 2 and we're set
  13. Mac finally did what he was supposed to. Got aggressive and moved up at whatever the cost I've been as skeptical of him as anyone but holy hell I love what he's done this off season.