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  1. Petty Politics Hurting Bryce?

    I've been a huge Hack supporter but it's not looking good fellas lol
  2. Dink and dunk is fine if it works, look at NE lol they rarely throw the ball over 10yds. The line definitely didn't help hack + playing without Forte and Powell really held our running game back
  3. Petty might not be a future qb here, but I love seeing effort like that dude just ate the hit and got up. Like seeing him try to capitalize on the time he's getting
  4. 2 big Positives from this game 1-Hack looked good. Accurate,good decision making lets hope this is something we can build on 2-Bowles remembered how to blitz again.
  5. He's also getting no time to throw this line is gonna get him killed
  6. Think we're seeing more Hack here in the 3rd?
  7. why the **** are we running the ball with 30 seconds left in the half in a preseason game. Let the kid throw christ
  8. Want to see Morton call a deep ball here to Robbie, open the drive up
  9. Love what we're seeing from Hack here
  10. Get Peake or Stewart out there, no need to give Marshall reps hes as good as gone
  11. Damn this kid puts some zip on the ball
  12. Still don't understand Sheldon at Olb