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  1. Try him on the outside let him try and rush idk we won't get anything decent back in a trade and he's still on a rookie deal no sense in cutting him. At best we'll get a 6th rounder back.
  2. SR24

    49ers release DE Cassius Marsh

    At least he has a tattoo of the NFL in case he forgets which league he plays in
  3. SR24

    Justin Houston

    Agreed which is why I’d spend the money on Houston and add Bosa or Allen then we’re set T edge for years
  4. SR24

    Justin Houston

    I haven't really head much about anyone lately! kinda weird we were so active and now it's the quiet calm
  5. SR24

    Justin Houston

    I'd go 4/52 edge is just too damn valuable
  6. The key to our draft is for Lock or Haskins to surge like Wentz did. Really hope they crush their pro days not because I want to trade down but because I want Bosa lol. No way in hell im letting NYG come up for just #6 and 17.
  7. SR24

    Justin Houston

    All we can do is hope his price drops. Adding him and Bosa/Allen would be devastating
  8. SR24

    Justin Houston

    That makes more sense. Can't see anybody dishing out that kind of money for an often injured 30yr old. Guys a freak hopefully his price comes down
  9. Anybody hear anything about what he's asking for?! seems so weird I haven't heard a single thing about him making a visit or any teams even being interested. Guys the best F/A available and he's been a ghost. I'm assuming he's asking for an astronomical amount of money
  10. This guy can't be serious. "at 34 years old he believes Joe Flacco is just ENTERING HIS PRIME"
  11. Absolutely. So much panick and a year later idt there's one person on this board who would take Rosen over Sam.
  12. Crazy to look back at this and see so much Rosen love and Sam hate. Honestly though if you have time today read through some of these pages the responses are hilarious. My personal favorite was right before the pick someone posted "I need a klonopin" I about fell outta my chair lmfao Jets get on the clock around page 10

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