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  2. I can’t wait until we get Gregg Williams a Corner and improve the edge
  3. Yeah that Donald guy they just pay him to get sacks. Leo is here to absorb double teams cmon guys it’s all in the play style
  4. More mentions of the spleen or more redundant threads all saying the same thing after the game? That's the real question
  5. Because it would likely cost the significant draft compensation which could be used to upgrade our Oline via Draft/trade. Our WRs aren’t great but they can get the job done. We have to spend valuable assets on rebuilding this entire Oline in a smart, young and strategic way. Slapping together old used parts (K.O and Kalil) doesn’t work but I understand the idea behind them. Edit- I wouldn’t pass on Judy if we had the chance though. He looks special
  6. It never ends. Fire this Wesco kid up already
  7. Yes we should fire Gase because he didn’t rebuild the Oline in one offseason with 2 different GMs and a draft he apparently didn’t have much say in (dude literally left the war room) Our offense has been terrible and I agree Gase hasn’t looked great idk why Kalil is still playing I’m with you there but I’m saving my judgement for when he gets Sam back if he doesn’t improve after this then I’ll entertain a conversation about making our 2nd year qb learn his 3rd new offense in his 3rd year
  8. We’re 0-4 with any HC. We just went through years of a rebuild to start a new rebuild it’s sad and it sucks but years of poor drafting and talent evaluation have left us with few stars and a ton of holes. Sam and Herndon are back which will help greatly but this team needs an entire Oline, it’s going to be hard to be competitive until the Oline is improved. This new regime needs time to undo what Mac did
  9. This is according to NFL Next Gen stats ,which tracks the movement of every player on the field, classifying an open receiver as any player with three or more yards between himself and the nearest defender. Won’t be a popular opinion but it also shows Gases system/playcalls is getting WRs open which is encouraging. Should only get better when we upgrade the line and add better WRs. I’m so damn excited to see this team with Sam and Herndon back
  10. Andrew Thomas, Chase Young Or Jerry Juedy.

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