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  1. This is the most exciting season in the last decade I actually switched my work schedule around so ill have every Sunday off lol I can’t wait. Hope Gase shuts everyone up
  2. I never realized how bad the Jets beat is until this week. But none of the uproar should be a surprise anytime the media can laugh at NYJ they do
  3. SR24

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Media just pummels the Jets any chance they can f**k John Clayton chicken little look alike
  4. SR24

    Manish Speaks

    Yep said it before and I’ll say it again. Gase made the best move to keep himself safe and give himself the best chance at success and anyone who blames him for that is a fool. He knew Mac couldn’t evaluate talent lol we played him twice a year for 3 years I bet he got here and realized it was way worse than he had thought. No reason to keep the weak around I’m glad we finally have someone who cares about winning in the ranks of the organization. Very excited to see what This season has in store. New Unis, we got the DC most of us wanted, Offense first HC and the most talented team we’ve had in a decade. It’s finally an exciting time to be a Jet fan
  5. I get it and it’s annoying and hilarious. We got the imbecile out of the front office that’s all that matters
  6. Sums up Jets fans this week
  7. The same time this thread gets locked
  8. He doesn’t hate Le’veon lmao Jesus dude stop eating paint. He said he didn’t want to overpay the 26yr old RB who sat out a season, has a ton of carries, and suspensions. These are logical concerns. It’s about time someone in this organization thinks logically.
  9. This guys posts crack me up every single time lol they’re so true but worded so hilariously
  10. Such a bad take. Put Reid on those Dolphin teams do you think he does anything significantly better?! Give Gase a shot with some talent before we villanize the guy
  11. SR24


    Here are my thoughts: 1- Connor Hughes and Manish are absolute divas who are acting like NYJ just burned down an orphanage. Already unfollowed both of those morons. F*** both of them and Mac for the Gase/bell parting shots which are also getting blown out of proportion. 2- This is getting blown way out of proportion. Mac should have been gone a long time ago and we all wanted him gone 3- If anything throughout this process it’s shown me that Gase is a logical thinker and wants to win. This is probably his last HC shot for a while (if it goes bad) if you were in his shoes knowing it’s win or die, wouldn’t you want to get rid of all the weakness around you? 4- Gase did us all a favor regardless of the timing it’s literally what we’ve wanted for years but because it didn’t happen the way we wanted it to “the circus is back in town” absolutely ridiculous. 5- We have a promising coaching staff, the most talent we’ve had in years and our F.O is being rebuilt which is exactly what this team has needed.
  12. SR24

    Gase and Bell - what an idiot Gase is

    If Gase apparently has enough power to get CJ to fire Mac , wouldn’t he just go to CJ and tell him he doesn’t want Bell?
  13. SR24

    May 15th, 2019

    I’m disappointed in the reactions on here haha the new era is beginning now

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