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  1. SR24

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    Wow I completely forgot we traded the 2nd rounder lol
  2. I think he's gotta get Bell and add an impact WR which will have to be done via trade. Free agency is kinda weak at WR
  3. Freeing up Gase to focus solely on Sam and the offense is going to be great for this team
  4. SR24

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    While I agree Oline should be a top priority, Josh Allen should be the guy if he's available at #3. Dudes a freak. I'd go Allen at #3 and then Oline 2nd and maybe even 3rd round
  5. Lol got flamed for hours the other day on here for saying I was against McCarthy because he wouldn’t mesh with the FO
  6. SR24

    8 NFL HC jobs were available..

    A fan base that criticizes every move they make
  7. #MakeOffenseGreatAgainOrAtleastAbleToScoreMoreThan10PointsAGame
  8. That's Jamals twitter handle brother
  9. Jets fan with microphone upset about the hiring of Adam Gase would be a better title tbh
  10. SR24

    Gase Fair Expectations

    Cap space goes quick when you only have 29 players under contract. We're going to have add someone big via trade this year to really add talent seems like free agency is weak outside of Bell as far as impact players go
  11. SR24

    Defensive Coordinator

    I didn't like Joseph at first but that was mostly ignorance on my part. Didn't really do much research and only really knew him for being the guy that flamed out in Denver quickly. Having said that I'd actually be ok with the hire. went 10-6 with Miami when he was with Gase and the players loved the guy.
  12. He has been continiously employeed in the NFL since 1990........
  13. I agree.Takes so much off Gases plate
  14. Pagano came outta nowhere. Wasn't sure if I should put this in the Williams thread or start a new one

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