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  1. https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/eagles-wanted-to-make-a-deal-for-jets-wr-robby-anderson/300216410 The Above is from 2018 And then just google Robby Anderson trade deadline. Multiple reports on us listening to offers and yet he walked for nothing.
  2. Didn’t Dallas offer us a 1st and a 3rd last year? And now that rumored to be what we’re looking for in return. Kind of stupid tbh like how we dangled Robby at 2 deadlines just to lose him for nothing. I’m tired of the games either sign this dude or trade him but just figure it out
  3. Adam Gase before walking into CJs office to get Mac fired
  4. Warford would be the more likely signing of the two. Joe D paid Fant a good chunk of change to come here Idt he’s gonna be riding the bench unless Chuma is better than him.
  5. Absolutely yes we should sign him
  6. I’m not mad we didn’t re-sign Robby. I’m just simply pointing out that the belief in here of Robby and Perriman being equal players just isn’t true. That’s why we need to add another quality option to the WR room
  7. We need to add another WR and a decent one. The notion that Perriman is a faster Robby is just untrue. Robby’s production almost doubles Perrimans in the same time and apart from a 6 game stretch last year Perriman has been a jag.
  8. Nah if we’re gonna trade significant draft capital/spend big money on a WR I’d rather spend it on a proven WR1. I like JuJu but the drop off in his production post Brown is alarming
  9. I fell for this about a month ago with some bastard named Conklin. You won't hear me complain if we sign him but he's just trying to drive his price up
  10. I’d be interested in trying to add OBJ or Gallup. After adding CeeDee and paying Amari $20/Yr they could look to move Gallup
  11. I like Logan Ryan but I’d spend on an edge rusher here instead. We came out of the draft with some good CB depth so now I’d go out and bring in a guy like Griffen on a 1-2yr deal. I like Clowney too but I think he’s gonna be a Titan
  12. Yeah my preferences go Clowney Griffen and then Golden

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