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  1. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    This was like my parents divorce. Just painful and confusing
  2. Kirk Cousins or Baker Mayfield?

    My ideal scenario is trading up for the #1 pick and getting Rosen. I like going big for Rosen because we don't have to dig into that 100mil in cap space to sign Kirk. I'd rather take Rosen, buy the 2 best olineman and the #1 corner in free agency.
  3. https://twitter.com/mlombardiNFL/status/945677033991835648
  4. Per Michael Lombardi via Twitter. wow
  5. 2 runs and a 2yd out route. solid 3 and out, offense is really playing well
  6. Should have changed front office to "ownership" dang it
  7. The inadequacy of the Jets front office is impressive, as Mac is trusted with the 2018 draft
  8. I didn't know the words impressive and Jets could even be used in the same sentence.
  9. As another Sunday full of pain and misery is likely upon us I just want to say there's no other group of degenerates I'd rather suffer with. I love you all and hope yall have a great christmas
  10. Bowl Games and QBs

    Macs there scouting defensive ends
  11. Boy, Josh Allen is slinging it

    Hopefully we can trade up to snag one!
  12. Case is this years 2015 Fitz. 1 year wonder going into a contract year playing with a defense that balls out every game. Absolutely not. Our qb needs to be Rosen,Darnold,Mayfield or maybe Jackson. I'm not big on any free agent qbs hell if I had to pick one I'd go with Tyrod over Cousins.
  13. With the 9th Pick; the NY Jets Select

    Whoever the highest graded DE is. -___________-
  14. Mac and qbs

    Seems like a good coach, brings fire and energy and his season took a few big hits with Watson/Watt being hurt and cushing getting popped for 10 games. He has NFL experience,seems to know when to call a timeout and his players seem to like playing for him which are all upgrades over what we have now