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  1. People tend to forget Joe D held out for a 6th year on his contract. I think he knew Gase was a dud from the start and knew the first year was gonna be brutal
  2. I’ll be really excited if he’s the pick he’s mean but also has great technique idk if he makes it to 23 though.
  3. if Tevin Jenkins is there at 23 we gotta take him
  4. Right in year 1 with no preseason and bad coaching. I hated the Davis and Morgan picks I’m with ya there but at least wait til after the draft to judge the off season. He invested his first two picks at OT and WR then went and signed 2 WRs and one of the top edges on the market give him time he’s plugging the right holes. If we leave the 2nd round without an improvement at Oline I’ll be here questioning his draft with ya
  5. We’re 2 years into a 6yr deal he’s got a lot of time left. He’s had 1 draft, gave out big contracts at edge and WR this year which were big needs. Idk why you’re whining so much about an offseason that’s not even over yet especially when JDs principles are to build through the draft
  6. 1-Teven Jenkins 2-Greg Rosseau 3-Jalen Phillips 4- Vera Tucker not sure if any of the 4 will actually be there at 23 but I’d be happy with any of them
  7. 23 and 34 should be spent on a combo of CB/Edge and IOL
  8. Should look into sending our late 3rd and Darnold to the Steelers for 55
  9. The only reason San Fran was bad this year was because of injuries their future picks will likely be late round selections. Take the QB or wait for a better offer from a team in the T10
  10. These threads should go in the draft forum
  11. We had no chance at Thuney vs KC and Linsley got 12.5mil to go play with the leagues next up and coming QB in Los Angelas. It would have taken something like $14mil/yr to get him here. Gabe Jackson and Hudson are 30+ and required draft capital to be acquired again something Joe D isn’t going to do. We hit free agency needing upgrades at IOL WR Edge and CB he dished out the 2nd biggest WR contract and gave Lawson $30mil guaranteed. I’ll be on board for the bitch fest if we leave the draft without taking at least 1 Oline piece with our first 4 picks but until then all this whining and panic is a
  12. You mean you’re not looking forward to the 45 “my draft plan” threads that are going to pop up til then?
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