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  1. If he’s the guy they drafted him to be he’s going to get this money anyway just pay him and get him in the facility dear lord
  2. I'm not stressing over it but the people on here acting like we shouldn't have signed him are just being homers. 1yr 4mil while we sit on 25 mil in cap and 70+ mil next year? I get the frustration in some
  3. Cant compare Nelson at 1yr 4mil to Johnson and that deal lol cmon
  4. Praying this is true cmon give us a miracle here. Couldn’t care less if he never coaches again just let him make it
  5. RIP Coach Knapp this is horrible. Another senseless accident caused by someone texting and driving
  6. If Johnsons getting $11mil per year and the tag is $10.6 thats gotta put Maye down towards what 8.5-9.5mil/yr? So the offer that was “20% below the tag” really isn’t that bad lol
  7. Maye- 28yrs old, 6 Ints 22PD and 266 tackles through 54 games John Johnson- 25yrs old, 8ints 32pd and 350 tackles through 54 games. Just signed for 3yr/$33mil a year with Cleveland. Why does Maye think he’s worth $12+ mil? When the guy who’s 3 years younger and better didn’t even get that
  8. It makes no sense to pay a 28yr old safety $12+mil/yr over 3 years when you can tag him twice and be done when he turns 30. Love Maye don’t get me wrong but it’s just not a smart move to pay him big money
  9. I like Marcus Maye but I would also like to know where he buys his drugs because if he thinks he’s getting 13 to 14mil a year at the age of 29 they must be pretty damn good
  10. Done! Best wishes keep fighting
  11. Try to trade it and if you can’t then you gotta take CMC. I think Derrick Henry is in for another monster year but CMC is too good to pass up
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