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  1. Conklin,Glasglow and DJ Humphries Should all get a long look in free agency. 25,27 and 27 and they can all play.
  2. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it there was so much about the crimes I didn't know
  3. Hope it brings back a good pick or clears cap. Sucks but it is what it is this draft is deep at OL and so is free agency. If we moved some pieces around you could easily add 4 new OL this offseason while addressing other positions as well
  4. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/leveon-bell-jets-panthers-qb-2020-nfl-draft-rumors-pauline-mailbag/ idk how to post the whole article in here I apologize still good info though
  5. Definitely. The guy was our leader in tackles last year and seems to be a good locker room guy I’d definitely hold onto him
  6. We don’t have many good football players and we’d only save 6 mil I’d just keep him. Maybe trade him at the deadline depending on how the seasons going
  7. Traded Jamal to Dallas for #17 and #82. All 3 OTs were gone, was looking for an edge at 17 but pairing Ruggs Jeudy and Crowder was too tempting! Might be overkill but idc it’s good for Sam
  8. We'll be very very lucky if we leave with any of the 5
  9. Need as many defensive players and QBs to go as possible. Hoping Love and Herbert ball out
  10. Luke Kuechly retiring should open up Simmons to Carolina at #7. We need as many defensive players and QBs to go before us as possible
  11. Sad to see him go but I understand it! Hell 68 million made by 28? He’s set for life and can set his next generation up as well kudos to him! Also this is news for us because you gotta think Isaiah Simmons is about to shoot up the panthers draft board.
  12. You go BPA at the positions you need you don't just write off drafting defense because Leo sucked and a banged up Q didn't get more sacks than you wanted. You don't reach on worse talent just because they play offense, take what the draft gives you. You can still build the offense without drafting OL/WR 1st round if the value isn't there.
  13. Good motor, solid hands and he's definitely disruptive. Leonard had more tackles but less sacks Leo's best season for sacks saw him turn out 8 sacks, Epenesa only had 4.5 his 1st year but his last 2 he's combined for 22 sacks. He crushed Austin Jackson (widely regarded as a t5 OT) when they played as well. I'm praying one of the OTs falls I really like Wirfs but if we end up with Epensa I can live with it. Switching to a 4-3 might be beneficial as well but it's a total crapshoot from now until the jets are on the clock lol
  14. Again not a sexy pick but if the board falls the way it does here it wouldn't be a bad pick. Not saying I'd be psyched but I'd understand it
  15. These are the worst takes on here. You don't trade down just so you can justify drafting offense especially not when a prospect like Okudah is there you have to take what the draft gives you or move up to get what you want.
  16. 2 OL and 1 CB or Edge through free agency. Quality players they don't have to be studs but guys that come in and improve us instantly. Draft should be BPA at OL,WR,Edge,CB and RB with RB being picked no earlier than one of our 3rds. This draft is full of OL/WR and free agency features many solid capable OL as well. (Costanzo,Scherff,Thuney,Mcgovern,Glasglow,Conklin,Bulaga) We should be able to greatly improve the offense this coming offseason
  17. He's an edge rusher something we've needed for a long long time. Wouldn't be a sexy pick but he would fill a big need
  18. Epenesa,Okudah,Higgins,Ruggs any of the 4 would be good picks and I wouldn't consider anyone else up there. I also wouldn't trade back either. Epenesa 11.5 sacks and demolished Austin Jackson for 2.5 sacks, 4 tackles and a FF- Fills a massive need Okudah- Best CB in the league and most mocks I've seen have him going #3. Fills a massive need Higgins- My personal favorite if we go WR and it's for the simple fact that he's big, fast and gives Sam a nice big target to throw to on the outside Ruggs- 6'0 but a flat out speed demon, solid route runner. Similar skill set to Tyreek Hill. While I prefer an OT or Jeudy/Lamb, all 4 of these guys would be solid draft choices if we miss out on those 5.

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