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  1. Greg Roman is the best hire imo. Darnold would work well in his system based on his play style. If we were to move on from Darnold then Trey Lance becomes an intriguing option as well he’s a typical Greg Roman QB
  2. These guys come from winning programs to this and can you blame him? Going from Saban to Gase is like moving from Beverly Hills to Albany
  3. Thought Darnold played well today. Defense couldn’t stop sh*t, his WRs can’t stretch the field or even catch the ball, Ryan Griffin last year looked better than anything we’ve seen from Herndon. It’s a blood bath I don’t think we’re ever gonna really know what he actually is
  4. BREAKING: Team that was going to win by a lot still going to win by a lot just without their Tight End
  5. You cant convince me this team has any interest in winning this year. Nothing says victory more than Kalen Ballage Frank Gore Chris Hogan Perriman and Berrios!
  6. We will have the first pick after a 2-14 record. We'll split with Miami and will pick one up against the Colts or the Chargers
  7. Maybe because he's on the only team in the league not actively trying to win?
  8. I think I'd rather eat a glass sandwich than watch this game on Sunday
  9. He didn't spend money on big F/As and half of his draft class is on the IR. It's too early to tell what he is. If he's trotting this offense out there to see if Darnold can overcome adversity like @JiF suggested, then he's a shmuck. We're not going to be a competitive team until at least 2022 at this rate so let's all buckle up
  10. Yeah I heard the same sh*t when we drafted Sam. We'll ruin whatever poor bastard we draft
  11. Joe D held out for a 6th year because he knew he was tearing it all down. If Sam was Joe D's guy he would be on the phones right now trying to trade for WR help, we've got $30+mil in cap space and a ton of picks it's painfully obvious. We're entering into a complete rebuild with Joe D
  12. Waited months for a season that was done after 1 game
  13. I like Perriman but he’s not a #1 WR and has never been in his career. He had a solid stretch of games in a heavy passing offense opposite Chris Godwin who went off. I’m not banking on him turning into a stud here with this regime

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