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  1. I definitely like what I've seen from him so far kids got a crazy motor. This might sound bad and I don't mean it to but realistically this is like the only position we could afford an injury at.
  2. Williamson probably played his last game as a Jet damn man this sucks. Hopefully Cashman can step up
  3. Yeah we can't just ignore the gaping hole we've had at edge for a decade because we played well in a preseason game. It was nice to see for sure but edge should still be a priority
  4. This is why I wouldn’t care if we rolled out a team full of practice squad guys for every preseason game. What a shame he was poised for a big year alongside Mosley
  5. Man I really wanted him in the draft but jeez I'm glad we didn't get him
  6. I'd offer a 2nd based on talent alone but given that he started this offseason holding out, he's going to command a big contract and he'll be 29 after this season I just couldn't justify giving up a 2. Give them a 3rd and a later pick if needed
  7. Noone is giving up a 1st round pick for a 28yr old CB who started this offseason holding out.
  8. Honestly not 100% sure about the compensation he's 28yrs old with 2 years left on his deal, brings a 16mil cap hit this year and a 13.5 hit next year although he'll likely hold out after this year. I think i'd offer a 4th that could turn into a 3rd if he hits certain goals.
  9. 13 games in 2016, 16 games in 2017 and played 15 in 2018. I'd still pull the trigger. I think Trumaine is Cromartie reborn. He's a CB who's not really a #1 but had a good enough season to get paid like one. I think he flourishes as a #2 with a true #1 opposite him
  10. We also didn't really do much to address our pass rush needs (Polite is a 3rd round pick we need to be realistic with his expectations here) you can't win games with a non existent pass rush and backup quality corners in your starting lineup. One has to be upgraded so yes we should definitely be worried lol
  11. Would love to see Joe D swing a trade for Darius Slay. Big cap hit but he's a great talent wouldn't go any higher than a 3rd though
  12. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think this team is capable of competing for the wildcard this year. A trade for CB is almost a necessity at this point imo, doesn't have to be for a stud but we need to add a capable starter to this team. If we can win while Sams on a rookie deal we've got to do whatever we can to make it happen. We can all sit and laugh at Dak's request for 40 mil but if Sam produces here on his rookie deal he's going to get paid like a king. Make the winning moves now
  13. I'll take things that will never happen for 800 Alex
  14. If he can be had for a 3rd then this is a no brainer
  15. If we can’t get a good CB then getting a top edge presence is our next best option. Idk what I’d offer though maybe a 3rd that turns into a 2nd if he balls out idk
  16. I'd be like yeah I got one for you but you're gonna have to fill that Raiders helmet with $20,000 lol
  17. They’re incredibly weak at DL and Peterson’s suspended 6 games wtf are we gonna send a 3rd? Send a valuable pick for a guy who's on the back end of his career and won't be here to help us through our toughest stretch of games when we play NE, Philly, Cleveland and Dallas?!!
  18. Let Quinnen elevate Leo's numbers and ship him at the deadline for more than we'd get now if we are to move Leo. I'd hold onto him imo. If we were to swing a trade I would think Trae Waynes makes a ton of sense and I'm sure they'd love to get a pick back after trading for that kicker
  19. Just end the practice bad juju going around today lol
  20. Would rather send Shepard and picks. At this point the way the season is looking we’re going to have to move draft Capital now to bring in viable corners
  21. This might be the most perfect psychopath we’ve had yet

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