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  1. Yeah this is way better good call @Maxman
  2. Right after the first 3 drives of the opener this year. I went into this year thinking this was the year he took the next step, after the first 3 drives I knew it was over.
  3. Everyone loved Darnold and he’s a trash can, who cares
  4. Thuney,Golladay, Robinson should all be higher priority than Barrett.
  5. Hopefully his dumbass stays out of the way
  6. Watsons cap hit is very low this year so we could add some quality free agents to run with him. Jets can absolutely afford 2 mega stars not that I see Douglas doing it but the potential is there. I also don’t think Joe D is going to part with both of our 1sts AND our 2nd this year. He’ll keep #34 and will add a 2nd from a later draft if so. Our 3 biggest weaknesses last year were QB IOL and WR. If you trade for Watson, sign Allen Robinson and draft Wyatt Davis/Humphrey/Dickerson/Trey Smith The offense would be greatly improved. We’d still have money for a corner or an edge rusher. We also have
  7. I will laugh until I have no tears left if this happens
  8. Eiflin at 2.5mil is harmless and a good depth piece but I wouldn’t pay him anymore. I tried to be somewhat realistic based on how Joe D operated free agency last year. Ideally we’d bring in Allen Robinson and Thuney but Idt Joe D will spend the money required on them both.
  9. Ah yeah I jacked this up. It’s supposed to be our #2 pick this year, our first+ 3rd in 2022 and a 2023 first. We’d be keeping our Seahawks 1st rounders for this year and next.
  10. We could technically fit Robinson and Thuney together I would definitely do it I just don't see Joe D shelling out for both of them. Hopefully we could get Robinson for 18mil/yr
  11. right but it shows how you can still build a good team after sending the capital required for Watson
  12. I posted what an off season with Watsons contract could look like in the draft forum if anyone's interested. This team could be competitive next year
  13. I've seen a lot of people worried about what trading a haul for Watson would do for our future so i figured I'd do some research and see what we could come up with. I used overthecap. for cap and contract calculations then ran the draft simulator a few different times. I copied Deshauns contract years and details into a separate overthecap page to make sure his contract was calculated correctly. Notable Cuts- Henry Anderson, Jamison Crowder (Tough but saves $9mil on the cap) and Alex Lewis. Resigned- B.Perriman to a 1yr $4Mil deal, Resigned B.Poole to a 2yr $12Mil deal resigned P.Eif
  14. They have so much time to work it out he can’t be traded for like another 2 months right?
  15. He sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t want to end up like the next Stafford. That team has no running game, no WRs (Fuller scheduled free agent) no picks til The 3rd round and I’m pretty sure they are already over the cap. I’m not saying we should trade for him but you can’t blame him for wanting out
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