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  1. I don’t think any NYJ fan would be mad about adding this guy, but adding him over an OT (if one is there) is just a bad move
  2. Watching Becton run that 40
  3. Man I'd be so hyped if we get him at 48
  4. We're going to need all the help we can get
  5. I think he's gonna take an edge rusher and this place will be insufferable for weeks
  6. This board is gonna implode when Joe D takes Chaisson at 11 lol
  7. Hard to argue that point I just don't know if we'll find a quality LT if we trade back tbh. Maybe just take Josh Jones at 11? I just see the OL market evolving rapidly I mean Conklin is a damn Right Tackle who's never played LT and is about to get paid like $19mil lol
  8. I just see the potential of having a huge need filled at #11 and don't understand why some people want to pass that up to get a few more late picks which are almost always a total crapshoot. Let me ask you though if all 4 OTs are gone at 11, would you rather take Jeudy/Lamb or would you rather trade back?
  9. Idk why this board is always infatuated with trade downs. Stay at 11 and draft an impact player there's no reason to move down unless we get an absolute haul. Sitting at 11 pretty much guarantees us one of the 4 OTS, Jeudy,Lamb, Ruggs or Chaisson. All of which are big upgrades. Also if Thomas is there at #9 we should definitely try and move UP to snag him because Cleveland is almost a guarantee to draft an OT especially after their LT got popped smuggling weed.
  10. I like Conklin but idk if I like $19mil/yr Conklin lol
  11. Realistically all 8 are good picks for us at #11 I wouldn't be mad if we left the draft with any of them
  12. Gotta say those QBs looked good last night tbh I think we're gonna see 5 go in the 1st. Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love, Eason I could see all going round 1
  13. How much would you guys be willing to pay Conklin and Thuney per year? I want them both just curious to see how high some of you would go. I feel like they're both gonna get like $17-$19mil if that's the case I'd still try and sign 1 we need it
  14. 4.28 for Ruggs dude is like lightning
  15. Go look at OBJs cap hit for 2020 it’s 14mil, followed by remaining hits of 15mil. Do research before trying to look like you have any clue what you’re talking about. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/odell-beckham-jr-14421/ https://overthecap.com/player/odell-beckham-jr/2951/
  16. Maybe but we can also cut him a year later with no cap penalty so it’s really not a huge gamble. With Cooper likely getting 18mil+, Robby possibly getting $15+ it’s not a bad value
  17. Not a huge fan of his but the OL market is going to continue to get thin
  18. I think the knock on Robby is that he's got a limited route tree and just hasn't put up the production to warrrant 15mil/year. Idt anyone on here hates the guy but if you look at other WR salaries and compare them to Robby $15mil is crazy. Davante Adams- $14.5, Hopkins $16.2, Evans $16.2 etc I could see pay Robby $11-12 but anything higher is just a little too rich for my blood
  19. We can't afford either. If Robby is going to get $15mil, Coopers gonna get $18-20 easy
  20. OBJ makes 14mil, if the bidding gets to 15 I'd rather just send a 2nd to Cleveland for him tbh. Love Robby but $15mil is insane
  21. I'm pissed it's starting so late!!!
  22. Eh to be fair he's been reliable and has played at a high level. Pretty sure he's never missed a game
  23. As much as I'd love to sign 3 OL we're only gonna have like 50 mil in cap space if we're lucky, the OL market is going to continue to thin out with resigns/franchise tags and we have to realize this is more than a 1 year rebuild for the offense. My guess is we end up going OL with 2 of the 4 picks we have in the 1st 3 rounds, after we sign 1-2 OL via free agency. I expect 1 quality signing maybe Glasgow and then another depth-lower end free agent.

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