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  1. Keep Fant at LT sign Bobby Massie, Daryl Williams or Marcus Cannon
  2. Nobody on this thread would voluntarily go into work if they just had a newborn especially if they didn’t have to
  3. Jets can save $10+ mil moving on from Davis next year. I’d probably take Pickens at 38
  4. I’m kinda pissed we didn’t get AJ Brown not gonna lie
  5. Oh yeah I don’t hate it, don’t love it but idk why I always thought he was 6’3 haha
  6. I’m at the point where I don’t really give a **** about Deebo tbh. It’s been 2 weeks of this non sense we’re 24 hours from the draft and know as much now as we did 2 weeks ago. This guys causing this much trouble playing for a contender, he’s going to be Jamal 2.0 here when we’re losing
  7. 100% agree. I'm not a huge fan of OL in round one tbh I think Edge is the most pressing need we have at the moment, but an OT in the 2nd would be fine by me!
  8. Could also try to create a package with 35 to aquire Danielle Hunter or maybe Chaisson/Allen from the Jags assuming they go edge at 1
  9. I'm not entirely sure drafting Ekwonu means the end for Becton. Idt Joe D is gonna give up on him that quick tbh. Also Fant has proven to be a solid LT but from what I remember wasn't all that great on the right side. I think if Ekwonu is the pick Becton and Fant battle it out for LT and the loser gets moved before or during the season.
  10. Very similar to what Connor Rogers said earlier! If JJ or KT are there at 10 id be pumped
  11. I really don’t care if we get Deebo or not but I could live with trading Chris Herndon and Jamal Adams for AVT and Deebo
  12. Just get this sh*t over with already ffs
  13. Woah woah woah I said baggage not clinically insane!!
  14. Seems like Joe D has only signed high character, good locker room vets. At some point you have to take a swing on guys who are talented but have some baggage
  15. I need to find her drug dealer and get his number
  16. Yeah I had to stop reading when one of the idiots suggested 10, 35and Elijah Moore for Deebo. They’re gonna melt down when they see the actual trade comp
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