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  1. On 2/8/2020 at 8:22 PM, derp said:

    I could certainly see it.

    Flip side - Jets do not move up and on the clock at 11 the Saints call - they want to make an aggressive move up. Either to get a QB to groom behind Brees or to make a push while they still have him. They don't have a lot of assets (no second this year) but offer next year's 1 in addition to this year's 1 (24) and 3. Do you take it? Move down significantly but five picks in the first two days plus a one next year.

    Absolutely not. We need stars thats too far of a drop for me and the saints are gonna be good again next year so it’ll be another late 1st. I’ll gladly stay at 11 and take one of the OTs, Lamb or Jeudy!

  2. I'd actually send the 2nd and 5th for him tbh. If we land Thomas/Wirfs/Wills in the draft we'd have 2 stud OTs, hopefully we'll have added Glasgow, resign Lewis and we've got a good line with Harrison at C. Hell we'd have the cap to add Cooper/Yannick too (Not advocating that we do) but it's definitely something to think about 

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