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  1. I didn't even know he was still in the league and he's getting $8mil a year???
  2. I think that makes him the 3rd highest paid WR in the league right now
  3. That Cooper deal doesn't feel all that bad now this is insane
  4. I should have specified. If a WR comes in free agency*** it'll be Gage or Chark. I am fully expecting and hoping Jets hit WR at #10
  5. Yeah there's just no way he'd do that we'd riot
  6. I think if a WR comes in it'll be Chark or Gage
  7. Man Joe D's making a lot of people on here look dumb today
  8. That's what I thought no idea who his source is but he's a legit NFL guy. That'd be the biggest trade in NFL history
  9. I can't see Joe D offering that much
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