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  1. If Thibs, Hutch and Neal are gone and we can’t trade down I would take Jameson Williams at #4 and then the best non CB defensive player on the board with the Seattle pick. I love his speed and his route running looks really good
  2. Swap out Njoku and Kirk for Gallup and Schultz and I’m with ya
  3. Carl Lawson was the guy they signed to be the star on defense but got unlucky in typical jet fashion
  4. Sure his numbers aren't great and he didn't destroy the leagues easier defenses like we had hoped but he's clearly getting better and more comfortable in the offense. He made some sharp throws on multiple 3rd downs for the completion, those rushes were huge, his wrs dropped another 4+ passes and anyone with any remote upside on offense was injured other than Carter. Lafleur clearly schemed this game to be run heavy much like Bill B vs Buffalo and it was a successful plan that he stuck with. Jets came in with a plan and left with the W be happy
  5. Jets fans upset that Zach didn't throw for 300 yards on the Jags in a win when the offense didn't even need to throw the ball. This place gives me headaches sometimes
  6. Gallup and Schultz should both be Jets if they hit free agency
  7. Yeah my friend bought me tickets to go down there with a group. He’s a Bucs fan who lives 30mins away, I’m a Jets fan who lives in Albany. I’m thrilled
  8. Yep he’s gonna be the 2nd offensive player taken in round 1 behind Neal in my opinion, wouldn’t mind if it was to us either
  9. The mock draft simulator gets really interesting at #4 when you don't have a trade offer. If we end up at #4 with no trade option I think he'd take Neal assuming he's there
  10. I've been going back and fourth between Williams and Wilson, the more Williams tape I watch the more and more I like his game. This scheme seems like it really calls for shifty, speedy wrs who can do damage crossing the field. Elijah and Williams on the field together would be very hard to scheme against
  11. Joe D has to go big game hunting in free agency and bring in play makers. Acknowledge and accept that you're going to have to pay the Jet tax and pay it. Stay away from players with injury history and bring in defenders who will help generate turnovers. Jets need to sign a day 1 defensive back and bring in a stud- J.C Jackson, Jessie Bates, or Marcus Williams are the 1st that come to mind.
  12. 3 mins in and he's talking about what you're mentioning. I'm a big Zach supporter but he's been bad, not entirely his fault but he can and will be better. Not panicking yet
  13. Bectons gonna wake up shortly after they announce Evan Neal is drafted to the Jets
  14. We got a call!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. Trading into the teens and getting Garret Wilson would make me very happy
  16. If Garrett Wilson is on the board with the Seattle pick I really hope we take him. I’d try to go Edge, WR, Cb and LB with the first 4 picks. That’s after throwing a bag at Jesse Bates or Marcus Williams
  17. Been a big Mims supporter but after listening to that it all makes sense. I remember his draft reaction/call being very odd didnt seem happy at all
  18. Traded #7 for #18.#48,#80 and a 23 2nd from the Browns. I was hoping to get Devin Lloyd at 18 but he went before Traded up from 49 and #111 to move up to #43
  19. Man I’m hoping a couple of QBs rise up to push Kayvon closer to us
  20. Eh we’ve got so many holes I’ll be hard to disappoint on draft night. I just really like Linderbaum but Edge,CB,WR,TE,OL in the 1st would make me happy
  21. Yeah I don’t think they’re going to let Scherff walk. We should be interested in they do, but they’re it going to. My preference for the OL is to draft Linderbaum and kick Mcgovern to RG but the drafts a long long way away
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