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  1. You asked me if I thought DK and Cooper were equals I don’t. I agree with you I would give Seattle pretty much whatever they wanted for DK but no I just don’t see our GM doing it based on the cost of the acquisition and then the cost of the extension. I but I think we’re pretty much saying the same thing here lol
  2. Idk that OBJ trade kinda worked out well for the Rams…. Anyways my point is the draft isn’t a lock to bring you a stud and ive seen too much “just draft one” at some point you have to add quality veteran players especially when your QB is on a rookie deal. Sure maybe we get a. Jamar Chase like prospect this year, but we can also get a John Ross too. Ya never know! You may not like Cooper and that’s ok, but he’s 27 and is averaging over 1k yds, 80 catches and 7 tds over the last 3 years. His “20mil a year contract” actually has 2 team options for the next 2 years that would allow him to be cut at $0 cap hit. I think you make that gamble for a 5th round pick
  3. Lmao what are you talking about?? Obviously everyone would rather have DK but he will cost more and requires an extension as he’s scheduled to be a FA next year. Likely going to get north of $20mil. What have you seen from Joe D that makes you think he’d shell out #10, plus more picks for DK and then extend him to a $22/mil a year contract?? He could have traded Herndon for Cooper and decided not to, he’s not going to pay the cost to acquire DK and then extend him as well. I’d build a Joe D statue if he did, but he’s not going to.
  4. Zadarius Smith and Austin Corbett will be their biggest signings of I had to guess
  5. SR24

    Joe being joe

    Douglas could have traded that 4th he got for Herndon or Darnold for Amari Cooper let that sink in
  6. The front office definitely gave him this bs to put out. Jets will clear another $6mil in cap when they cut GVR and Griffen, cutting Rankins saves $6mil alone as well. Lets just say they only cut GVR and Griffen we're at $55mil. $14mil to the rookies (I think that's wrong), $20mil for Cooper leaves them $21 mil to spend in free agency. $21 mil would be enough to add some mid tier guys and we'd still have the our picks in the top 40.
  7. Exactly why I'm so pissed they didn't get Cooper. Why on earth would Allen Robinson come here now? He's really the only outside WR1 available now
  8. Joe D should have traded the 5th for Cooper and drafted Garret Wilson at 10. You can cut Corey Davis after this year and save another 9.9mil, while adding G Wilson on a rookie deal along with Moore who's on a rookie deal. Wilson, Davis, Cooper and Moore for 2022 is strong. Heading into 2023 you have G Wilson, Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore as your top3 WRS. How does this sound bad to anyone? Especially when Cooper has 2 team options that would have allowed NYJ to cut him at no penalty if he didn't work out?
  9. They're putting this narrative out now because they can't attract top tier free agents
  10. SR24

    DK Metcalf

    He was talked about as a top 10 pick before the 3 cone/combine if I remember correctly. Crazy what 1 drill can do to your stock
  11. I’d say this is a decent indicator (yes that’s actually Salehs brother)
  12. Problem is that the guys who are capable are also going to have other suitors who have better teams, locations etc. I liked the Cooper trade for the simple reason it was a guarantee to get a vet with upside whos proven he can be successful. Only guy I’d be remotely interested in now is Chark and even that scares me coming off an ACL. We’ve been plagued by injuries for the last few years idk if I’m taking that gamble
  13. And you may be right! maybe he’s not elite but he has proven to be a successful WR1 in the league and would have filled a huge need. Really curious to see what kind of money ARob and Kirk end up getting
  14. I’ll take Cooper on the outside at $20mil over Kirk in the slot at $15 all day. Cooper’s contract also has two team options for the next two years so even if he does suck it’s not like we’re stuck with the whole contract. He was worth the gamble on a fifth round pick
  15. All great points, exactly why I don’t think there’s even 1% chance we get him. “Hey Seattle we’ll give you your pick back if you give us your only good remaining player”
  16. Yep if we had 2yrs of control I’d pay pretty much whatever they wanted lol
  17. Oh I agree he’s been my #1 WR target but I just don’t think Joe D will trade the premium and then extend him at $20+mil a year. I’d be pumped if he did, but I don’t see it
  18. Respectfully I think his rookie deal is up this year, so we’d have the 2 tags but those numbers are going to be really high. It’s a move Joe D should make but won’t.
  19. Yeah Idt we’d even be able to get either in free agency anyway. I don’t really want either, especially not Kirk at $15mil that’s insane to me
  20. People were bitching about Cooper at 20mil and now Christian Kirks gonna get $15mil
  21. Yeah exactly and DK is going to be significantly more expensive to acquire and then to extend.
  22. “We can just draft one in the first round” how’d that workout for John Ross, N’keal Harry, Henry Ruggs, Corey Coleman, Jalen Reagor I could go on and on. Drafting a 1st round WR guarantees nothing!!!!!!! We don’t need more rookies we need some proven vets with upside. How’d being the youngest team in the league workout last year??
  23. If he didn’t trade a 5th for Cooper there’s no way he’s going to trade for DK and then extend him
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