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  1. We blitz every other play when Tyrods in, they put Baker in and we stop bringing heat this team continues to suffer from the lack of logical coaching
  2. I love Macs tenacity in trades and free agency but holy crap this guy might be the worst drafter in the league
  3. Honestly if we don't trade Lachlan Edwards and a years supply of brown sugar cinnamon poptarts to the Steelers for Leveon and Brown Mac should be fired on the spot
  4. Now it's official for a conditional 5th rounder.
  5. I really hope Mac just goes and gets Gordon
  6. When are we going to realize that Mac can’t draft anyway?! Send them a 5th rounder and call it a day. He’d be the best offensive weapon we’ve had since Marshall in 2015 and will give Sam a playmaker to work with
  7. Oline play was terrible, run game was non existent and some bad drops from the WRs really took the the wind out of our sails. Bowles needs to be better and Mac can’t continue to ignore this Oline! Still early in the season just gotta come back strong next week
  8. I failed chemistry in high school
  9. I have perfected the 2 minute drill
  10. We should trade Wilcox for Matt Ryan and Freeman and then throw in a conditional 2035 7th rounder that becomes a 6th if Woody Johnson is still alive but only throw that pick in if they add Julio Jones
  11. Show me on the doll where the referees touched you
  12. I try and stay positive but it just gets so damn frustrating every offseason ignoring the Edge and trying to fix it with players who can't make other rosters. We have an extra 3rd rounder that Macs gonna whiff on anyway just send out high 3rd and a later pick for Fowler or Ray. You can dump high picks and millions into a secondary but if the QB isn't pressured they're gonna get torched every time
  13. I really think if given the opportunity Pryor is going to be our best WR
  14. Don't know why Dante Fowler or Shane Ray aren't a Jet by now. So tired of trying to fix our problems with other teams cut players
  15. If we had a GM who has a good draft track record then I'd say no and hold onto the picks. However Mac can't draft unless someone falls into his lap. I'd atleast make the call and see what they'd want, he makes us much better and adds an elite weapon for Sam which we currently don't have. Our best weapon for Sam is Enunwa who hasn't played in a year. I'd offer them a 3rd and see what happens
  16. SR24


    Yessir Heading down from Albany! I'll have to get a parking pass for green
  17. SR24


    Hey everybody I've been on here for a while now I just bought tickets to the home opener my question is does anybody tailgate?! If so which section?! Figured I'd put a face to a few of the names I see on here and None of my friends are Jets fans so I'm trying to meet some of my fellow degenerate jet fans to meet up with at the games
  18. BREAKING: Two SI writers fired for being blackout drunk on the job, more details to follow
  19. Welcome to the pit of misery, Dilly Dilly!
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