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  1. Mauldin gone as well, hoping to see a fowler trade any minute now lol
  2. Mauldin just announced he's cut on instagram
  3. Fowler should already be on a plane heading to New Jersey just go out and get the guy.
  4. Hoping Darnold plays well enough where Bosa is long off the board when it's our turn to draft
  5. Would LOVE to know what Mac offered
  6. I can't imagine them turning down an early 3rd for a guy that's not going to be on the roster next year
  7. Would have been great to have Mack but I think would have really crippled us in the future. We just have too many holes on the offensive side of the ball
  8. Wow didn't even see he tweeted about Fowler. I think they pull the trigger on a 3rd its a similar situation to us and Teddy. We had qb depth,guy on a 1 year deal and flipped him for a 3rd
  9. Should immediately pivot to Fowler Jr. Send them the 3rd rounder we got for Teddy and be done with it
  10. Jason La Confora via twitter about 20mins ago :There were a good half dozen teams in on Khalil Mack, but in the end it came down to the Jets and Bears. Jets were very aggressive and kept negotiating late into the night. Don't discount the fact that Chicago is in the NFC. Those factors can loom in the end.
  11. Lmfao he was so condescending and confident
  12. Mac should have already offered that 3rd we got for Teddy to the Jags for Fowler
  13. Send the 3rd from Teddy to Jacksonville for Fowler
  14. Would be intrigued by the idea of sending that Saints 3rd to Jacksonville for Dante Fowler
  15. Send Oakland a 2019 1st+3rd and a 2020 2nd. If they say no then move on
  16. Just nice that Macs made some awful picks and signings but i’ll give him credit where it’s due! Hopefully the stability of our qb room can make us a more desirable destination to free agents and coaches/coordinators in the coming offseasons
  17. We can keep our picks and continue to ignore the oline or send them for a top 5 defensive player in the league. My preference has always been to go get Fowler who will be cheaper, Keep higher picks and hope to god Mac can pull something out of his a$$ and land an offensive playmaker or lineman. However Mac has shown his unwillingness to use any high draft capital on the offensive side of the ball let alone the line. Also has Mac landed any good players in the draft that haven't fallen into his lap? I like Mac because of his aggressiveness in free agency but his drafting is atrocious, Leo and Adams fell in his lap, Maye was a solid pick and he got Robbie. Other than that his draft history does not look so hot. I'm going to sound like a Mac basher and I don't mean to but we have to realistically look at what he's shown us in the past drafts and decide if 2 of his potential 1st round picks will help us win more games than Khalil Mack will.
  18. You're forgetting we have a GM who can't draft and a ton of money we can invest in the Oline in free agency
  19. In all seriousness I'd rather hold onto 1 1st rounder and hope Mac can snag a good Oline piece. I would offer a 2019 1st,Teddy and a 2020 3rd. I would start there but would pull the trigger on 2 1sts for him if we had to
  20. Mack won't hit on the draft picks anyway just send them and be done with it
  21. Macs going to whiff on the draft picks anyway just send them whatever they want lol
  22. Bold player prediction- Terrelle Pryor goes for 1500yards and pushes Robbie out of the starting spot
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