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  1. I’ll take Things that won’t happen for $1000 Alex
  2. Khalil Mack is definitely a game changer but sending atleast 1 first rounder and god knows what else and then signing him for $20Mil/Yr is a tough pill to swallow. I'll pass and hope he hits free agency
  3. 100% not gonna happen
  4. We couldn't be more on the same page
  5. We have a GM who can't draft to save his life anyway. Send them a 4th round pick or Teddy idc. Mac has a hard enough time drafting players that can run in a straight line, adding 10 sacks would be the highlight of his tenure lmao
  6. He's our best option at the moment apart from Khalil Mack which will wipe out our draft capital. We have the worst edge presence in the league and have the ability to add someone who had more sacks in 2017 than our top 2 defenders(who are both on other teams now) we just gotta roll the dice
  7. For a team who's sack leader had 5 last year and is no longer on the roster, adding someone with 10 can't be a bad thing
  8. Exactly my point. That's why all this "Trade Teddy for an olineman" talk is nuts. If anything I'd take a flyer on Joeckel on a 1 year deal we've got the cap for it
  9. While I do think he was overdrafted, I would gladly take his 10 sacks from last year. I'd hold on to Teddy though. Offer a conditional 5th that becomes a 4th if he eclipses 12 sacks or something. Not like Macs gonna do anything with the draft pick anyway
  10. Where are we going to get a quality olineman via trade!?!? Our only shot was the guy from Oakland who just restructured his deal to say there
  11. Fair point, however you can say the same about Fowler
  12. This is sadly true lol my favorite is the "We can get a starting Olineman for TB"
  13. a 1st rounder for a guy who'd team option was declined isn't pure delusion? or trading him straight up for a 2nd year rookie 6th overall? cmon that's funny
  14. Just logged looked at a Jags fan forum and these guys are hilarious. "Fowler for Jamal Adams straight up" "Not taking anything less than a 1st for Fowler" "I'm not even interested if it's not for a 2nd rounder"
  15. I'd rather hold on to Teddy and trade one of our picks for Fowler because, if we're being honest whoever Mac drafts is probably going to a be a practice player in the CFL 3 years after anyway
  16. Your madden franchise is probably sick
  17. I think a lot of us are under the false impression that there are a ton of Olinemen on the trade block that can be impact players for us. Unfortunately Fowler is the most impactful player we could add via trade without crippling the future of the franchise(Sorry Khalil Mack fans) Fowler would immediately become the best edge presence and with our cap situation for next year adding and keeping him will allow us to spend big on Oline in free agency and hopefully snag another Olinemen in the 1st round of the draft.
  18. I would glady take his 8 sacks from last year in exchange for a QB that's not going to be on the roster next year. Although I do understand the off-field presence Fowler brings I think it's a good return on the Teddy investment
  19. Also I wouldn't trade a spare tire and a broken bowling pin for Darron Lee no shot the Jags want anything to do with him
  20. If I can trade Teddy for Fowler without having to give up any extra draft capital I'm sprinting to make that deal. Add a good edge presence to this defense and we might make some serious strides in the right direction
  21. Yessssssssss Mac get it done!!!!! Was posting about Fowler yesterday
  22. Our worst linebacker is the signal caller lol I tend to try and see the positive in things especially regarding the Jets but damn Darron Lee sucks
  23. Fair point however both put us in a much better spot and add a young edge rusher to a roster that has had 0 presence off the edge in years. I'll glady take Fowlers 8.5 sacks in exchange for a backup qb
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