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  1. My hope is that one of them is the Jags. Would love to see Teddy flipped for Dante Fowler.
  2. Teddy to Jacksonville for Dante Fowler please and thank you
  3. Per Manish on Twitter:BREAKING: At least two teams have expressed interest in trading for #Jets QB Teddy Bridgewater, per sources. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-teddy-bridgewater-trade-interest-20180820-story.html?utm_content=bufferea4ad&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=mmehta+twitter
  4. Teddy for Dante Fowler straight up
  5. This whole "don't trade him within the division" is just dumb. He's on a 1 year deal and isn't coming back next year. If Buffalo offers you the best deal then take it who gives a sh*t and don't get me wrong Teddy has played well and I like the guy but can we stop acting like he's a god. I think we're all really overrating the guy and need to come back to reality. His role on this team is trade bait 100% if his $500k salary can bring us back a 2nd or 3rd round pick than we've done very well. I'd be all about keeping him if we didn't have Sam but what's the point now?? I know the oline sucks and some people want to protect Sam but is putting Teddy,his surgically repaired knee and his cheap ass contract behind that line any better? Trade him to whoever will give you the most for him and call it a day.
  6. Trade him to whoever will give up the most. Doesn't matter to me who it is
  7. Call the Saints. Gives Teddy a year or 2 behind Brees and gives Sean Peyton one of the best young backups in the league. Teddy's a good fit for their scheme as well
  8. Lose a preseason game with D3 offensive line Another thread about our season being doomed and needed a new GM and HC. Sigh.
  9. First off everyone needs to calm down lol it's a preseason game. Darnold is fine he made a bad pass on 4th down which put our defense in a better spot than they woulda been had he thrown it away. Other than that he looked good in the few plays he wasn't running for his life. Made good reads and had good accuracy+zip on the ball. Teddy 100% needs to be traded before the 1st game. He's talented and has looked pretty darn good in the preseason games so far and should be drawing interest from a few teams. Mac needs to swing him for an offensive lineman or a pick, that can be used for an olineman asap. Teddy is gone after next year anyway get something for him while we can Our Oline will continue to be the Achilles heel of this roster, Mac needs to really figure out a way to address this before the 1st game. We were down 2 starters but it's still no secret we are far from solid in the trenches Runningback play looked suspect but Powell looked good. Hard to get any ground game going behind the little giants oline though Tre Mcbride continues to show some flashes of what he's capable of and Peake had a hell of a snag on the ball from Teddy was nice to see. Bowles needs to be more aggressive in the defensive play calling, I realize we have 0 edge rush whatsoever but dial up some more blitzes and bring some heat, it's why we've invested so much in the Dbacks. I realize this isn't madden but Mac really needs to sit down and figure out a way to add a quality olineman or a pass rusher via trade (No im not suggesting Khalil Mack) With the recent turmoil in Jacksonville maybe Fowler can be had at a price that won't cripple the roster?
  10. Teddy’s not going to bring back a 1st lol stop the madness
  11. About 15 mins after I posted that I remembered we have Enunwa lol feel terrible
  12. Why would Pryor not be #2 opposite of Robby with Kearse in the slot?
  13. Fowler fills a need without crippling the franchise like a Mack trade would. (if we can sign Mack in free agency i'd be all over it) but trading a 1st and god knows what else and then paying Mack is gonna hurt, Fowlers 24 had a solid year last year and seems like he could be had cheap. Hopefully Mac picks up the phone and gets it done
  14. Would love to see Mack get this done.
  15. Also did anyone see Chad Kelly the other night? Dude looked real real goood
  16. Good for him. I’ll never understand all the Hackenberg hate. Kid was drastically overdrafted but seemed like a good locker room presence
  17. Teddy did look pretty good but can we just look back at his last full season and realize he wasn't really that good? 65.3% 14tds to 9ints I like the kid but we're all acting like he was a god before the injury lol
  18. Our best hope is that Teddy looks good and we swing him to the Jags for Fowler. Mack would be great to have but the price of adding him is astronomical plus he's already 27
  19. Let's do things that will never happen for $800 Alex Answer- daily double ba bababa baba ba ba ba
  20. Give me a half of Darnold and a 12 pack of whatever thank god footballs back
  21. Honestly feel bad for the kid. Was way way way overdrafted hopefully he pans out in Oakland. Seemed like a good kid to have in the locker room but it's Darnold time
  22. Should be shopping Lee and Powell as well imo
  23. I love Darnold but I'll be honest when I watched him take the phone call I thought wow he really reminds me of Dexter LOL
  24. Max deal for Khalil Mack if he actually hits free agency
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