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  1. Ahhhhh im an idiot had Mayfield and Rosens ages mixed up
  2. Rosen is 3 years older, was widely rated as a worse prospect and has some serious injury concerns. Throwing shoulder injury and a few concussions is risky. Darnold was widely regarded as the best qb prospect in the draft and has no injury concerns and he's 3 years younger. I like both but Darnold was the better pick
  3. Wouldn't mind choosing between Rosen and Darnold lol
  4. If he can help us win then go get him. That's all I care about
  5. This was more confusing than when my dad went to get me a puppy and never came back. It's been 14 years wonder if he ever got it
  6. We just gotta pray Barkley goes 1 or 2 and we're set
  7. Mac finally did what he was supposed to. Got aggressive and moved up at whatever the cost I've been as skeptical of him as anyone but holy hell I love what he's done this off season.
  8. We need to hope Barkley and Nelson go #1,#2. Give me the pick of the litter HOLY **** WHAT AN EXCITING WEEK TO BE A JETS FAN I LOVE YOU ALL
  9. Nope Im still going up. Buffalo could trade to 3 take Allen and Mayfield could easily go to Denver. Especially with Keenum only on a 2 year deal. I want Darnold or Rosen but would also be fine with Mayfield. We can't leave this draft without one of the 3
  10. In my opinion it comes down to Darnold and Rosen. I like both guys but my pick would be Darnold
  11. Because we need a franchise qb. If Mac thinks one of these 4 is the guy he should trade up to make sure we land him. You can spend 90mil in free agency but if you don't have a franchise qb you won't bring home a super bowl. My hope is that we trade up to #3 and Barkley and Nelson go 1-2
  12. Mac can win the offseason by trading up with the Colts. I know he might not have to because it's likely one of the top4 will be there at 6 but I don't think we should take the risk. There's a good chance Barkley and Nelson go 1-2 we could have our pick of the litter. Give me Darnold
  13. Gotta trade up and snag one of these guys and im all in on a solid offseason from Mac. I know it's unlikely all 4 qbs are gone in the top6 but with trade ups you just can't be too careful. Call the Colts and get it done Mac
  14. This is the hottest of takes but if we sign the Badger why not trade Adams or Maye in a deal to move up for a qb? I just can't see giving Mathieu all this money to play nickel corner
  15. I love the Badger don't get me wrong but we're going to pay one of the best safeties in the league to come in and play nickel corner? at a star safety salary? Doesn't seem to make sense to me
  16. Agreed. Mac should be on the phone with the Colts right now trying to get this done idk what it would cost though? 2 1's a 2 and a 3? My biggest fear is that Mac will think Bridgewater and Mccown are enough for him to pass on a qb in round 1 and wait til the 2nd
  17. I woke up excited to see what Mac could do and he does this lol it's comical at this point
  18. Bridgewater and Mccown? No way whoever we draft is seeing the field with Bowles coaching smh.
  19. Macs gotta go out and get Jensen and a corner. Write Jensen a blank check and Hell why not get both Butler and Gaines. We'd atleast have a stout secondary im just reaching here lol
  20. This was like my parents divorce. Just painful and confusing
  21. My ideal scenario is trading up for the #1 pick and getting Rosen. I like going big for Rosen because we don't have to dig into that 100mil in cap space to sign Kirk. I'd rather take Rosen, buy the 2 best olineman and the #1 corner in free agency.
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