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  1. Even then it's concerning a guy who has 1 productive season but only plays half the snaps? Just because someone would be an upgrade doesn't mean we should go out and pay a kings ransom. He's had more than 4 sacks in a season once in his career. I'd rather spend that money on Hightower or Gilmore
  2. Perry reportedly seeking 9mil per year. Absolutely not lol no way in hell
  3. I can't get behind giving a guy a monster deal after he has 1 good year
  4. he's had 12 in 4 combined seasons before his contract year...... it is awful
  5. Notice how he has no highlights before 2016 until his college days.... Pass
  6. Just google Nick Perry and all the links come up saying "Jets very interested"
  7. Per @PackerReport on twitter. Not a fan of this. Guy had a solid year in a contract year but if you look at his #s before 2016 they are subpar at best. But this is such a Jets move so I'm not surprised
  8. It appears Morton is going to bring a west coast offense (or one very similar) to the team this year.. Is Tyrod a fit for that? A 1 read qb who looks to make plays with his legs before his arm? Idk about this he's not going to come cheap. He's a good talent but idk if he's the right guy for the job
  9. I responded below that, mistook him for someone else who got hurt on that squad early.. relax
  10. Ah i thought I remembered him getting hurt in 2015 when he was off to a hot start. Looked up and I'm wrong, sucks we have had 2 2nd round picks from the same draft who can't put it together
  11. Am I the only one who thinks ASJ can be a successful starting Tight End? Dude can block and has solid hands. He was Winstons go to guy until he got hurt
  12. No.... #1-Glennon #2-Tyrod #3-Petty/Hack/Barkley,Hoyer or some other cheap vet
  13. I'm all for the rebuild and I know we aren't going to be a playoff team but I don't think we're gonna be awful this year. We lost a solid WR who was a locker room issue and a dropped pass machine(he was also good though not just bashing him for this post.Best we've had in a while), A center who's rapidly declining,A corner who robbed us. I know we obviously lost SOME talent but that talent was also holding us back as well if that makes any sense.
  14. Look at what Eric Berry,Earl Thomas,Kam Chancellor etc do for their defenses though. We don't have 1 playmaker in our secondary and both of our safeties are being either cut or shopped. Makes total sense to snag a high level safety and sign a corner, then draft a corner 2nd round.
  15. I agree with him and here's my reason. There are so many holes in our secondary and with 2 super talented safeties (Adams/Hooker) it makes sense to draft one of them. Imagine we sign Stephon Gilmore or Bouye then add Adams or Hooker? That's a young talented foundation to the secondary. With a team that has virtually no elite leve talent aside from Williams you can't pass up a top 8 pick. Just my thoughts
  16. Just saw it on twitter. Not a fan with Adams/Hooker/Williams being good options but I guess more picks never hurt
  17. SR24

    Brandin Cooks

    I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  18. SR24

    Brandin Cooks

    I'd pull the trigger on a 3rd in a heartbeat, I think they'll get a 2nd for him though. Asking for a 1st right now
  19. Would you trade a 2nd rounder for him? Great route runner and only 23 yrs old. Definitely an interesting player to keep an eye on
  20. Happy we're not being bad just to be bad anymore. Now there's a purpose! Darnold next year boys even if we sign Tyrod
  21. Wonder if Macs thinking of going hard at Tony Jefferson and Bouye/Gilmore. Then drafting Williams or trading back to take Cam Robinson or Ramczyk. I wouldnt be mad at either pick but imagine if Mac signs Jefferson and Gilmore/Bouye then goes and drafts Adams/Hooker or Lattimore. Man thats a youthful talented secondary
  22. Have to think their stock has risen in the Jets war room after the release of Marshall. Would still rather see Adams/Hooker though
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