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  1. Great speed and a great route runner but we're set at WR now. Offer Dallas Sheldon and one of our 3rd for the #28th pick and snag Mcaffrey or Cam Robinson if he's available
  2. Still rather go for Bouye or Gilmore. Since we'll have a shot at either Adams or Hooker
  3. Have to sign a top Corner this defense relies on man cover corners. Gilmore,Trumaine Johnson or Bouye have to be the first priority
  4. *Releasing overpaid and underachieving players who are loved by the fanbase and will both be Ring of Honor members as well as Hall of famers. It's exciting seeing a GM finally committing to a rebuild that this organization has needed for years!
  5. If we're going young qb (Petty, Hack and Mcarron/Barkley) it makes sense to keep Marshall around to build their confidence and give them the best chance to succeed. Plus we wouldn't get a good enough pick back for him to justify trading him in my opinion.
  6. Starting to love Mac even more. Came in and tried to make a bang by spending big and get us to the playoffs, it didn't work and now we're onto the rebuild. Brings in Hack (a qb with a high ceiling but someone who also has some issues and doesn't let him touch the field giving him plenty of time to work on things) Now he's cutting ties with the overpaid and under performing veterans. Boys the rebuild is in full effect. Lets not trash Mac if we don't make the playoffs this year. It's gonna be a rough but fun year with the young guys developing and showing what they can do.
  7. Wonder if we could package Sheldon and one of our 3rds to Dallas for the #28 pick?
  8. Oh ok! Some good info there thank you for the non sarcastic remark lol I was expecting to get destroyed on here. Sucks having 3 elite level players that can't play together
  9. I don't know much about defensive schemes so don't jump down my throat but wouldn't it make more sense to run a 4-3 having all 3 of these guys (Sheldon,Wilk and Williams) on the line together?
  10. Sad to see him go but this truly was a move that needed to happen. It also shows Mac isn't keeping unnecessary vets around hoping this means the rebuild is in full effect. Thank you Nick for exemplifying what it means to be a Jet and for the great years you gave us. Goodluck and don't go to New England for the love of god
  11. Can't pass up on the elite level safeties at the top of the class. Adams or Hooker as to be a Jet next season it has to happen. I would actually go Corner 2nd round. Add an elite level safety out of the 1st round, draft a solid corner in the 2nd then go into free agency and sign Bouye, Gilmore or Trumaine Johnson and our secondary is mean and young.
  12. CUT-Revis,Harris,Mangold,Folk,Giacomini,Henderson,GIlchrist,Skrine.... Keeping Marshall and Decker to give whichever QB we sign the best chance to succeed. FREE AGENCY: Sign Stephon Gilmore,Aj bouye or Trumaine Johnson we need an elite corner and all 3 of these guys are still young and getting better each year. If there is a way to land 2 of them then go for it. Tyrod or Glennon (If not these guys go Petty,Hack and a young cheap vet to battle it out). Sign Kelvin Beachum or Matt Kalil to add an efficient LT. This game is won in the trenches we can not afford to ignore the oline anymore. DRAFT: 1-Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker with #6. Our secondary has more holes than a damn golf course these are 2 elite level safeties who can immediately make us better we can't pass one of them up. 2- Try and work a deal with Dallas for Sheldon+a 3rd for their late 1st rounder and take Mcaffrey (Hypothetical).3- 2nd round draft an OT or CB. 3rd round double down on the Oline if we pass up on LT in 2nd rnd. Draft a kicker eventually. Contrary to most peoples beliefs I think we made a great signing with ASJ. Dude can play 6'5 250 can block and has solid hands we need to get him more involved. Limit Forte and use Powell more. With Fortes injury history and age he doesn't need to be carrying the ball 30x a game. 2015's success was based on a relatively weak schedule,the efficiency of our corners playing press coverage opening up the constant blitz and that dildo Fitzpatrick playing on a different galaxy than he's used too. We need to add elite level corners who succeed in man coverage to open up the blitz and defensive attack that was effective in 2015.
  13. Tyrod or Glennon, If not either of them Hack
  14. East Rutherford= The Island Of Misfit Bears
  15. Kid could be the next Wentz, Shoots up the draft board. It's going to be an interesting draft but I'm going Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker round 1 and if Mahomes is there in the 2nd I'm definitely entertaining that
  16. Saw on twitter today he was offered a contract.
  17. If our 1st round pick isn't Hooker or Adams I'll be very disappointed. Fournette would be a huge huge mistake
  18. In my opinion we have to get one of the top corners in free agency- Gilmore,Trumaine Johnson or Bouye then draft Hooker or Adams. Eric Berry would be nice but he's going to command a ton of money and this draft has 2 elite level safeties heading the class
  19. Hack should be ready to play this year and hopefully we'll have an open qb competition.
  20. The 2018 draft is loaded with 1st round qbs. Darnold,Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen are all 1st rounders. This year and this draft we should be focusing on rebuilding the oline and the secondary so when next year comes along we can land one of these guys and give them the best shot to succeed. Our safeties are trashcans, our corners are broken, we don't have a reliable LT, I can go on and on. But this draft is loaded with elite level safeties and corners and there are also some stud olineman who will be available early in the 2nd round. DB/OT 1st/2nd round. With all these cuts we should make we'll have 50mil to spend as well. Trumaine Johnson,Stephon Gilmore,Eric Berry,Andrew Whitworth,Chandler Jones are all high level players we can target as well. We don't need Fournette right now Sign Trumaine Johnson+Chandler Jones Draft- Marshon Lattimore or Jamal Adams/Malik Hooker in the 1st, OT Taylor Morton or Dion Dawkins in the 2nd
  21. Immediately after Hack was drafted the analysts who they go to after each pick all said Hack has some raw talent but needs time. "I hope they give him time to develop" The plan the whole time was for Hack to sit out and learn the pro game and work on mechanics. We all need to relax and wait.
  22. Jimmy G is overrated. It's easy to put up good numbers playing in an offense where you never throw the ball more than 10 yards. Pass. I'd rather roll with Petty,Hack and take a gamble on Chad Kelly in the 6th round.
  23. Our secondary has more holes in it than Bin Ladens forehead why the hell would be take a RB when Powell just proved he can be a huge contributor to this offense?! Our defense relies heavily on Man coverage corners. It's not a sexy pick and it is the "same old jets picking defense" but at #6 we're either taking a CB if we don't sign a top one in free agency or we're taking Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker because our safeties are horrendous.
  24. Thoughts on a Chad Kelly flyer in the 6th round? If we don't come to terms with a veteran through free agency
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