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  1. Look at the cap for next year though. We're at 61mil in free space with Decker,Gilchrist,Pryor still being accounted for. Mac used his first 2 picks to get the most NFL ready and high level safeties, grabbed a good WR out of Bama and snagged a TE with the prototypical size. We'll need a CB1 for sure and maybe a WR but we're going to have a ton of money and a good draft pick to get the qb we've been waiting for. In a perfect world Hack plays this year and shows he's the guy then we'll be able to trade back and load up on picks to plug the remaining holes. Trust the process man!
  2. 2 TE formations with Leggett and ASJ is gonna be fun to watch. 2 6'5 250+ TEs with Robbie and Q stretching the field. Sounds pretty good to me!
  3. Am I the only one who understands that he was drafted with the intention of having him sit for a whole year? We haven't seen this kid throw since preseason yall need to take a Xanax and relax. Go watch the youtube clip of the Jets picking him and listen to what the analysts say about him or at least wait until we can see how he's improved before we go write him off. He was never playing this year.
  4. Agreed. I don't think anyone would have come up to #6 though
  5. Yep.. and as of now we have 61mil in free cap space for next season... without cutting Pryor and Gilchrist. Darnold and a ton of free agents next year
  6. SR24

    Marcus Maye

    Just watching his film he looks like what Pryor should have been
  7. I think a lot of people are missing the point here about rounds 1-2. Safety was one of our weakest position if not the weakest besides qb, Pryor is awful and Gilchrist is overrated. We take a top 2 player in the first round in Adams then snag another safety in the 2nd round. I like it but it is risky, By not going corner we are relying heavily on Claibourne to have a solid non injury plagued year and that's definitely a risk. Having said that we'll most likely see both Gilchrist and Pryor gone which is just opening up more money to spend in 2018 which means we'll likely have a high pick in a solid qb class as well as a decent amount of money to spend to improve the roster. Darnold and as of now 61mil in cap space to spend on free agents. That's why we drafted 2 safeties so we don't have to buy one next year
  8. We should just let him play with his hand in the dirt and be a pro bowler. Knowing Bowles we'll keep him and have him covering WRs again... Sigh
  9. Might not be a popularity opinion but if the kid can play we should go get him. We need playmakers bad, he sat out the 2014 season served his punishment. He's a solid rb and we need one. Not condoning what he did at all but He's a very talented running back
  10. I'm just gonna hang around for the comments.... I'll see myself out now
  11. SR24

    Draft Rumors

    I'm not saying they're "sure things" but the talent pool of qbs in the next draft is much more impressive than it is this year.
  12. SR24

    Draft Rumors

    I'd go for 12 and their first next year. Loaded qb draft next year and both teams will probably have bad season= 2 high picks in a loaded qb draft
  13. Odds are Howard or Adams will be there at #6. If they aren't and you can trade down then you have too, If you can't find someone to trade down with then I think Mike Williams makes the most sense. Although WR is one of our more talented positions, adding Williams allows us to move Decker without as much hesitation. Rumors have been going around that the Browns are planning on taking Garret #1 and are trying to move back up from #12 to take Trubisky. Hopefully that's true and we can trade with them and still hopefully get Howard
  14. Adams or Howard at 6. If not trade down, It's that simple
  15. Yeah you're right, Just saw the Bucs HC endorsed him big time. He'll be gone by #16 I think thats when they pick
  16. I agree, but if the qbs in this draft aren't projecting to be franchise qbs then we should pass and draft a lockdown safety or an elite level tight end.
  17. Fair point but there's a huge difference...We don't have that Houston defense,Lamar Miller or Deondre Hopkins. The qb they draft doesn't have to be as good for them as they'd have to be for us. It's like Sanchez when we got him he wasn't that great, but he didn't have to be because we had a ton of talent on the roster.
  18. Howard or Adams IMO are really the only options here apart from a trade down. I wish we could package Sheldon and our 2nd to Dallas for #28 and leave day 1 with Howard and McCaffrey
  19. Starts at 3:40 til about 5:00
  20. Capitlize on Sidney Jones being hurt and snag him in the 2nd. He's better and will be ready to play by 2017
  21. The sad part is, as long as they don't draft a Defensive Lineman it's a good thing lol we have so many holes
  22. SR24

    Bryce Petty

    Petty needs to be able to play to his strengths. Without Gailey around I think Petty could do well but his ability is still generally unknown, he needs to be able to air the ball out and throw deep. When Gailey let him throw the ball deeper than 5yds good things happened.
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