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  1. After another miserable painful season comes to a close where the Pats win and we suck, just wanted to say there is no other group of miserable degenerates i'd rather suffer with than everyone on here. May the draft and free agency gods be with us this offseason.
  2. Jamal Adams/Malik Hooker, Marshon Lattimore/Marlon Humphrey, Cam Robinson/Ryan Ramczyk maybe Mike Williams. Are the only players we should be considering with #6
  3. Wait you mean a guy who wants to use a 2nd round pick TE who's 6'5 250 who can catch and block?
  4. Mac has added some good talent to this team, Bowles doesn't know how to manage this team and put players in situations that will be advantageous to them and to the team. Hard to grade Macs draft skills when it seems his coach is in over his head.
  5. We can't judge him based off the Hack pick yet because the Hack situation is going exactly how most draft experts figured and hoped it would. Hacks got some raw talent, good size and a rocket arm. However his footwork needs work and he needs time to adjust to the game, We need to see how Hack does this year before we truly give Mac a grade.
  6. I'm so down to see Kaep play behind this line lol
  7. True but hopefully Mac has the balls to sell whatever it takes to draft Darnold next year
  8. Why not sign Trumaine Johnson or Stephon Gilomore.. or hell sign both. After cuts + restructures we'll have a ton of money. Then draft a guy like Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams at safety. 2 elite corners and an elite level safety out of the draft. Sign the best olinemen via free agency and draft another one. Idk about bringing in Glennon with Darnold coming out next year he looks like he's the next big qb.
  9. Hopefully he is a run heavy OC. The success of the Sanchez era was due all to the oline and defense. Until we get a franchise qb we need to build the oline and play that smash mouth run the ball down your throat kind of offense.
  10. The team doctors and athletic trainers need someone to care for since we cut Milner
  11. If I nay nay can I become a rich undersized LB who can't cover anyone?!
  12. Going off about race and being a dick to fans lol https://twitter.com/DLeeMG8
  13. Mike Williams may be there but the problem is we have so many other needs that it might be wise to hang on to Marshall until after next year
  14. If Marshall goes Deckers production will not be as good. Decker isn't at #1wr but he is a #1 WR2. Much like Cobb without Nelson, If we're moving on from Marshall which I couldn't care less whether he stays or goes, we need to bring in another wr to take some pressure off him unless the belief is that Q can be a #1 wr
  15. Looking to see what analytics you guys use to generate lineups. I know people use fantasylabs but idk how to use it lol
  16. This all depends on free agency there are 2 legit corners on the market in Trumaine Johnson and Stephon Gilmore we should go after both of them we will have the cap space for it. Then draft an edge rusher or one of these safeties in Hooker or Adams
  17. What we need is an OC and a CS that can develop a damn qb. I may be the only one who thinks this way but Hack not touching the field is a damn joke how is playing against 3rd string players in closed practices going to help this kid?!?!?!!!? You don't spend the 51st pick on a kid who's not even good enough to play when we're 4-10!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Hacks got talent but we keep waiting for the next Andrew Luck prospect to come out and it might not be for a while before one does but in the mean time having a coach who knows wtf he's doing with these qbs could help
  18. If I'm the gm of the jets this offseason im cleaning house and freeing up as much cap as possible. I'm going after Trumaine Johnson AND Stephon Gilmore. Building the Cb position with 2 young studs. Drafting Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker. Taking an OT in the 2nd round and maybe even the 3rd. Signing Brian Hoyer to a 1year deal and having a 100% open qb competition winner gets the spot none of this Hackenberg watching nonsense. Retaining ASJ because he's a 6'6 250lb tight end with good hands and someone who can actually block. We should have enough money to get both of those corners especially with the lack of elite talented OTs via free agency. Wr we are set,Rb is ok for now. As of now drafting an OT at #6 is a bit of a reach but it will be a long offseason if one of them sky rockets up big boards then go with them. Our secondary has more holes in it than osama bin ladens forehead and our oline needs a LT as bas as humanly possible. Fix both of those then be prepared next year to trade up for Darnold.
  19. Idk man their secondary could use the help and there are some elite level corners and safeties in this draft. We could use those same players too though lol this draft will be interesting
  20. Not necessarily a cut he had to make but this makes me wonder if we're going to be big players for Trumaine Johnson and Stephon Gilmore this offseason. Also speaks to the confidence in Enunwa and Anderson at wide out. Marshall seemed like a cancer in the locker room and gave up half way through the year another veteran on the decline quick. I'm not mad about it. Macs cleaning house
  21. This increases the chance of Mike Williams at #6
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